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  1. Does anyone have a picture of the family balcony stateroom on the getaway with the coach turned into a bed and/or the pull down bunk? I"m curious to see what it looks like for a family of 4.
  2. Due to dietary restrictions/issues my mom is hoping she can request some very plain food on the norwegian getaway in the main dining rooms. For example, can she request plain grilled chicken each night made with no more than say, olive oil and plain baked or sweet potato. I understand that these requests would probably have to be made in advance, but just wondering if something like that is possible.
  3. rustyroo

    Boarding Getaway in NYC

    Thank you!
  4. We will be leaving on the Getaway from NYC on April 20th. It says the boat departs at 3:00. What time should we actually be at the port for best ease of check in? I have not started online check in yet, but I assume it doesn't matter what time we arrive, even if we have to choose a check in time. We will probably be dropped off by a car service, if that makes a difference.
  5. How long before our cruise can we book dining and entertainment on the getaway?
  6. rustyroo

    Noise on Decks 12 or 13 Getaway

    Please let me know when you return!
  7. Looking at mini suites on Decks 12 or 13 midship on the Getaway. Is there a lot of noise due to Splash Academy, particularly at night. We have young kids of our own, but we want them to be able to sleep at night? Is noise a factor on either of those floors. I like 12 because there are connecting mini suites still available (we will be traveling with family), but is 13 quieter ( i believe the actual entrance to Splash academy is on 12)?
  8. rustyroo

    Getaway Questions

    Hi everyone. Looking into the Getaway from NY on April 20-27. We've been on Breakaway, so looks like its pretty much the same. We didn't love Breakaway when our kids were 3 and 6, but now their almost 6 and 9, so hoping there will be more for them to do. And super convenient to not have to fly. Any recommendations specifically on what to do with kids on getaway? How is the pool situation? We did RCL anthem last year and I know the pools are smaller, but still hoping they can do things in the pool area. Also looking at mini suites? What is the difference between a mini suite and a regular balcony room? Is the bathroom just bigger? We will be stopping in Great Stirrup Cay, Port Canaveral and Nassau...do you still tender to great stirrup cay. IF so do you need to get a tender number early. We were haven last time and didnt have to do that stuff. Also anyone have experience staying at the comfort inn next to atlantis to get access? Also, if we want to make dinner reservations in the main dining rooms for the same time each night can we still do that? Also is there still an upsell number you can call as you get closer to the cruise. That's how we got such a good deal on the haven last time? Thanks!
  9. Haven't seen a lot of info on this itinerary? Anyone have any cruise compasses for it?
  10. Looking at 2 oceanview balcony cabins on Harmony deck 12. They are near the wonderland restaurant... Any issues with noise? We liked being in a similar location on the anthem this year, because it was only 1 or 2 floors up to the kids club and pool area (but not right under the pools). Any opinions on this deck? Or another good deck suggestion for oceanview balconies? We have 2 kids 5 and 8.
  11. Thank you. So funny that you've had the same experience.
  12. Just got back from spring break cruise on anthem. We all enjoyed it (including two kids 8 and 5). And it was so great not having to fly. That being said, I know the ships down in Florida have even more stuff for the kids, and I like all the family friendly entertainment (waters shows, ice shows, etc. grease, mamma mia), which was one of the few things I thought lacking on anthem (although not enough to affect our trip in anyway). Anthem pools were simple, but roomy enough for the kids . But like the water features on the bigger boats too. Looking into allure or harmony for next year's spring break. Any recommendations. The things we did like most about anthem were the conditions of the rooms and boat in general, so new looking. But I like that harmony has the splash park for kids, etc. Any recommendations on which ship to try next? We would have to fly either way for these two. Would we find harmony too huge after anthem? How does allure compare? Thanks.
  13. I thought I remembered reading that we can fill out waivers online for certain activities so we don't have to do it onboard? Is that true? I did not notice it during online check in.