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  1. I think you are mixing up "buying" and "getting" for the OP. If you have Cheers, you have already "bought" it and are "getting" drinks through the package at no extra cost. If you want something not on Cheers, you have to "buy" it.
  2. I prefer to write nice little notes about how great they are doing, or things they can improve on. That or I give them chocolates. Or trinkets, they really, really love little gifts bought from the airport.
  3. Just put towels on a bunch of chairs the night before to hold it for your group for the next afternoon
  4. Oh man, I mean to put "at home, not on the cruise", when asking about normal drinking habits at home that encourage folks to want to purchase Cheers
  5. Wondering how much you all normally drink to know that you will get your "money's worth" with Cheers
  6. I give high fives as tips. They really love that...
  7. I wish they had a 3 out of 7 day package. I might be interested in that, but I'm not a big drinker, and can't sustain that kind of drinking for that many days straight. Have to be a big drinker at home to take full advantage. Just buy your drinks when you need them, and you will be WAY better off. Carnival sells this to make a profit from the 90% that aren't big drinkers...
  8. Should use that Excel file to see what the actual break even point is with one person drinking booze and one drinking the other things. The OP doesn't actually have to hit the $108 number themselves...
  9. Okay, good to know you're recommending to sneak my alcohol on earlier, as that is when they are busier. Thanks for the advice!
  10. Glad to hear they stop checking bags at a certain point! That is when I bring on my 4 bags of vodka and rum
  11. Because why enjoy a tropical island when there is alcohol needed to be drunk to maximize an overpriced product?
  12. Is there a charge for getting free grapes from the buffet and making wine with them in your stateroom? We have a suite with a bathtub, so I plan on getting as much usage as possible from it. Thanks!
  13. I'm guessing it is a secret, as none of the prolific cruisers are answering! I wondered the same thing
  14. I'll bet you $20 you can't stop gambling for 48 hours
  15. Uh, I don't think you read the first post if you are stating this. Yikes.
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