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  1. I won a $25 Target gift card. I received an email. Thought it was a scam, didn't click on the link but signed into my Allstate account and there it was. I didn't even know you could win things...
  2. I would like to know this as well.
  3. Aww man... I'm just happy making it to gold on my next cruise. Maybe one day when I grow up I can be like you.
  4. We use a White Noise Sound Machine. Love it. Can't sleep without it. You can download an app on your phone.
  5. We will be in there in March. I was thinking of walking the blue line to downtown in the morning and then go to Stone Island in the afternoon. Better to walk back to where we catch the water taxi or to take pulmonia?
  6. Hello! Has anyone been on the The Greatest Outdoor Adventure and BBQ through Carnival in Puerto Vallarta? We were wondering if it's worth the price or if we can book outside of Carnival but still get the same tour? We usually don't book excursions, but this one seems right up my husband and sons alley. Thanks!
  7. We went to Acme tonight. Charbroiled...Yum.
  8. Anyone know where the B3 station is?
  9. We will be in New Orleans for a few days before our cruise. I've had raw oysters once, my husband never has and is not interested. Is there a place in the French Quarter that you can just buy one or two oysters? Raw? Charbroiled? Fried? And he can order something else? A burger? I see half dozen or a dozen on menus...but no singles. Thanks!
  10. wantingpj


    My husband and I are cruising with Carnival... We are thinking of taking a taxi to Paradise beach...hanging out for a while and then taking a taxi to downtown in the afternoon for exploration. The husband is a big fan of authentic street tacos (al pastor and carnitas)...I did a little research and it seems like Los Otates is highly recommended. Will it be difficult to get a taxi back to the Carnival pier?
  11. A couple questions: Are there taxi's to get to Doctor's Cave so you don't have to take a shuttle? Are there shops close to Doctor's Cave? Thanks for the review.
  12. My husband and I will be in Grand Cayman on the Carnival Dream at the end of January. It will be our first time there. I've been doing some research but of course I still have questions... We aren't going to do a ship excursion and would like to just do a little window shopping/walking around being tourists and then spend some time at a beach. We aren't drinkers and we would like a place where we aren't stepping over other people to get to the water. From what I've read...the bus is the easiest and the least expensive way to go. Are the buses located right outside of the port? Or Can we walk from the cruise port to an area that has shopping and things of that sort? Then take the bus from that area to a beach area? As for the beach time, I'm leaning toward the Public Beach area on 7 Mile Beach. Is Sea Grape Beach and Public Beach the same place? If so what will the bus driver need to be told? I think Calico Jack's is right there...I'm hoping that if we walk away from Calico Jack's it won't be as crowded, but that if we get hungry we can head over for food. Do the buses take US$? Can we buy food at Calico Jack's with US$? If we find some little trinkets, do most places take US$? And one more...for now... Is there a place to get a passport stamp near or in the cruise port? Thanks for the help!
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