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  1. The website says "All other ships: Sailings through and including October 31, 2020" have been canceled.
  2. Under Manage My Cruise on the website you should be able to see the cancellation penalties. Once you click Manage My cruise, click "Booking & Order Detail" at the top of the page. It'll then bring up the specifics of your booking. Scroll down and you'll see "View Balance Details". Once that page loads, scroll down again and you'll see "View Cancellation Details". If you click on that it'll tell you what you'll lose. On another note...we are booked for October 17, 2020. One of the families in our group decided they didn't want to risk it so called to cancel and was told if you are sailing in October or November they are waiving all penalties. She was able to move all of her funds to a new cruise in February without incurring any penalties. Several others have verified this on other cruise pages.
  3. I would just buy the cheers package. The offer will only be for you anyway. Each of you will have to "earn enough points" to each get the free drinks. Also, as previously mentioned you have to be playing in the casino to use you DOU card. It won't work anyone else on the ship.
  4. Our final payment was July 19th for our October cruise. One of the families in our group didn't want to risk going in October so she called to cancel on the final payment date. They said anyone canceling in October or November will not get charged any cancellation fees. She was able to move all of her money to a February cruise we have booked without incurring any penalties.
  5. How does it work when the person you're currently booked with won't be able to go when I want to go next? Do they split the OBC up?
  6. No, since you initiated the cancellation you will not be eligible for the OBC.
  7. Diamond offer = free upgrade and/or 3rd or 4th person sail free.
  8. We are planning a cruise to Hawaii in 2022. I have my diamond offer available, my husband has his milestone available, and we have OBC and a future cruise credit from issues we had on the Panorama. Does anyone know if these can be combined so we can use all 3 on the Hawaii cruise?
  9. We were there in October and my brother in law bought a bottle of Crown from the Duty Free and they let him walk right out with it. He brought it to the beach at Mahogany Bay and ordered cokes all day to make his drinks.
  10. Which place is closer to Mahogany Bay and how long would it take to get there? I've been to Roatan a bunch of times but I'm going with newbies this time who want to hold monkeys/sloths. So ideally, I would like to go first thing in the morning and then be back to Mahogany Bay beach within 2 hours. Is this possible?
  11. Yes a DL and BC will suffice. Make sure the BC is from the state dept. or dept. of vital statistics (not hospital issued one). He will be able to go ashore in Mexico. They don't require you to show any type of passport to leave the ship in ports. He'll just need to bring his DL and sail and sign card to get on and off the ship.
  12. Was it $4pp to the ferry shack or $4 per cab? Thank you!
  13. Goff's Caye would work for what you want to do. It's a shorter ride to get there. Beautiful water, small island, swimming and snorkeling available at your leisure.
  14. I sailed on Feb. 11th on the Sensation. I am platinum and had a 12-12:30 check-in time and boarding zone B4. It meant nothing. We got to port at 11:00am and proceeded to the Priority Lounge and boarded like we normally do with other Platinum members.
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