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  1. Yes. Absolutely. I can think of several but my most recent was on Celebrity Flora.
  2. That’s a terrible example. Grounding 1 type of plane does not compare to an entire industry getting shut down. I’m a Floridian. I’m a former partner of a large cruise travel agency. I and many people I know “need” cruising. So you’re also wrong in that regard.
  3. No, no. Haven’t you been following the news this past year? Those spring breakers in Miami rioted and burned cars in order to prevent themselves from being COVID spreaders. 😉🙄
  4. You really need to stop being so condescending with your posts regarding PVSA. It really is not a good look to try to argue facts with maritime experts. Like someone else pointed out, it’s a terrible idea to allow a foreign corporation who pays little to no US taxes and employs mostly non Americans to operate exclusively in the US. Heck, even these cruise corporations themselves aren’t asking for it, so that should be a clue. 🙄
  5. Somehow, I don’t think an audience of 50+ year old women (my demographic, by the way) put the woes of the cruise industry high on their priority list. So yeah, on this topic, I can think of numerous people who would be better ambassadors.
  6. Reading through this thread, it’s clear you are the one marching to a different beat. You seem to have a hard time absorbing the facts being told to you. Your ideas, while certainly outside the box thinking, are simply unrealistic.
  7. Hey, you can’t have a bucket list thread without the usual naysayers telling others how they’re wrong. 🙄
  8. I think everyone is well aware of the COVID impact. But this is a cruise forum. There’s nothing wrong with people focusing on the impact to businesses associated with cruise travel.
  9. So you know, for a fact, how and where COVID originated, huh? in your words - LOL!
  10. I think some folks around here need to grow a thicker skin. Expressing disagreement with a decision made by the Canadian government does not equate to “rude statements about Canada”. Funny how the finger has been pointed in one direction through this whole pandemic but those same people get so offended at the hint of something controversial on their side of the border. 🙄 Besides, have we all forgotten who is truly to blame for this? This started in a lab in China.
  11. Oh yeah. There hasn’t been any Florida trash talking at all throughout this whole mess. None. None with the Zaandam. None with the rate of COVID spread. Yeah, none at all. My goodness, how selective amnesia works around. 🙄🙄🙄
  12. Oh, chill out. That’s not what he said.
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