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  1. Paulras, I’m not really sure what their metrics are but I guarantee you that, as you likely know, it’s not like Vegas. I asked early on how they would rate me, as I always do, and, as per usual, they said, we’ll look at your play at the end of the cruise. i played A LOT and ended up with around $180 in comps. Having said that, I did absolutely everything I wanted to on the ship and all I owed at the end was my $50 BJ tournament entry fee (which they couldn’t comp). I played about as much as you are saying you usually play time wise.
  2. I am a “regular” and all five of my cruises have been comped. spidybabe1, here’s what I will tell you. The casino is not terribly busy right now simply because the ship is operating at about 25% passenger capacity. The people in the casino are pretty cool, at least on serenity. I was on a seven day cruise two weeks ago and all of the tournaments, blackjack, slots and Texas hold ‘em, were on the one sea day. The casino staff will my monitor your play and comp spa treatments, retail purchases, etc., at the end of the cruise. The comp rate is not very generous. Other than that, there really isn’t much that they can give you because everything is included. I usually get chocolates and things like that in my room from the casino. On full capacity cruises, the casino was usually pretty busy and I often had to wait for my favorite machines. The host knew me after the first day and greeted me every time I was playing. Good luck and enjoy the cruise!
  3. Two weeks ago, the slots were open most of the time when the ship was anchored. Tables opened later. As I recall, the casino was closed when we were docked in Nassau, Bimini and Miami. Everything open all day on the sea day.
  4. On my 9/13 sailing, it was a Spanish wine lunch. Grilled octopus, some kind of fish, maybe risotto and dessert. $175, I think. I passed. I would definitely have done a Champagne lunch and maybe the Tuscany one but the Spain theme didn’t appeal to me.
  5. I was on Serenity until last Monday. The only time people really asked to see the contact tracing device was when I was entering Waterside. Typically, I had it hooked onto my purse. I actually lost it two days before the end of the cruise and had to replace it. I think I was without it for 24 hours and nobody said anything to me. I bet things will be different now that this whole thing has happened on Symphony.
  6. TxDarlin, last Monday, I walked off the ship at about 8:45am, was the only person in the terminal, grabbed my suitcase, breezed through passport control in about 30 seconds and walked directly to the front of the taxi line. Got to the airport effortlessly and checked my bag in like three minutes. Then I spent about two hours in the Delta Sky Club waiting for my flight. Zero stress.
  7. A cruise ship with fully vaccinated and tested passengers and crew is vastly different from a hospital full of sick people infected with all kinds of things, including COVID. That’s not a reasonable comparison.
  8. Thanks to all for your feedback at my review. Nothing much has changed. I did have the opportunity to have a long, lovely conversation with Michael Bishay, the legal affairs lecture and his wife, Mindy. That was nice. I also finally had some good luck in the casino - great staff in there, btw. I would like to point out one thing that I see as a probably necessary inequity. Everyone on the ship is vaccinated, everyone on the ship has tested negative. There have been no positive cases on the ship in four weeks. It is completely illogical, other than for appearances’ sake, that the crew should still have to wear masks all the time. They are human beings just like us who have gone through the same testing and vaccination protocols required to be on the ship. I also renew my objection to the closure of bar seating in the Crystal Cove. The bar manager told me that it’s because of the depth of the bar and the CDC‘s requirements about social distancing. But, when a server brings me my drink at a table, he or she is closer to me then he or she would be if he or she was behind the bar. I realize that Crystal has to do what the CDC laid out in its return to sailing protocols, but it’s dumb and it’s an unnecessary burden on the crew. Last night, as we sailed out of Nassau, some wacky thing happened and seaweed ended up in the pipes and disrupted the air conditioning on the ship. It was stifling in some of the public areas and everyone was sweating. But the poor crew members were damn near suffocating behind their masks. I am a huge proponent of all of the science-based things recommended to stem the tide of the coronavirus. Vaccines, social distancing and masks where appropriate. At home, I have resumed wearing masks in public places to do my part to help stop the pandemic. But this is a bubble on this ship. We have gone through everything to make it a bubble and everybody who is participating in the experiment should be treated the same. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday
  9. In the Med, this cruise line is unparalleled. I think part of the issue that I’m having with this voyage I am on right now, is that the Bahamas are really boring in and of themselves unless you’re a big beach person. Or a fisherman. But not that itinerary you’re considering. Sounds stellar as long as COVID doesn’t keep you out of some countries.
  10. First, I want to say that this is my opinion and I’m not that interested in anybody flaming me for the way that I feel. I realize that some people are blood loyal to this cruise line and they want to defend it and support it at all times. That’s perfectly fine but I am giving my perspective and don’t want to get a bunch of grief about it. Thank you. I boarded in Miami on Monday. Embarkation was relatively easy. I personally had a fair amount of stress doing all the rigmarole associated with testing and waiting and testing and worrying. Obviously, I tested negative but it can be a lot. It took about an hour from the time I got to the pier to boarding the ship. They had an organized process for running people through the testing and registration protocols but, at times, it was hard to understand how they were deciding who would go next. It all worked out. Once on board, the crew was lovely. This is my fourth cruise with Crystal and this was the first time I ever went directly to my stateroom upon boarding and saw my suitcase on the bed. So, I unpacked, finished my champagne and went off to explore. The ship is very, very empty. I have heard varying estimates of the passenger count from 175 people to 225 people. There have been times when I have been eating lunch at the Marketplace outside and I am the only person sitting outside. There have been times when there are only three or four other people in the whole Waterside dining room when I’m there. There is no conviviality. There is no real socialization with people outside of your group. As a solo traveler, this means I am really by myself most of the time. On trips past, I would always sit at the bar and have great conversations with people who were sitting there and with the bartenders. This doesn’t happen now because the only two places you can sit at the bar are the Avenue saloon, where it is almost always loud because of the great music and the Palm Court where no one sits at the bar even though you are allowed to. This difference is something that I feel profoundly. Since I got on board five days ago, I have probably had three conversations with people who are not members of the crew. I am a very social person and this is so strange to me. As everyone has said, the food is fantastic, the service is over the top but it’s way too quiet for me. I completely understand the Crystal product and I’m not looking for a rocking Royal Caribbean kind of environment but this is not what I expected. I haven’t gotten off the ship because I’m not a beach person and that’s really all there has been to do in the out islands. I will get off in Bimini so we’ll see how that goes. I have mostly been reading and dozing. I did attend two lectures but I walked out of both of them because there was the same know it all guy in the front row who kept interrupting the presenter and trying to demonstrate that he knew more about the topic than the presenter did. That’s distasteful and not really entertaining at all. The shows and live music have been lovely. I am especially enjoying Carlos Rayan who plays guitar and sings in the Cove. Beautiful, soulful performances. The weather has been beautiful. Walking on the promenade deck is always lovely. You know, I was sad to read that Gary’s trip wasn’t what he wanted it to be, especially after everything he and his wife went through and with all that anticipation. But, man, I get it. This cruise is vastly different from my other trips on Crystal. I think it’s due to the hugely diminished passenger count but I also think that it’s reflective of people’s new behavior in the time of Covid. If you’re with a group of people, you stick to that group. Even though we know there are no positive cases on the ship and haven’t been for three or four weeks. I think it’s a new natural tendency to be wary of people we don’t know. By the way, almost no passengers are wearing masks. Maybe 5% of people wearing masks on any kind of regular basis. The vast, vast majority of people haven’t touched a mask since they got on, including me, and I am vigilant about wearing masks in the real world. So, there you go. My not so enthusiastic review of the trip so far. I got a little sense of what I might see from Gary’s review but until I experienced it myself, I didn’t realize how different things are now, at least for the time being.
  11. Seems kind of sexist. I am a girl and I’m only bringing sandals. And I got a pedicure today.
  12. Thanks for that information. That is my exact plan - to get to the pier around 1:00. I’ve been watching the WebCam and it looks like a beautiful day. I hope you’re enjoying everything!
  13. I would love that. Or in the Cove. Or in the Palm Court. I’m all about the bars!
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