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  1. Yes, it could very well be a case of the couple just not knowing, but I 'm hesitant to believe that at 7pm it was so empty that they thought you could just walk in and find a table. I'm quite sure there was probably a line of people waiting to get in at that hour. Even if you don't see the signs for those with or without reservations, one would think you would question those standing around waiting if there was a wait or not. I do understand the "newbie" thing, but even on land, if you visit a "nice" restaurant, you are usually shown a table. Of course, there are exceptions, but something tells me this couple understood what they were doing. I am glad that this situation did not ruin your cruise and that you were able to look past this and enjoy.
  2. I have used ATM's in Rome prior to the start of my cruises, and they are very convenient, but I usually take between 500-700 euros with me that I get in the states. That's just because while traveling, especially on a cruise where we do a lot of tours, I don't want to have to worry about finding ATM's to get additional euros if I run out. I also use credit cards, but I pay small things with euros (food, souvenirs). If I'm buying something of "value" I will use a credit card just in case I find that after I get home something is wrong with my purchase, I can dispute it easier with the bank.
  3. Toward the end of July it may not be as light early in the morning as it would if it were early July, but like others I would say allow 90 minutes. I'll be there in early June and the days are longer then so hoping for some pretty views on sail in. I missed most of the sail in the last time I was there but will definitely get up early enough next time!
  4. Another vote for Tours by Milo. I used them two years ago and our guide was excellent. They came recommended by a number of people on the boards which is why I decided to go with them.
  5. I always rely on shuttle services. The train and bus are definitely cheaper, but I guess I'm lazy and just don't feel like lugging my luggage around.😊 I've also used RomeCabs and they were wonderful. Picked up on time from our hotel in Rome. We shared a van with 2 others who were on our cruise and they needed to stop at an atm in Civi so the driver took us to a bank not too far from the port (we could see the ship) and then straight to the terminal. It was really painless. I plan on using them again in June.
  6. goncruzn

    Rome Hotel

    I agree, I have stayed at both the Albergo Santa Chiara and 9Hotel Cesari and think they are both great, although haven't stayed at the latter in a few years so I'm not surprised it is in need of a re-do. I'll be staying at Hotel Pantheon next June for the first time. Hoping for a good experience as you cannot beat the location.
  7. Our genie was not intrusive at all. She would check in with us in the morning, not too early based on our preferences, and see if there was anything we wanted or needed that day that she could take care of for us. If we had a lunch and/or dinner reservation she would stop by the restaurant to say hello and make sure we were fine. You can choose to see them as much or as little as you like. It's all based on your preferences. They do go in their "bottle" after a certain time at night to "recharge"! You will enjoy having one!
  8. I can't really say it is worth the extra $700 per person, especially since you do not drink alcohol, BUT, the experience was worth it to me. You get the best seats in the theater, no worrying about making arrangements for specialty dining as soon as you get on board; single day pass for thermal suite access for the adults; all the water and juices you can drink; meals, snacks brought to your room either because you wanted it or your genie just decided to do it because they knew you were hanging out in the room; treats for the kids; priority access to flow rider, zip line, rock climbing wall; non-alcoholic drinks; priority embarkation and debarkation, just to name a few. My family and I sailed sky class before, but once we sailed star class it's made it difficult to go back to sky. Deck 9 would be a great location. We were on deck 8 in 8330 and it was perfect for viewing the aqua show. On the first night of the cruise our genie sent up tapas from Vintages so we could sit on the balcony, have snacks and watch the aqua show below. I say try it at least once. I think you will love it!
  9. Yeah, I have three weeks. Now I'll have to buy a night light . . . 🤣🤣🤣
  10. I've definitely learned something here. I never thought about the dangers of the arm inflatable devices, but as I read through the information here, I see how they can be a danger. Thank you to the lifeguards/safety instructors and EMT's on this thread that have given this information. I am going to make sure my 7 year old grandson, who we're trying to teach how to swim, does not use those devices. Especially since he is still a little afraid of the water.
  11. Actually, there is a difference between the two. A porter and a longshoreman are two distinctly different jobs. A porter can belong to the Longshoreman's union but they are not longshoremen. A porter is someone at a port, train station, airport that takes your luggage and transports to another area/car, etc. A longshoreman is actually someone who loads and unloads cargo from ships. It includes docking the ships, loading and unloading cargo, checking for specific containers, and inspecting cargo for damage. At cruise ship terminals, porters take your bags to a holding area where they can be loaded by ship's personnel.
  12. Yep, starboard side door was always open when I sailed in CLS two years ago on Oasis, but the port side doors were always closed. I, too, would close it every time I walked through only to find it open again the next time I went through.
  13. I drive to and from the port from South Carolina and do two 1-way rentals. I always hop in a cab or shuttle at the port and take to the airport to pick up my car there. National normally has the best rates and if you join "Emerald Aisle" (no cost), all you do is reserve a car online at the mid-size rate and then go straight to the lot and pick out whatever car you want in "Emerald Aisle". The agent at the exit checks you out and you are on your way. It is about as painless a process as there could be. There is no waiting on line in the car rental lobby. The hardest part is deciding which car you want in the aisle.
  14. Right now a Haven suite (H7) will cost me approximately $6K more for three people, almost twice as much as I'm currently paying. Great review! Great insight into everything. I will definitely use it as I plan our days out for our sailing.
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