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  1. SheriNtexas

    Ever made pudding shots onboard?

    Pudding shots are just like Jell-O shots! :D
  2. I'm going on a Halloween cruise, and we are participating in a cabin crawl. My friend and I would like to make, or BRING, pudding shots! Has anyone does this before? If so, how did you go about making the pudding shots? Thanks! Never made them before, so not sure how long they would keep! Thanks so much!
  3. SheriNtexas

    Cremation services on Carnival

    And I apologize for not just doing a search here myself:rolleyes:....
  4. SheriNtexas

    Cremation services on Carnival

    Thanks so much! I had contacted John, and all he said was YES, they can do a service, and to get in touch with him a few days before my cruise, and he will arrange it....but I needed DETAILS! lol....thanks so much, and thanks for the thread, going to check it out right now!:D
  5. Can someone point me to the right forum, or tell me about what Carnival does for burial at sea services? John Heald told me that we can do a service for my mom, who passed away last week...my cruise is in October, but I wanted to see what the procedure is....do I need a bio-degradable urn, or how does all that work? Thanks so much!:)
  6. I will be coming back from my Conquest cruise on October 7,and i have decided to stay 3 nights and do the tourist thing....i've only been there twice...i know nothing about where to stay....my friends and i are staying at Maison St. Charles before the cruise....here is what i need out of a hotel there.... safety, close to trolley, stuff to see and do within walking distance as well, close to major things to do.... i'll be by myself, so i need to be somewhere safe...i won't be going to bars, clubs, French Quarter, etc. at night, but i like to do touristy things...i have been told i need to go to Cafe Dumond, and the Riverwalk area? Is paying around $150 a night for a room pretty normal for NO? I don't need fancy, but it has to be safe and in a good location, and close to the trolley.... anyone have any opinions on where would be a good location for me? thanks so much for any help you can offer....i'm used to cruising out of Galveston, so i know THAT area, but NO is a new place for me...i hate not knowing the area i'm staying, but i guess i've got to start somewhere!:D thanks again!
  7. My friend and I are booking the Century for our Jan 2014 Panama Canal cruise....this is a 15 day cruise...the longest i've ever been on was an 8 day Carnival Miracle cruise with 4 sea days....what all is there to DO during all these sea days? We both love to read, so of course we will be doing a lot of that...hanging around the pool....i'm not much of a spa person on ships, so won't be spending time or money doing any of THAT....just curious as to what others who have been on long cruises with lots of sea days DO with all that free time!:confused::D Thanks so much! We are so excited!
  8. Thanks for all the advice!:D We are looking at just getting a regular balcony, and will definitely be out and about during the time we are going through the canal...my friend and I are VERY social, so no worries there!;)
  9. My friend and I are planning a Panama Canal Cruise in Jan of 2014 on Century...neither of us have ever sailed on this line, so i would like to ask some questions: We are looking at the Concierge class rooms....there are rooms available on Vista and Penthouse decks....which of these would be better to be on? Are the balconies covered? Is there a better side of the ship to be on when cruising through the Panama Canal, or does it even matter? We are sailing out of San Diego.... We just got back from Alaska 2 weeks ago, and are now in the very early stages of planning THIS trip! We are very excited, but really need to nail down which cabin so we can get it booked....also, we definitely want a room with 2 beds! Do all rooms have 2 beds available? We are calling our travel agent monday, but are just so excited to be starting new research!:rolleyes::D Any advice, links, etc. would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
  10. Ok, my friend and I are looking at cruising on Celebrity Century on Jan. 20th, 2014....it leaves out of San Diego...i will also be asking questions on Celebrity's site here on CC as well as here..... IS there a "better" side of a ship to be on when cruising through the canal? Does it matter which side? If you have knowledge about Celebrity Century, which is the better deck to be on, Vista or Penthouse? Are all these balconies covered? I'm sure i'll have more questions as the planning continues, but that is all for now, I guess!:D Thanks for any help, links, pictures, etc. that you can provide!
  11. SheriNtexas

    What to do in Antigua?

    Will be going here on a cruise next January...never been here....the island doesn't seem to be very big, so not sure what there is to do...what are the things that shouldn't be missed? Is this an island to take a tour of, or just do a beach? I love going to new ports, and what to make the most out of the time we have there? Thanks for any suggestions!:D
  12. SheriNtexas

    Can we bring soda onboard?

    Yay!! Thanks!!
  13. SheriNtexas

    Can we bring soda onboard?

    Are we allowed to bring soda onboard in our carryon bag? Carnival allows this but wasn't sure about Princess. I tried doing a search on the Princess website but had no luck! Thanks so much!
  14. SheriNtexas

    OVERwhelmed in Ketchikan!

    It is OK for the OP to ask all the questions they want!!!! Geez....
  15. SheriNtexas

    OVERwhelmed in Ketchikan!

    Please don't leave...and just ignore the posts you don't like! You can ask all the questions you WANT!