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  1. 6 pages in and you’re still the only one who doesn’t get it. That’s should be a sign.
  2. I think several did, including me. In fact, that info was so exaggerated, I question her honesty about cruising Escape, which conveniently isn’t in her signature. Oh wait, she hasn’t updated it. Yeah, right.
  3. Name it, basically. I’m a former partner of a Miami cruise travel firm so I’ve cruised almost every recognizable line. My most recent was on Viking Ocean. Second most recent was Silversea. Then Windstar. After that, they start to blend.
  4. I’ve yet to cruise a line, luxury included, that has a Star Trek style transporter that can beam a person from their room to the pool. So how exactly does one get from one to the other without going “throughout the ship”? And how would that be different from initial boarding?
  5. Epic fail on that one, considering you picked a time share, not a cruise line. Guess you should stick to your port and starboard lectures.
  6. I’ve cruised all 4 and have been on each ship class numerous times. In rank order, I’d pick Anthem, Bliss, Grandeur, Pride.
  7. If you can’t handle a little back-and-forth banter, perhaps you shouldn’t start threads with unsolicited advice.
  8. Cruisemom42, you can post it 100 times, and 100 times you’ll still be wrong. Your posts just aren’t totally accurate on this subject.
  9. It is a false statement to say a ship will only wait for ship excursion passengers. First, it’s not guaranteed the ship will even wait for them. But like Paul said, I can’t say how many times I’ve heard them calling for late passengers and even waiting upwards of an hour for 2 people to get back. And no, I haven’t only seen this in the Caribbean. I recently saw it on a Northern Europe Viking Ocean cruise.
  10. So are the itineraries the same or not? If so, I don’t recommend it. I recommend using the second week to land tour on your own.
  11. Well now you have. My sister’s bus broke down in Mexico and they were so far from the port, another bus couldn’t get there in time. She heard the ship waited a little while but finally left. Luckily, the next port was also Mexico so they were bussed to the next port and put in a hotel. That was on Princess.
  12. And I know people who were delayed on ships excursions and missed the ship.
  13. Well then just answer the op’s question and set his mind at ease. It would be so much better than going straight to argument mode like you do in so many threads.
  14. If you think, or ever thought, a cruise line’s priority is loyalty, then you fell for the gimmick hook, line and sinker.
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