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  1. Back in 75-76 the Rush was homeported at Alameda CA. Not nearly as exotic a port as Honolulu. Plus I was a dumb boot FA back in those days so I'm not sure I would have really appreciated it. I've only met one other coastie on any of our HAL cruises. Kris
  2. We hoping the 18-Day Circle Hawaii cruise on April 10 next year occurs. Ah 10 sea days of relaxation. Then I'll retire 50 days after we return.
  3. Hi bdrcole, on a completely different topic, did you ever see a Great Big Sea concert? We saw them 4 times in Oregon and sure miss their swings thru the west US. We wish we had begun to listen to them years ago. Now all we have is the memories 😞
  4. Semper Paratus! 1975-79. My last duty station was right across from Vancouver Island, Neah Bay WA
  5. I'm one of those Front Line Health Care workers support staff. IT Support at a hospital system and while most of my department can work from home, I cannot. It's been a challenging year
  6. I hear ya there. Sad indeed
  7. Hey I wonder if this is a staple at the Possum Lodge? That is if you know who Red Green is? 🙂
  8. Sure missing cruising so I thought I'd start a thread on Pics from M & G's. Hoping our Sept 2021 Circle Hawaii cruise occurs too. Not the best of pics but it's the only one I have saved at work.
  9. Oh no never wanted to visit that joint! Not nearly as fun as the other one.
  10. Man I've always wanted to visit Leavenworth. Sprichst du Deutsch?
  11. Maybe you have better luck today? I just logged into HAL and it now shows me & our booking correctly. Sure hoping that future cruise actually occurs too, 18 Day Circle Hawaii. We need the respite badly
  12. Ah yes I believe the HAL website is having issues in general. I logged on, it knows me but shows no past cruises, nor does it show the one we have booked for next September. Odd. Can someone reboot the internets please. That's gotta fix it! 🙂
  13. I keep looking back at our 2019 & 2020 Cruise Atlas just because it brings me joy.
  14. We sailed there once on the Maasdam. I'm going to say it now, we will miss the Maasdam. It holds many memories for us. Honeymoon included
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