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  1. After many years of cruising, we learned which cabins we prefer on the different classes of ships. I always request what cabin we want at the time of booking. We book 18-24 months out, so it's typically not a problem. I also have a second and third choice ready in case my first choice is unavailable.
  2. We've cruised on both Grandeur and Enchantment on Deck 4, a little bit down the corridor, and never had an issue with noise.
  3. This is what DH and I do and it's really all we need.
  4. Another vote for Corsol. Our tour was outstanding, and we'll worth the extra cost. Plus they use small vans, which is so much nicer than large tour buses. I'll take a smaller tour with 12 people over a large bus with 50 people any day!
  5. I was on Anthem last summer. For the most part, the scooter accessibility should be ok, with one exception. With the design and layout of the Royal Esplanade, it gets very crowded at times, especially when shows let out, or people are shopping at the tables they seem to put out just about every evening. It's hard to walk through that area, let alone safely maneuver a scooter. If you can avoid that area, you should be fine.
  6. Thank you, Mapleleaves, and everyone else for your responses. We need to figure out what will best work for us. All of this information is appreciated.
  7. While your description sounds less than appealing, I was looking to pre-book cruise/tour package through a cruise line.
  8. Haven't read trip reports yet. Was looking for specific topic threads.
  9. We are in the very early planning stage of researching a cruise and land tour to Alaska. We want to do the Denali portion first, then the cruise. We are long-time Royal Caribbean cruisers, but are not ruling out other cruise lines. We prefer the train over a bus to the interior, and want to know what others have experienced.
  10. We booked for January 2021 a few weeks ago. Best cabin selection, and pricing will probably only go up, but I'll keep an eye on it.😉👍
  11. Amazon sells travel mah jongg sets. I wouldn't trust that any sets on a ship would have all the tiles. Post on your roll call to see if there are other players who might be interested. I have spent many sea days playing may jongg🌞
  12. This is exactly right. You and your husband have made YOUR plans for YOUR vacation. There is no way would I allow their problem to become my problem. They need to work out their own solutions.
  13. I have never done this exact cruise, but I have cruised a few times on the NE/Canada itinerary, and also to Bermuda, all in prime hurricane season, all in late August/early September. We have never had a weather-related issue to deal with. Certainly no one has a crystal ball to forecast when a storm will happen. The ship's captain will do everything in his/her power to avoid a storm, even if it means cancelling or changing ports of call. The safety of the passengers/crew/ship are top priority. If the itinerary and pricing looks appealing to you, go ahead and book it. And be sure to purchase travel insurance, just in case.
  14. We were on Anthem for 9 nights a few months ago, and we saw everything from a few men in tuxedos, some suits or sport jacks, and a large majority in slacks with collared shirts. No need to dress up if your husband doesn't want to.
  15. Whatever you do, avoid the Windjammer. We went to the Park Cafe on boarding day. Short line, nice selection, did not feel like a madhouse.
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