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  1. But she said it was the cruise ships who are reluctant to act, not the authorities. As a manager of cruise ships, you agree with her?
  2. So rather than admit you’re wrong, you’d rather move your own goalposts and now just call enforcement a waste of time. You really need to just walk away from this thread because your hole keeps getting deeper. And by the way, you won’t see DEA in port because the ports are DHS territory. Hmmmm. I wonder why. 🙄
  3. Wow. If this is the sort of thing you’re reporting as a journalist, I have serious concerns about your quest for accuracy. You’re doing a lot of people an injustice if you’re reporting this as true.
  4. You’re arguing with a CG investigator who obviously knows the law much better than you. He is right - the fact it’s illegal at the federal level is what makes it illegal on board. Oh, and I’m a retired Customs agent, so I also know the law quite well.
  5. I think you misread my post. I was agreeing with you. The whole concept of wearing a mask while out in the fresh air but feeling safe to remove it while confined inside with others is just plain dumb.
  6. Exactly. Make sure you wear you mask outside when moving, but hey, when inside and in constant presence of others, it’s ok to take it off. These mask preachers are getting ridiculous.
  7. Just lovely. The fashion police haven’t had cruise attire to whine about lately, so they’ve turned their attention to prolific face mask whining. 🙄
  8. Whoever refers to the major cruise lines as “bare bones” cruising is extremely ignorant. There’s a lot to be said about premium and luxury cruising, but the level of talent I’ve seen on the largest mass market ships blows away the talent on smaller lines. Even some of the accommodations were leaps and bounds better. I’m fortunate that I can cruise any line I want, but I keep getting drawn back to larger lines because I leave the ship feeling like I got my money’s worth.
  9. I think you’re missing the point. Sea View bar allows smoking and it is more mid ship than starboard.
  10. My first cruise with Viking was US and Canada East Coast. I think we had 2 overnights and the sea days were the St Lawrence. I loved the product, so I booked a port intensive Scandinavian and Baltic Sea itinerary. It was called Viking Homelands. It had 3 overnights and only 1 sea day. The cruise was absolutely top notch. It’s hard for me to put a finger on best itineraries because between these 3 lines, they seem to change them up often. My time niche is 10-15 nights, so they all fit right in. But that said, my last Azamara cruise embarked in Cape Town. I enjoyed the cruise but in hindsight, I would have preferred more than just South Africa ports.
  11. Viking has become my new favorite line. They are excellent and between those 3, I’d rate them highest. Food, service, and attention to detail are excellent. None are particularly great with entertainment but what impressed me about Viking was the way they brought local talent on from each port. The meals were also tailored to the ports. The whole cruise felt more immersive than the other 2 lines. Azamara is also excellent. The biggest drawback is the tiny fleet so cruise options are limited. Plus, I’m not a big fan of those old R Class ships. Cabins are tiny. Oceania is a line I used to enjoy but ever since they became a NCL brand, things seemed to slip. The entertainment highlight was a string quartet and frankly, the quartet on HAL - Lincoln Center Stage - blew them away. My last cruise with them, on Marina, was the last I’m booking for a while. Frankly, I prefer Celebrity over Oceania.
  12. So the first answer is never and an answer doesn’t exist for the second. Got it.
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