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  1. Love all of the above, plus we enjoy going into the lounge during the day for a cappuccino. 😊
  2. I really like Park Cafe for breakfast and lunch. WJ is a mob scene during breakfast and lunch hours, and I avoid it whenever possible. On sea days, DH likes the MDR for breakfast for fresh made pancakes. Hint: to avoid long waits in the MDR for breakfast, ask for a small table. You'll get in and out much quicker.
  3. Ask your friends to look at a Promenade cabin. They are a great value, more comfortable, imo, than a tradition inside cabin, and their locations are great--midship, mid level.
  4. Thank you all. Food and dining experiences are always subjective, and these responses clearly proves that. While we do enjoy the MDR, this may turn out to be our first venture into the WJ for dinner. And we might end up really liking it. Will report back when we return.
  5. We will be sailing next week on Majesty (our third time on her.) We booked this cruise late, and MTD was filled, so they assigned us Late Seating. We are currently waitlisted for MTD. So, DH informed me that if we can't get switched to MTD when we're on the ship, he prefers we just have dinner each evening in the WJ. Yikes! After 25 years of cruising, we have never once had dinner in the WJ. What can we expect?
  6. Very helpful thread. Waiting for Alaska 2021 itineraries to open. Thank you to everyone for sharing your experiences.
  7. We, too, love the smaller ships, and just booked a last minute 5-nighter on Majesty for next month. It's a very different experience than cruising on the mega-ships.
  8. When my husband and I took our first big trip, it was early in our marriage and we didn't have a lot of money to spend on souvenirs. I saw a magnet and bought it. I didn't know it then, but that was the beginning of our travel magnet collection. We now have over 250 magnets hot glued onto several shadow boxes in our den. I treasure that collection.
  9. There are more love bugs this year that in recent previous years. They should be gone soon, but will return around September. For some reason, they are attracted to white. Basically harmless, but definitely annoying.
  10. To the OP: I'm sorry you experienced so many disappointments on your cruise. Unfortunately, stuff happens, expectations are not always met, and then it's up to us to decide how we will react to it all. Nothing in life goes perfectly, including long-awaited vacations. Only you can decide for yourself if you want to try again, either with RCI, another cruise line, or any other kind of vacation. No one can, or should, change your mind. We all make our own choices, and then we either make the best of it, or move on, if you find you can't. JMHO, of course.
  11. After many years of cruising, we learned which cabins we prefer on the different classes of ships. I always request what cabin we want at the time of booking. We book 18-24 months out, so it's typically not a problem. I also have a second and third choice ready in case my first choice is unavailable.
  12. We've cruised on both Grandeur and Enchantment on Deck 4, a little bit down the corridor, and never had an issue with noise.
  13. This is what DH and I do and it's really all we need.
  14. Another vote for Corsol. Our tour was outstanding, and we'll worth the extra cost. Plus they use small vans, which is so much nicer than large tour buses. I'll take a smaller tour with 12 people over a large bus with 50 people any day!
  15. I was on Anthem last summer. For the most part, the scooter accessibility should be ok, with one exception. With the design and layout of the Royal Esplanade, it gets very crowded at times, especially when shows let out, or people are shopping at the tables they seem to put out just about every evening. It's hard to walk through that area, let alone safely maneuver a scooter. If you can avoid that area, you should be fine.
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