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  1. If operabob is a member, you should be able to look him up here. or google him if he is a tour operator:)
  2. We will be on the Carnival ship and they are not offering ziplining. what is the 411 on that? Thanks
  3. Have you seen the zipline course? Did it have 2 lines above your head for safety? How did you get there, and the cost please. Thanks.
  4. OK, I just emailed you again. I hope it works this time. :)
  5. Thank you! Do you remember the cost of using the resort for the day?
  6. Which resort did you go to in St. Thomas? We are going there in a few weeks and I love doing the resort days. Thanks.
  7. I have led many group cruises. It is a lot of work. Practically a full time job. My first tip is to ask for suggestions on the activities the group would like to do, then choose the most popular ones. Be sure there is someone else in charge of that event or excursion for the "day Of" you know, a to coordinate things. My second tip is to enlist the help of a travel agent, or cruise line employee. Someone to take care of all the bookings, payments etc. If you are wanting to talk about your group here on CC, you will need to use Cru Con and book it as a cruise critic group cruise. I suggest you do not do this. Keep it off CC. If it's on CC, everyone must be invited to join you and with a work group that wouldn't work. My 3rd tip is to organize a meet n greet on the first day so everyone in your group can be given their itinerary for the week, meet everyone involved in the group etc. It is always fun to have door prizes at things like this. My 4th tip is to not overbook the group with activities. Remember, the cruise director will have spent tons of time planning lots of things people will want to do, so don't over do it. It's always fun to have a group t-shirt for everyone to wear. Don't forget to relax and have fun too!!
  8. There once was a baby name Katie She was the cutest little lady. I promised her a cruise vacation then got sick and had to have a stacation, disappointing the little girl. Now is the right time again, see, yep, now it's just Katie and me, cruising on the breeze in March. Promises kept, with the one I love most, Katie is an angel I boast. Love Grandma
  9. HI. I tried to email you but I guess I do not know what the address really is because it wouldn't deliver:confused:. Mine is sammons 554 at the Y service. Maybe you could get one to me?? I would love to hear your idea. :)
  10. I learned something this week. I learned that some pharmacies rent equipment too. I found that the one in my dinky little town rents POC and only charges 100 bucks a week and that includes 3 batteries. Yes, It is the one that weighs about 20 lbs and needs to be drug around instead of carried around but that is a lot better than 450 bucks! So if you need to rent one, try your local pharmacy and give it a shot.
  11. The company who supplies oxygen to me at home no longer offers travel concentrators so I have to rent one. The least expensive company so far is going to charge me 450 bucks for 10 days. This really sucks because until Dec, I didn't even need oxygen! I got a Pulmonary Embolism and now I need oxygen. The cost of this POC is going to take the place of some nice excursions.:( And now, after reading the posts here, I am questioning if I should add an oxygen tank in case of power failure. :confused:
  12. Which beach does the water taxi take you to? Do you know the cost of the taxi?
  13. Hi, I know there is a website that can tell us how many ships will be in port on a certain day. I tried searching here and can't find anything to answer my question. Will you please tell me where I can find out this information? THXS.
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