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  1. I just got off the escape, the best deal is the unlimited premium internet. ONe devise is about $33 per day it may be a little higher. NCL which I love to cruise on does charge a lot more than any other cruise line I know for internet. I am going on a 12 day Princess ship next month. I go four divices with unlimited internet for less than I paid for one divise for a week on the Escape.
  2. I’m going there also but booked my own air, burned all my miles and got the three seat row for my wife and myself , that should make the trip a little more bearable
  3. I agree. The cost of the specialty restaurants is getting ridiculous. We have already paid for food for the cruise, the prices NCL wants is more then I pY for a similar restaraunt at home
  4. For the first time I am using NCL's flight program. They have booked me on an 11:10 am flight out of Miami International. That just seems very early to make it to the airport. I always thought noon was the earliest safe time for a flight home. Please anyone with experience please let me know if I should try and make my flight later. Thanks for any help
  5. My wife and I usually get the three dinner dining package. Sometimes we would like to take guests using our UDP to one of the restaraunts. Is this allowed?
  6. I have four upcoming NCL cruises planned and we are Platnium plus on NCL so I love NCL. Current we are on a Princess ship and their cost of internet is almost free compared to MCL. You can get four devices with unlimited time, great download speeds and streaming for $100 total. The same on NCL is over $1000. Why? If only you want is one device it’s $60 per week if you purchased ahead of time or $70 per week if purchased on the ship. Crazy for the price diffetanc with NCL
  7. My wife and I are Platnium Plus so with our perks and the UDP we get 5 dinner each on a 7 day cruise. We paid for it so why not use them. 5 nights of upscale dinning is too much for us so we take friends we have made on the ship to dinner. On our last cruise I was told that the UDP dinners were not transferrable so we could not take our friends to dinner ( we actually had to pay for them and wound up leaving dinners unused). Does anyone know if this is actually the policy of NCL? thanks
  8. If you look at the floor plans there is no Headliners, it’s a nightclub like on the Bliss. I asked some Howl players recently and they don’t have any gigs booked on the Encore or Joy, my guess no HATM on either
  9. Bliss doesn't that why we haven't done it. They replaced it with a slient disco, how stupid.
  10. I'm glad my wife and I aren't the only HATM fans. We will not book the BLiss because of no HATM. Make sure you let NCL know how you feel, they could add it to the Encore instead of the stupid slient disco.
  11. Does anyone know if the Encore will have Dueling Pianos and alternating days with comedians. My wife and I love Headliners, will it be on the Encore or will they have the silent disco?
  12. come to my house in mid January and Ill put a bottle on the table on our patio and drink up. If its a true Chicago winter it will be 0 out there and a better view then in the ice bar.
  13. I got upgraded to a mini suite on a cruise and it turned out to have a Bath Tub.. It was very hard my my wife and I to get in it. Does anyone know how I can tell if there is a Bath tub or shower in the mini suites on the Big ships. thanks
  14. With the Joy moving to the west coast, any news about the entertainment? Specifically will it have Headliners with comedians and Dueling Pianos? Also what will be in the main showroom?
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