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  1. Will be on Escape in a month. After reading your review all I can say is "I'm hungry!!!!!" Elvis
  2. It all depends. If I have a beer (not often) I have a Pilsner Urquel. I don't even know if Escape has them. Usually I have a Ketel One martini, very cold, very dry, straight up with olives. More than one of those and I run the risk of getting stupid, and no one wants that!!!! Elvis
  3. I agree! In my 37 years as a police officer I have found the best course of action involving a fight is the winner goes to jail and the loser goes to the hospital and then to jail! Elvis
  4. The refurbishments look great. By the way, this thread is excellent. What I don't like is the fact that they replaced the Cigar Lounge with the Diamond Lounge. It doesn't make sense to me. The cigar lounge was a revenue generating venue. Everyone in there was always buying drinks. The Diamond Lounge is just the opposite. Everyone in there (including me) is partaking of the free drinks and food. Now I guess we cigar smokers are restricted to a section on the open deck. Elvis
  5. Where did I say that those 5 martinis are going to be the only drink I have? Elvis
  6. 5 martinis a day? You are my kind of people!!! I can do 5 martinis before lunch!!!! (although I would have to take an afternoon nap and might possibly sleep through dinner!) I've never cruised on NCL before, but the UBP on other lines were always worth it. Bon Voyage!!!!! Elvis
  7. I'm on Escape in May. I'll let you know about the Martini tastings. I enjoy a classic martini, but am always curious to learn. Elvis
  8. No pear martini for me! I'm a purist! I only drink classic martinis! The only variation I will tolerate is either vodka or gin! A martini is a test I give to a bar. If they can make a good martini, they can usually make anything. Like I said before, martinis are the easiest drink to make, but it's also the easiest drink to screw up. I do have to admit that "Tobacco Road" sounds like a bar that will make a good martini! I'll let you know. Elvis 79 days to go!
  9. So you'll be aboard in October? (I assumed you meant October 2019! October 2918 is a ways off!) I'll let you know where you can get a good martini. Elvis
  10. Trouble is that most people, me included, use the Diamond Lounge for the free drinks and free food. They are not making money on the place. The cigar lounge always had a good crowd in there spending money! Elvis
  11. Do you need a "Vibe" pass to get into Spice H2O at night? Elvis
  12. I think it's a big mistake getting rid of the cigar lounge! A cigar and a cognac were the perfect way to end the evening. Now we have to go out on deck to enjoy our stogies and subject ourselves to the complaints of all the soccer moms that are offended by the smell. The lounge gave us a place to go where we didn't bother anyone, and we could smoke our sticks and enjoy our adult beverages in peace. RCCL, you should really reconsider this lousy decision! Flame away!!!! Elvis
  13. We're traveling on Escape in May. My question is where do they make the best martini onboard? A martini is the easiest drink to make, but is also the easiest drink to screw up! Elvis 85 days to go!
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