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  1. As always, I just love reading your reviews. Enjoyed reading this one on the Oasis.
  2. I agree with that. Booked a balcony on another cruise line and the door was near the bed. You could hear almost everything they said. Thanks for the review.
  3. Beautiful picture. Thanks for the review. Will be on the Royal Princess January 12th and can't wait.
  4. Thanks for your review. Was on the same sailing as you and echo a lot of what you stated in the review. This was my first time on Celebrity. Loved Murano and had surf and turf for dinner. Loved the food and service. Also loved the room service menu for breakfast with the hot items. Enjoyed the Hideaway on Deck 7. Nice place to people watch and read a book. Overall, had a great time.
  5. Thanks for sharing. Will be on the 12/7/19 sailing of Sky. She is coming right along.
  6. Enjoyed this blog a lot. Will be on the Silhouette in less than 10 days and looking forward to my first Celebrity cruise.
  7. mj

    Connecting cabins? Noisy??

    Just off the Magic in October. Had connecting rooms and my neighbors were loud at times. In the future, I will avoid picking a connecting room.
  8. Thanks to everyone for sharing these wonderful pictures! Had some great times on the Allure and cannot wait to sail the Symphony in April out of Miami.
  9. mj

    Review of 10/6/18 Horizon Cruise

    Nice review. Looking to try Horizon as one of my next Carnival cruises.
  10. mj

    Rooms open at what time?

    1:30 pm is the normal time on Carnival for rooms to be ready. Just got an email for my Magic cruise next week and they said rooms would be ready at 1:30. The only exception would be if they purchased faster to the fun, which grants you early access to the room.
  11. Great review. Enjoyed your review of the Magic.
  12. mj

    Three Specialty Dining Offer

    I am on the April 27 2019 sailing on Symphony and 1 week ago they had 3 speciality restaurants for $76. Then it went back up to $95. Keep checking and it may go down again before your sailing. Sent from my SM-G935V using Forums mobile app
  13. Was looking at this room on either Regal or Royal Princess on the Emerald deck 8. Was wondering how quiet the room was as it is over a public area. Thanks Sent from my SM-G935V using Forums mobile app
  14. mj

    Luggage Express?

    Sad to hear Carnival did away with Luggage Express and was hoping to use it on my Magic cruise in October out of Miami. Did it back in 2008 and was worth every penny.