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  1. Air Canada cancelled our flight from Vancouver-Las Vegas and has adamantly refused to give us a refund. I have filed a complaint with the DOT since they fall under their rules as it is to/from a US city. They responded to the complaint saying they were in compliance with the DOT enforcement letter which they clearly are not. Our complaint has been escalated to the Office of Aviation consumer protection which will tell Air Canada they are violating the US order and will take enforcement action if the refund is not issued. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE DOT AGAINST AIR CANADA IF YOU ARE REFUSED A REFUND: https://airconsumer.dot.gov/escomplaint/ConsumerForm.cfm
  2. Look at how much has changed in the last 5 months. You are talking a year away. Personally I am optimistic even for a March/April start date but thats just my opinion. Of course it would be a Caribbean or Mexican Riviera. I sincerely hope a year from now we will be back to cruising from most international ports. Under what circumstances? Who knows (sorry, i quoted the wrong person)
  3. It was mentioned in another thread that during Wednesdays cruise line panel a Celebrity rep stated they were not sending any ships to Asia in 2021. I can't confirm that information but it would make sense with both ships Transpacific crossings cancelled.
  4. I have read that there will be seperate "isolation cabins" for any passenger or crew that has tested positive or is showing symptoms of COVID. Of course the next question is how long are you quarantined in there? Until the next port of call where you are disembarked? Until your symptoms are gone?
  5. Try this one: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23326-msc-readying-two-ships-for-cruising-unveils-health-plan.html
  6. So with the Westbound T/A now cancelled we are wondering if Apex will come to the US for a few months or just stay in Europe until Fall of 2021. At this point I dont see X sailing her over empty but who knows. Hopefully Celebrity will give us a better update of the furure instead of this month to month crap.
  7. I started this thread last Friday, so it took Celebrity 5 days to make an announcement after pulling the cruises off the website. No information given on the ships either as Princess did. Anxiously awaiting to see if Apex comes to the US or not. My guess is NO.
  8. Just as I suspected, only another one month “suspension”. Why?? Hope there is some information about what Apex will be doing. Sailing to US empty? Staying in Europe?
  9. Unfortunately I agree, but seeing how Celebrity has several cruises still showing for Nov and Dec it looks like it will just be another one month extension. Frustrating when other lines have cancelled up to December weeks ago.
  10. That does not show availability. Click October then click apply. There will only be 3 short Australia cruises on Solstice. ALL other cruises have been removed.
  11. Absolutely 100% yes. Flying is very safe and there are still airlines blocking middle seats. All airlines are cleaning and sanitizing the planes after every flight and using UV and electrostatic cleaning and all (at least in the US) require masks. Flying is my absolute least worry right now.
  12. But why keep everyone in suspense all weekend? They should make the announcement at the same time (or before) they remove the cruises from the website. We all enough have stress in our lives right now, I dont need two days of wondering if my cruise is cancelled or not.
  13. Try this: https://www.yahoo.com/news/33-crew-infected-hurtigruten-ship-160855564.html
  14. If they can't control COVID spreading just between the crew, how on earth can they do it with passengers? Ugh...my hopes of cruising not only in 2020 but early 2021 are fading quickly.
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