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  1. So now people don’t want to identify as a cruise passenger - when they’re a passenger from a cruise ship. This board cracks me up sometimes. 😂
  2. Um, no. You can’t work toward a solution if you can’t even agree on who is to blame for creating the problem in the first place.
  3. We all need to get back to placing blame where it truly belongs - China!
  4. RFID bands are the sort of thing you need to try in order to realize how nice they are. I’ve worn them several times at Disney and twice on RCCL. After getting used to them, I dislike going back to carrying a key card on other lines. I’d love to see all modern lines offer these.
  5. Why in the world would Americans lobby on behalf of an industry that hasn’t asked for it? Sorry, but your posts have been a little over sensational on this thread.
  6. And like the last person I called out, you forgot to say “ in my opinion.”
  7. Cruising is the highest risk travel activity? Can you please point me to a source? I’d like to learn how a cruise ship is higher risk than planes, ferries, busses, trains and other forms of travel.
  8. Thats ok. I actually wish I didn’t know what I know about those shows. It kinda ruined it for me.
  9. All I’ll say is, do you really think it’s coincidence that the villains - aka ratings grabbers - always seem to stick around so long?
  10. My niece was on Survivor. I always knew reality shows were scripted to some degree but she really opened my eyes as to just how much is fake. Anyone who thinks these shows aren’t scripted is only kidding themselves. I seem to recall several months back someone on this board insisting that Below Decks is real. They just wouldn’t listen to the truth.
  11. Thank you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking a person where they’re from.
  12. Thank you. I totally agree. When people talk about vacations being discretionary or some sort of extra luxury, they conveniently forget to add the words “in my opinion.” I was born and raised in Cuba. I’m a former US Marine. I’ve seen a lot of ugly things in my life. Vacations are my way of letting go for a short while and it’s really the only thing that works for me.
  13. I don’t know why some folks think it’s an either/or thing. Many of us enjoy both large and small ships. For a short (3-10 night) Caribbean cruise, I love the large ships with all their energy and great entertainment. But for a longer exotic journey, I prefer a small ship where I feel more immersed. Two of my favorite ships are Oasis Class and Celebrity Flora. Two of my favorite lines are Celebrity and Viking Ocean.
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