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  1. Why does that matter? The point of my post is that it is listed on our itinerary which is what the OP was asking.
  2. We are on the Ovation Sept 20th Hawaii cruise and it specifically says “cruising Napali coast” on our itinerary. Really hoping we actually do it as Ovation is too large to dock in Kauai.
  3. On our tour we did the sloths and monkeys first. We were dropped off at Bananarama beach club for West Bay. The beach was nice but vendors were very aggressive in case that bothers you. We we had two full hours at the beach which was plenty for us.
  4. Faster To The Fun. You can pay extra for priority perks like early embarkation, dining reservations, luggage delivery, etc.
  5. I can’t believe they don’t give you double VIFP days for suites. Every cruise line we have taken gives double points/days since you are spending at least twice as much.
  6. We walked off Riviera this morning at 7:45. Grabbed our bags, through customs and in a cab by 7:55. Arrived MIA at 8:10 and through security in about 5 mins (we have precheck). We are now sitting at our gate waitIng for our 10:00 flight with an hour and a half to spare. Everything went perfect for us and it’s a Tuesday so no lines at all. Many on here would not recommend what we did however we have always booked a flight between 10-1130 with never even cutting it close. Of course things can happen, but a 12:15 flight I wouldn’t even think twice about. Steve
  7. We had a fantastIc day in Havana today. As stated, all of the damage was isolated to the Regla area. None of the downtown area sustained any damage. I hope we can return again to spend more time downtown with its beautiful buildings and wonderful people. Steve
  8. We are on Riviera now and supposed to be in Havana Monday. So far have not heard about the stop being cancelled, although this Captain has hardly spoken a word since leaving Miami 8 days ago.
  9. Luckily we have not experienced any of that on this cruise (so far at least). Everyone has been friendly and open towards us. Now, we are getting some stares but I am sure it’s becasue we are 20-30 years younger than almost everyone else on board. This cruise has quite an older demographic which even the crew says is much older than usual for a Caribbean cruise. Several passengers in their 90’s as well. As long as there are no kids we are happy 🙂 Steve
  10. 10 day dry dock for refurbishment.
  11. We are on Riviera now and that’s a good description. She just isn’t overly fun or exciting. She reads her PA announcements 3 or 4 times a day and so far just seems to be doing her daily routine. I agree about the food so far. Definitely was much better on Marina 4 years ago. Breakfast and lunch at the cafe has not been good. I asked for a bottled water at the pool today and was told they can only bring me a glass of ice water which was very small. I had to walk up to the gym on deck 14 to get a bottled water. Dinner reservations have been a huge pain, wont allow us to change anything. They keep saying all the restaurants are full so we either have to eat at 9 PM or share a table. Really hoping the rest of this cruise improves!
  12. Thanks for the Info, I’ll be waiting 🙂
  13. I'm waiting for Jan/Feb 2021 Australia and New Zealand. Celebrity has had theirs out for a while now and want to compare different itineraries. Obviously 2 years away but looking forward to seeing what will be offered.
  14. WNcruiser


    The best vanilla I have found is from Los Cincos Soles. You can even purchase online: http://shop.loscincosoles.com/Los-Cinco-Soles-Vanilla-p/8888.htm
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