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  1. I have been in communication with Jason O'Keefe who spoke to leadership at RSSC. They would support the idea of having another CC Q&A but due to the timing of the Splendor launch and the changeover in Spa operation they are asking that it be delayed until late second quarter of 2020. As usual Jason was very responsive and I will follow up with him around June of next year.
  2. Swansong, one minor point, we have been able to preorder our meals online on BA and they have always had it onboard for us.
  3. Just a minor correction to eliana's post so there isn't confusion for our new guests. The referral credit will be applied directly to your cruise invoice, it is not an onboard credit. All of us welcome you to Regent!
  4. Caution: I have no expertise in this, I just did a little research online and this is what I found. If there is an expert that has better information please provide. The purpose of the At-Berth Regulation is to reduce emissions from diesel auxiliary engines on container ships, passenger ships, and refrigerated-cargo ships while berthing at a California Port. The At-Berth Regulation defines a California Port as the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Hueneme. The At-Berth Regulation provides vessel fleet operators visiting these ports two options to reduce at-berth emissions from auxiliary engines: 1) turn off auxiliary engines and connect the vessel to some other source of power, most likely grid-based shore power; or 2) use alternative control technology that achieve equivalent emission reductions.
  5. While I would have asked the onboard cruise consultant for more information about the excursions at such significant sites, they didn't. If I am reading your post correctly you booked this within 30 days of getting on your current cruise. If that is correct and you are still within 30 days of placing your deposit, you can get a full refund of your deposit, but you will have to pay the $200 onboard credit bonus back. Another alternative is to transfer the full deposit to another cruise that is more pleasing to you and you will still get the onboard savings. There have been many threads on included vs Regent Choice excursions. While you are not pleased with the included excursions I do not agree that Regent is exercising deceptive marketing/communication.
  6. Deep Freeze, thanks for your postings, you have more patience than I do to post during the cruise. David and Evan set up several golf games during our British Isles cruise before you. In Liverpool they had a Beatles tribute band that was a lot of fun! On our final cruise review I very strongly stated that they should offer an online version to be completed up to a couple of weeks after we return as discussed on another thread. I hope everyone does this as I find it hard to believe their return rate hasn’t gone down. With Lorraine coming on I wonder where David is going? Kwaj girl, I believe the Jersey Boys show is something that Evan Bosworth does on his cruises. If you google him he has done this show a number of times including on other cruise lines. It was him singing with the Regent Orchestra. He and David are talented. He did it on our cruise as well.
  7. We were just in an F1 forward with the angled balcony (816), both chairs were the same and not loungers, however, they were comfortable with the cushions
  8. We have rarely not been able to get our first or second choices. On our Baltic cruise, there was sufficient capacity to provide us our first choice for everything. As TC indicated, since it is your first Regent cruise, the question will be whether you are in concierge level or higher to give you the best opportunity. I use a travel agent very experienced with Regent, but I am not aware that she is able to book early nor in my opinion should they be able to. If you don't get what you want, you can book another excursion and then get on the waitlist for what you want. That has worked for me as well. If you don't get what you want, you can almost always book something private at that point. We use the Regent excursions around 80% of the time. As a last resort you can always go "standby" on the ship when they are loading for that particular tour. We were successful with that on our recent cruise when we changed our mind at the last minute as to what tour we wanted to go on. I think its great that you are excited about your upcoming voyage. You may want to consider consolidating some of your questions so you don't need to be monitoring so many different threads.
  9. From a recent job posting for the role: The Food & Beverage Director's primary responsibility is the management of all shipboard food and beverage operations onboard to ensure that the line's high standards are achieved and maintained within budgetary limitations. Must be able to manage, organize, direct and supervise all restaurants with different concepts, 14 bars and lounges, 10 production and finishing galleys, the sanitation and provision departments.
  10. Carol would be an excellent sponsor and a very nice person! With that said, I have been successful with UK passengers as well, if for some reason you can't connect with Carol please email me at areswfl@icloud.com and I would be pleased to help as well.
  11. I don't know how this would be set up, but there are certainly some VERY frequent Regent cruisers and posters that could get it done, but I would suggest since there seems to be a fair number of questions about new policies and items from Regent that it would be helpful to get them on one thread or online "call" and have an executive like Jason answer the questions from Regents point of view. For example, some items might be: Vero Water System-Phase 2-How will it work and when will it be implemented on each ship Smart Guide system-How good is the security, how are they going to roll it out, why did they not use a "whisperer" system? Drydock update-What is the general plan for a soft goods update, e.g. what specifically are they going to do on the Explorer next month? Splendor-A more detailed update on the status Refund policy-If a cruise is shortened by a day, what is their policy for proportionate refunds? End of cruise survey-Why do they not offer paper as an option or allow a week or so after the cruise to complete? I'm sure there are other areas that many on this board would like to ask. I would suggest it shouldn't be to address one's specific items on a particular cruise and it has to stay respectful since the executive is willing to come on
  12. Just to add a bit. After embarkation, but before the suites are ready (generally 2pm for non named suites) you can have lunch upstairs. They will announce when all of the "regular" suites are ready. I was just on the Explorer and can confirm what Flossie said, you still go to your muster station, you still get the appropriate instructions, they demonstrate how to put the life jacket on but you do not bring your life jacket with you and you do not go to the actual muster station where your lifeboat is. They do still check you in and call for the suites that don't show up. It isn't clear from your post when you booked, but if you are within 14 days of your deposit, you may want to check the member referral thread and get a credit on your cruise. Welcome to Regent, you will have a great time!!
  13. I was going to post a separate mini-review on this cruise but since chuckw and Goarmy have started it, I will weigh in here. When we cruise we generally are with UUNetBill's philosophy, go with the flow and have a good time. In a previous thread I listed the officers. Even though this was our 6th Regent cruise it was our first time on Explorer. It is indeed a beautiful ship and we really liked our F2 cabin. We had a couple of very minor hiccups that we mentioned in our midcruise review and the executive concierge called us that evening to respond. Our stewardess and her assistant were excellent. We did not have one bad meal, obviously some were better than others, but they were all good. We even tried the pool grill one night when we were tired, and we believe that it is a good alternative to room service. The wines were very drinkable and we had no problem getting another one that we had on another evening. All of the restaurant staff were excellent and very accommodating. Maria the restaurants manager was always visible and very approachable. I know there are many different views of the art on the ship. Considering how much time they spent picking it out, I thought they might have a sheet at the reception desk that lists all of the art, the artist and perhaps what the name of the piece was. They didn't have that. I do know that she is going in for a softgoods refurbish late next month, but I was a bit surprised that the carpet on the main stairway was threadbare on the edge of the steps. If indeed they want to be called the "most luxurious ship", I believe they should consider replacing the stair carpet in the most visible part of the ship earlier than three years. The destinations desk did a good job and we had no complaints. We decided not to go on one of the longer trips and were on standby on an alternative, and had no problem getting on that morning. Regarding the captain being visible, it doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is that they keep us informed and I thought he did an excellent job of that. He warned us about the upcoming rough North Seas, and indeed it was a rough night! They told us early about missing the Waterford port due to winds and the fact that they couldn't safely use tenders and they reprinted new Passages hours after that notification. We found the entertainment to be ok except for the non production shows. They had some local entertainment, including a group from Belfast, a tribute Beatles band in Liverpool, etc. We enjoyed these more than the production shows and I hope they do more of that. Crew Kapers is always our favorite however, and we were pleased there was a good crowd to support them. We used Regent air and flew American outbound and BA in return. I know most on this board don't agree, but we happen to like upstairs on the old BA 747's. The service was superb and it is very quiet. We also used the Regent transfers. For a reason we don't understand (and didnt ask) we were given a private transfer to London, and then the buses to Southhampton and back to LHR. Unlike some, we didn't find this to be terrible at all. Except for a very few minor items, we had a GREAT cruise, probably one of our best if not the best. If our next three that we have booked are nearly as good, we will be very pleased!
  14. Sorry Peggy, I just saw this tonight and getting kicked off ship in morning, Deep Freeze is coming on tomorrow so perhaps he can check. I would be surprised if David was on for only six weeks and then they would move him. A number of the crew will be staying on during dry dock and the outside contractors will live on the ship during that time as well.
  15. I know some cc’ers like to know who is on the ship. For this cruise ending tomorrow it was: Captain-Rosario Giovanni Vasta GM-Andreas Piccinin Cruise Director-David Nevin (First cruise back after vacation) Asst cruise director-Evan Bosworth Food and beverage director-Stephane Carriou Executive concierge-Jeff Potts I didn’t ask about future transfers but was told that Jorge the manager of Chartreuse is going to the Splendor and Alain from Compass Rose on Voyager as well. I understand they go on a month prior to passenger embarkation. 525 of the current passengers are Silver status or above, I didn’t get any other breakdown. When I get home I will do a short review of our cruise (hint, it was GREAT!)
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