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  1. Yes things are changing for awhile anyway
  2. yes wpmt be a fast one even if Elite
  3. Thanks that’s what I was hoping for. A lot of us over 70 have some chronic illness
  4. I have had chronic kidney disease for 15 years which is not contagious. I have been in 34 cruises and never been sick once but always take out insurance just in case. Would I be refused to cruise since I have a chronic disease?
  5. I agree I’m booked on Grand for April 5 and just waiting as can’t see the ship being ready to sail by then. If Princess knows it’s not going to go just cancel now rather than making us wait.
  6. I have the premium insurance and feel it is a medical issue as the cdc are telling people over 60 not to go on a cruise due to health problems. This would mean a full credit on card instead if a future cruise credit
  7. I was wondering the same thing. How do you figure the amount if the cancellation fees
  8. Sacramento tv channel 3 is having a news conference later this afternoon about the death and other cruise passenger who had virus
  9. If it was me I would wait and see how this virus shows up as so far not much In Hawaii
  10. Years ago my brother and sister in-law went on one of those party cruises and came back separately to the ship. There were two sister ships in port one going east and the other going west in the Caribbean. My sister-in-law got on the wrong ship and had all the employees trying to find her cabin as that ship had different cabin numbers. They finally figured it out just before we were to sail. Of course this was years ago when security wasn’t like it us now, but something we’ll never forget
  11. No never worn my pins. People on here make fun of those who wear them
  12. Yes we were booked on a 15 day Hawaii Cruise then the best sale ever came out. We were able to add unlimited drinks and free gratuities for $30 per day for total $450 pp
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