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  1. Our Sept. river cruise in Europe suggested a test 72 hours before departure. CVS says results USUALLY take 2-3 days - we got ours late on day 2, which was fine. Now the requirements from Viking state: Get a COVID‐19 COVID‐19 NAAT/ PCR (nasopharyngeal/nasal swab)/or antigen test  US/Canadian guests must get a test no more than two (2) days before boarding your ship. Ensure you are provided with either a printed and/or electronic copy of the results; be prepared to present this multiple times as directed throughout your travels. (Note that it DOES say NAAT/PCR) But we would have to leave for the airport before we could possibly have our test results, if a rapid test is not accepted.... Feel like this is a Catch-22. Also, we will be leaving from FL, which I understand has a backlog for testing. Our cruise leaves on Nov. 3. Any suggestions?
  2. The lack of communication is extremely disappointing! My TA had called them two days prior to the rescheduling to ask why we were locked out of our MVJ acct & she was told they were just "doing maintenance" on their systems and everything was fine!! They try to make it better by giving us $250 PP OBC, but after the cancellation of prepaid excursions, we had a pile of OBC and NOTHING to spend it on. Plus the refunds went on as a voucher which had to be used before we boarded!! They've had our money since 2019.... I know a lot of this was not their fault and up till now I have been very pleased with how they were handling things, but this is just biting the hands that feed them! Fingers crossed that it will all work out in the end.
  3. Viking changed us to a different date without asking us. On 7/15 I got an email that said our cruise was going as scheduled. It was to be on the Alruna from Basel to Amst. on 9/4 - but the header of the email said 9/3 on the Eir. We had been locked out of MVJ for several days prior to this. Later on 7/15 we got an apology email stating they made an error and that we would indeed be on the 9/3 cruise - in a different stateroom and our prebooked excursions were gone as well. Two of them could not be rebooked at this late date. We are fortunate that we can accept the date change, but it has cost quite a bit more to change hotel ressies - and our TA is still struggling to get thru to their air dept to get us acceptable flights - she has been trying for a week! (We paid for Air+) I am really unhappy with Viking. This is no way to keep customers happy. This is our fourth attempt at this cruise! Fingers crossed we get to go on this one. But to all who are waiting - be prepared to make changes to your plans at the last minute.
  4. Yes, agree - this has been very frustrating. Up until now we were pleased with the way Viking had handled a bad situation, but this was uncalled for. This was our third attempt at this cruise - now the fourth. We are to leave in less than 40 days and still have no air itinerary (we paid for the Viking Plus). I'm surprised they dropped your credits - they gave us each an additional $250 pp to spend onboard which is a joke as there is nothing to spend it on as we had already prepaid for our tips & excursions and we don't drink. Our wonderful TA was able to upgrade the room from a FB to a verandah to use some of the extra credit we had accumulated, but we were just as happy with the FB, so no big deal there. Just hoping we will be able to sightsee on our own at the ports where we now have no excursions or we will be spending a lot of time reading on that lovely verandah!
  5. Same thing happened to us! Got an email Thurs at 3:15 stating our Rhine cruise was a go as scheduled - but the header of the email referenced a different ship and one day earlier - 9/3 instead of 9/4. At 7:00 got a new email apologizing for the erroneous first email and telling us we had been rebooked - without our knowledge or permission - onto the earlier departure... Long story, but we have accepted the change since this was the third attempt at this.... but all our excursions we had booked months ago were gone and we were only able to rebook 2 of them as one was not offered and one was sold out. also our hotel rooms had to be changed and that cost a bunch more money.... Now with the tragedy of the flooding over there, I'm thinking this is just not meant to be!
  6. What wonderful videos! My mouth is watering from your dining tour. I had wanted to do the British Isles Explorer next year but by the time I realized they were open for booking, all the dates were completely sold out! 😪 So I quickly booked for June 2023 - looks like our room will be just a few down from the one you had. It is going to be an excruciating wait - although I do have a Viking River cruise hopefully going early Sept, having been postponed twice, so I guess I've been waiting almost 2 years for that one as well. Thank you for sharing your experience, it was well done and much appreciated.
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