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  1. Wrong again. Altering/denying goods or services based upon one’s refusal to present vax verification is a violation of FL. That’s exactly what RCI is doing. Denying certain services to the unvaxxed will be interpreted to be a violation of FL law regardless of where that violation takes place. Just because someone “told” me something doesn’t make it accurate or fact. Just like when you all told me FL was gonna lose the injunction case. Didn’t make it true, did it?
  2. Doesn’t matter if it is a “human right” or not. We’re talking about FL law.
  3. Wrong. Any non-brain-dead judge would see through that tactic. Charging excessive fees to the unvaxxed is akin to deny/altering a good or service based upon one’s vax status. Doesn’t even pass the smirk test. Now, if RCI charges a reasonable fee for testing in line with its actual costs - that’s fine. But charging $1,000 to those who refused to present vaccine verification when it has no relation to the actual costs of the testing is so ridiculously a violation even my cat sees it. Next....
  4. So people have a get a blood test in order to cruise? Not gonna happen. Ridiculous.
  5. They aren’t. They’re gonna get spanked with millions of dollars in fines for every sailing out of Florida that violates the law. Moreover, FL is going to win any challenge to this law so Carnival, etc. will have to pay up. It’s going to be costly for them.
  6. Not brilliant at all as these tactics, I believe, violate FL law as they deny/alter goods and/or services based upon one’s medical verification status. As the sailing originated from FL, I don’t believe it’s relevant the the violation occurs in open sea. RCI is gonna get spanked with fines..
  7. I think this violates FL law as the company will be denying/altering goods and/or services to someone because of his/her medical status. I don’t think it matters where the violation takes place as the cruise originated out of Florida. RCI is gonna get spanked with fines...Attempting to thwart the law with these tactics isn’t gonna work in the end.
  8. If RCI denies or alters any service or goods to anyone because of their medical status, I think they would be in violation of FL law even if this didn’t occur until out on the open seas.
  9. Did you worry when you had the flu vaccine but didn’t know if others had it? I bet you didn’t. You’re vaccinated. Relax and enjoy life. Take reasonable and ordinary precautions like hand washing, etc. and stop worrying. Life is too short already..
  10. I agree but any going forward with a vaccine verification out of Florida are going to get spanked with monumental fines per sailing. The FL law is in force and I predict will be upheld against any legal challenge. I also predict FL will be successful in collecting those fines if any cruise line ignores the law.
  11. They can sail out of Florida but the cruise line will be fined $5,000 per pax verification violation. That adds up pretty quickly with a ship full of thousands of people.
  12. I understood that. My point is why would vaccinated guests pay for it. Seems like it’s going to be one big cluster....
  13. Thought of this myself. It’s unclear from RCI’s statement whether they would be considered unvaccinated when it comes to dining, shows, etc.
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