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  1. Chris, you always do a fantastic job and I will be following!
  2. rccruisers

    Live from Norwegian Getaway Oct 10-18

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  3. Bob, you are correct. It is the bar staff that does this.
  4. Good morning Chris and enjoy your day in St Maarten. You are doing a great job here and thanks for sharing your vacation with us!
  5. rccruisers

    Indy???? late leaving???

    Darth...I noticed from your sig you are sailing on Indy. We are sailing the next two weeks after you get off. Have a great cruise and hopefully she will sail on time next week. I watched on the web cam tonight and she was delayed 2 hours.
  6. rccruisers

    Will iPhone erase my key card?

    We have demagnetized our Sea Pass Card by putting it in our pockets with our phones. Our new water camera will do the same thing. Our other cameras we do not have a problem.
  7. rccruisers

    Current Captains Con't

    Rick, I am so sorry to hear that Bobbie's Dad passed away on Sunday. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time.
  8. Oh my...my favorite thing about the Oasis Class would probably be, everything is bigger and better. There is more of everything to choose from...pools, hot tubs, restaurants, shows, quiet places, loud places and lounge chairs at the pool. I am never bored on any ship but if anyone gets bored or goes hungry, something is wrong. :) I think my advice to anyone sailing first time would be to sail for the ship.
  9. Thanks Jim for creating this group and hopefully others will join us. I'm excited and cannot wait to sail on Lady O in February. Got up this morning and checked the webcam to see my other lady...Allure. I had to grin because next week, that will be us getting on for two weeks. Cannot wait!
  10. rccruisers

    Mario -Concierge on Explorer

    Mario is a great concierge and we first met him on the Liberty of the Seas years ago. Wherever he is at, he does a fantastic job! He is at home now with his family and looking forward to the holidays with them. I would like to see him get one of the Sunshine Ships or Oasis Class.
  11. rccruisers

    Current Concierges continued

    Scotty, we are sailing December 12 on the 11 night Southern Caribbean. He said he thinks he will be on vacation then. Hopefully, he will be on but if he gets a chance to be with him family for Christmas, I rather him do that. :) When are you sailing?
  12. rccruisers

    Current Concierges continued

    Kathy...Rahul deserves this move to Legend. He works so hard and is really good at what he does. He told us that he is joining the ship in January, as they are doing the dry dock. We probably will not get to see Rahul though when we sail the Legend. We/he thinks he will be on vacation then. :( We sailed Sept 2, Sept 9th and October 7th. What dates did you sail? The Concierge Lounge was empty. We stayed in the Diamond Lounge.
  13. rccruisers

    Current Concierges continued

    Kathy...the first ten words tells it all. I have nothing against Bertrand at all and hope the best for him.
  14. rccruisers

    Current Concierges continued

    Barb...we both were there and saw first hand how good he was. :)
  15. rccruisers

    Current Concierges continued

    As of late Saturday, no decision had been made. This disappoints me because the job he did in the lounge and does at the pursers desk is fantastic. No matter where he goes, he does a good job. The crowd those two weeks was so large in the lounge, they had to open Pharoahs Lounge the first night and the rest of the week, he handled two lounges. (Diamond Lounge and Cardroom) He managed those two lounges, called everyone by name and got his work done during the day so he could concentrate on his guests at night. Thanks Kathy for telling me and I will contact him!