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  1. Just when you think you have seen it all. Along comes a topic I have never seen before, will this become the great hot dog debate?😉😁.
  2. Thanks to all who replied, looks like my phone will take care of my needs.
  3. Our upcoming trip we have free wifi included. Have never never had this in a pkg. deal before. Is it best to use the computers on the ship or taking your own. If taking your own I am looking for recommendations on what most people pack. Main thing is checking e-mail and keeping in touch with home. Would it perhaps be easier to just use my smart phone for this?
  4. Recently added the medallion app to my samsung android. Started check in process , every thing working great. took passport photo of my wife then entered required info. Since then I have tried numerous times to scan my passport photo. Screen goes white mext thing I know it says close app. So I start all over again same old story every time. I was told by my PCC that after we make final payment which we will be doing in a couple of weeks I should be able to finish rest of check in. It just gets frustrating that it scanned wifes photo and wont work on mine, they were issued at same time. I tried doing an enhanced drivers license what ever that is, when I came to state or province it game the choice of three Canadian and five different states all wrong. Any suggestions if not I will just wait until final payment, damn technology.
  5. Cruise leaves in Nov, thought I would start my checkin. Looks like the Princess website is not working with the app yet. Put the app on my phone, if you want my opinion of their app of have probably heard me screaming in Ne. Now waiting for my PCC to return my call, hope I calm down before she calls seeing as how she is always so helpful.
  6. Perhaps this will help convince Canada to reopen the border.
  7. We are booked for a Nov. cruise out of FLL, The day after this cruise ends we get on a different ship and cruise line. Looking at doing a Princess tour after first cruise ends and then taking bus to the airport. We will then need to catch a cab to a hotel for the night from the airport. Will it be a problem getting a cab from the debark area at FLL. As I have never done A B to B on two different ships before I like to gather as much info as possible. Have also thought about possibility of taking tour bus and luggage back to port and then catching a cab to hotel. Seeing as most hotels won't give you a room until close to 3pm, I amtrying to kill as much time as possible
  8. When you get to where it says pick a room, there is a line that says change stateroom. Click on this it will show different sections of the ship, aft and so on. you can also pick decks and it will also show rooms. Hope this helps as I have explained it as best I can. This way Holland has it set is really messed up. They need to make it as simple as Princess is when choosing a cabin. I complained to our PCC about this he said he had heard they were looking at making changes?????.
  9. Looking for a tour company that does cruise port pick up, for the cities of Belfast, Dublin, and Cork. This is for a hopeful cruise in June 2021.
  10. Thanks for the repyl, was there a full bus? My main concern is booking airfare then having Princess cancel the excursion. Will be also contacting Princess to see what they have to say..
  11. Looking for information from those who have done this excursion? I see where they say if they don't get enough people signed up it could be cancelled, would hate to book airfare ay YUL then have excursion cancelled. It would be somewhat cheaper for us to fly home from Montreal also having never been there before would give us a chance to see some of the city. I see where there is bus travel between the two cities and this would be an option.
  12. Looking for recommendations for a hotel close to Trudeau airport Montreal, prefer shuttle to and from and restaurant.
  13. # one it was a guaranteed refund. # two Yes I have posted this question before thought I would ask on a different spot. Thanks for being so very helpful.
  14. Anyone else have a British Isle's cruise cancelled due to the virus, and having trouble getting a guaranteed refund from a Co. in Ireland?
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