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  1. Goff's Caye would work for what you want to do. It's a shorter ride to get there. Beautiful water, small island, swimming and snorkeling available at your leisure.
  2. I sailed on Feb. 11th on the Sensation. I am platinum and had a 12-12:30 check-in time and boarding zone B4. It meant nothing. We got to port at 11:00am and proceeded to the Priority Lounge and boarded like we normally do with other Platinum members.
  3. We didn't bring insect repellent and didn't get bit but you do have to paddle for a while through mangroves before you get to the bay so I understand why they recommend it. We also didn't get wet but there's definitely potential for you to get wet getting into and out of the kayak or obviously if it rains. We saw a ton of glowing the night we went. The oars looked really cool paddling through the water and you could even see fish swimming by. I loved it but I'm sure you already know that how much glow you see will depend on the phase of the moon. The darker the better! Enjoy!
  4. We did the bio bay kayak tour and they did not allow you to jump into the water. I think they allow it from the motorized boats but not from the kayaks. We've been to San Juan many times and this tour was far and away our favorite! We wore shorts, tshirts, and water shoes/sandals.
  5. We were there in September. You rent the chairs right from Margaritaville. First come first serve. I believe they were $30 for two chairs and the safe.
  6. I'm not sure of the plate size for the pay as you go crowd because I didn't really look around to see what others were eating. I just noticed that it was smaller than what we used to get. As for the beach, that was the only area open for everyone. There weren't too many AI guests and the ones that were there were just intermingled with everyone else.
  7. Yes we've always drank the water/ice at PB and have never had a problem with it.
  8. Can someone please tell me how far the San Juan Water and Beach Club is from the pier and how much it will cost to get there. Are the taxi's per person or per cab? Thanks!
  9. Ok just back from our cruise and visited Paradise Beach on 2/13/18. We've been to PB many times over the years and wanted to try the AI option this time. Upon arrival, they do explain the AI option to you but also present you with the option and prices for the pay as you go option. You get a bracelet and are given choice to sit by pool or beach. We went with beach. It was windy and they did not allow any of the umbrellas to be opened on this day. No biggie for us but imagine it would be for someone who needed shade. There were 5 ships just at the Puerta Maya pier with us. Not sure how many at the International pier and PB was not busy AT ALL. As a matter of fact I've never in all my visits seen it so empty. You could order any food off the menu. The food was good but the portions were much smaller than they used to be. We ordered nachos with chicken (which we've had in the past). The portion was much smaller than when we previously ordered. Now there's nothing saying you can't order more than one. Just letting you know the portions were smaller. I drank mixed drinks and my dh drank Dos Equis. They offered a draft in a 9oz. cup or a big bottle (40 oz) in a bucket of ice. I found the mixed drinks to be very watered down. Something I thought odd was that the entire beach was lined with loungers but you were only allowed to enter at one small section (maybe 1/4 of the size of the entire beach). PB staff (4 of them) stood at the shore line all day long and whistled if any one entered any other area. Extremely inconvenient for anyone not sitting in that area. The wait staff were excellent. I mean every few minutes asking if we needed anything, refilling ice in the bucket, and offering to get food. Don't know if they were that attentive because the beach was so empty? Around 3:00 we wanted to switch to the pool area. Our one waiter said that we would receive another waiter if we went to the pool which I didn't like because now we would potentially need to tip 4 waiters instead of two as they work in teams. We told our head waiter that we wanted to keep him so he continued to serve us by the pool. No bottles of beer at the pool though which is understandable because of the glass. At the end of the day, the waiter prints a bill of everything you ordered with a zero balance and asks you to sign it. He then explains that gratuity was not included and gives you the opportunity to tip him. I liked it and would do it again but am anxious to hear from someone else that has the mixed drinks because as I mentioned earlier, mine were very watered down.
  10. Just back from Paradise Beach last week. This was probably our 8 or 9th visit. We did the AI option this time. Just so you are clear the AI price does NOT include the waterpark. That is a separate charge in addition to the AI. Yes, everyone in your party must purchase the AI option (including kids). If you do the pay as you go it is a $3 entrance fee and they ask you to spend $10pp in food or drink (which is very easy to do). If you want to get the kids the bracelet for the waterpark you can do that without having one yourself as long as you're not "using" any of the water toys. The vests were $20 to rent. Hope this helps!
  11. I've done this (POM to FLL) twice in the past 6 months. Both times I carried my luggage and was off the ship between 7:15-7:30ish and sitting at my gate at FLL by 8:30am. First time we used a shuttle that was waiting there when we got off. He charged us $20 each. A few days ago we used SAS. They charged $15pp. Great reliable service!
  12. We've stayed there several times. There is a shopping plaza down the road (4 lane highway) with a Kmart and wine store. There's also a gas station mini mart down the road. It's definitely walkable but not "close" by any means.
  13. Victory has my vote. She is bigger, has the big screen on the lido deck, mini fridges in all cabins, and 3 pools compared to the one pool on the Paradise.
  14. Yes I can also confirm they did this happy hour on the Sensation on embarkation day and every port day (HMC, GT, Nassau). It was a great deal!
  15. Here is the response I got regarding their cancellation policy. Greetings from sunny Cozumel and the best Beach Club on the island, Paradise Beach. Here below are our All-Inclusive cancellation policy: Cancellations up to 24 hours prior to the reservation will receive a 100% deposit refund. Cancellations on the day of the reservation does not apply for refunds. In the event of your ship is not able to dock in Cozumel you will receive a 100% deposit refund. In the event of changes in ships itinerary your reservations will still be honored. Please contact us directly,reservations@paradise-beach-cozumel.com I hope this information has been helpful and please let me know if you have any other questions. We look forward to seeing you soon! Saludos! Malin Paradise Beach
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