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  1. Agreed. I cruised Edge and I LOVED it. Edge is a beautiful ship and her design blows away everything in the HAL fleet. Now I’m looking forward to my cruise on Flora. Celebrity is the best expeditionary cruise line I’ve sailed and it looks like they’re upping their game with Flora. The renderings look beautiful.
  2. That’s only your opinion. Hate to break the news but......there is no solid definition for what makes a cruise line Premium. Some travel companies do list HAL as a Premium line.
  3. So you’ve posted 11 times on a HAL vs Celebrity comparison thread and you’ve never sailed Celebrity. You really don’t see how that’s a little odd? Never mind. I’m sure you won’t. Rah, rah HAL!
  4. Considering this is a HAL vs Celebrity thread and you’ve got a lot to say on it, I’m curious what your experience is on both lines. What are your most recent HAL and Celebrity cruises?
  5. Mardi Gras looks amazing. I’m very happy with the direction Carnival is going regarding the interior design of their ships. That said, I’m also concerned about crowding. The space ratio is 27 which is one of the worst scores in all of cruising. Like the others said, I would wait until that ship has sailed a bit to see what people are reporting. RCI Oasis ships are amazing and are expertly designed. Plus, as mentioned, their entertainment blows Carnival away. It’s not even close in that regard.
  6. I agree with the OP. Neptune Suites are a waste of money on HAL. They’re only slightly bigger than a Signature Suite and the lounge is pointless. The cost difference is nowhere near worth the measly perks. Other cruise lines are MUCH better at making the cost of suites worth the price.
  7. I pretty much prefer Celebrity in every way. But Celebrity has more suite perks and more suites only spaces. It sounds like that is a trigger for you, so HAL is probably your better choice.
  8. I’ve been on both ships and regarding the ships themselves, there is no comparison. Constellation is the better ship. Celebrity is a much better cruise line than NCL in almost every way, especially dining.
  9. I used to cruise Carnival regularly. It was a long time ago. There is a huge gap between these 2 ships. Oasis is better in every way.
  10. I’ve cruised Vista (sister to Horizon) and recently on Symphony. No question. Symphony is the far better choice.
  11. Exactly right! And if anyone thinks Carnival isn’t trending the same way, they need to remove their red and blue glasses. They’ve already severely cheapened the menu, removed table cloths, and starting charging for some items. What’s next - and there most certainly will be a next.
  12. So that’s your husband laughing? How classy. Good to know you gain such pleasure in other people’s faults.
  13. I’d go with the Eastern route. IOW, Carnival Breeze.
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