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  1. As stated in a publication, the rapid anti gen test is not acceptable. They have listed which tests people can use so be sure if you plan on crossing the border you pay close attention to requirements to do so. Looks like for our trip north in July to go fishing we will have to be tested in Bemidji, so we can enter Canada.
  2. We did this a few years ago had been years since I had rode. We enjoyed it would love to do it again. The onle drawback I sunburned the heck out of my forehead, use sunscreen.
  3. My observation: you generally have to arrive very early to get a seat. If only ... many passengers decided to miss the show! Pack some foam earplugs. They weigh nothing.
  4. We were told that we could be tested on Princess as we also board Hal the day after our cruise with Princess ends. This was over a week ago in a call with Princess customer service. To be on the safe side we are also taking our own test with us just in case. I have read on Princess protocols that they will be testing after the cruise at the port. Although the way I read this was for people who need a test to fly home. The constant changes one needs to check web site every day to keep up with everything. Nothing against staying safe but CDC is really making cruising tough. Hopefully Princess and Hal will follow the lead of other lines and test at the port.
  5. Hopefully if they furnish masks for formal night they have sparkles on them. Outfit matching , give me a break.😉😁.
  6. Trust me one hand does not no what the other is doing.
  7. Wow another post to add to the growing total. Question marks and winks denote sarcasam. Thanks for enlightening all of us. Just blowing off abit of steam over constantly changing rules, tired of hearing wife complain about possibly not getting on a ship again this year. I keep telling her every time we take the boat out fishing it is as good as a cruise, she is not believing me anymore.😄😁.
  8. Perhaps this new ruling shows that cruise lines don't really want anyone sailing this year. Looks like they would rather have us all wait until next year???????😉😉.
  9. No we will be getting off a Princess ship and getting on a Holland ship the next day.
  10. Does anyone have any info on whether they are doing rapid covid tests at FLL airport or cruise port for departing cruisers?
  11. Does anyone know if they are giving rapid covid tests at Fll airport or the port it self for departing cruisers?
  12. When you hear back from Princess would you post a reply, thanks.
  13. Doing a s to s from Fort Lauderdale leave a princess ship Dec. 4 board a Holland ship Dec 5th. The way it stands now we will need a test to board Holland. I am aware of the CVS and various clinics in FLL where one can receive a rapid test. What I would like to know if any one else has encountered this and if one could get tested on Princess before leaving the ship to satisfy the three day rule for Holland. I am waiting to contact both cruise lines at the moment, as this may be a moot point by the end of Oct. If you can give a definite answer it will be appreciated, I am not looking for guesses or speculation. Not to sound snarky but it sometimes seems like some like to reply to a post with useless info so as to up their number of post's, thank you.
  14. When I posted this question I had not yet contacted Princess either. If they are the same as Holland and test at 5 or 6 days this will not satisfy Hollands three day requirement.
  15. Area casinos last year had signs posted at elevators limit of four, unless you are in the same group.
  16. Thanks for the reply btob stos apples and oranges🙄
  17. As of yet I have not contacted Holland due to I am sure a large amount of calls they are getting. We get off of a Princess ship Dec. 4th in Fll and board a Holland ship Dec. 5th 2021. I am aware that there are places in Fort Lauderdale to get a rapid test. My question is what if we are not able for some reason to be tested before boarding time? I am not looking for speculation or rumors, I am hoping to have someone who has talked to Holland and has a definite answer to this question. I will be contacting Holland in the near future for an answer, seeing as how we do not cruise until Nov. on Princess perhaps this will blow over by then.
  18. The more I read about the new conditions for boarding the less clear it becomes as to whether or not Hal is sure of anything. I have as yet to contact Hal yet thought I would give it some more time. We will get off a Princess ship early Dec. and then board a Holland ship the next day. Then to get tested Walgreens, CVS, urgent care ?????, looks to me like one huge cluster#@%&.
  19. Going to wait a few days to contact our PCC, problem we will have is we are doing another cruise the day after we get off a princess ship. The next day we will hopefully board a Holland ship kind of tough to get a test .Hoping to be able to go to a CVS or Walgreens to get an approved test in FLL Hopefully in a few days I can get some answers, till then wishing. Just like a darn merry go round here we go again.
  20. Just when you think you have seen it all. Along comes a topic I have never seen before, will this become the great hot dog debate?😉😁.
  21. Thanks to all who replied, looks like my phone will take care of my needs.
  22. Our upcoming trip we have free wifi included. Have never never had this in a pkg. deal before. Is it best to use the computers on the ship or taking your own. If taking your own I am looking for recommendations on what most people pack. Main thing is checking e-mail and keeping in touch with home. Would it perhaps be easier to just use my smart phone for this?
  23. Recently added the medallion app to my samsung android. Started check in process , every thing working great. took passport photo of my wife then entered required info. Since then I have tried numerous times to scan my passport photo. Screen goes white mext thing I know it says close app. So I start all over again same old story every time. I was told by my PCC that after we make final payment which we will be doing in a couple of weeks I should be able to finish rest of check in. It just gets frustrating that it scanned wifes photo and wont work on mine, they were issued at same time. I tried doing an enhanced drivers license what ever that is, when I came to state or province it game the choice of three Canadian and five different states all wrong. Any suggestions if not I will just wait until final payment, damn technology.
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