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  1. If you have ever had a new england lobster roll...what is offered on the ship is not even close. Not worth the $, imo. Tried it, not impressed.
  2. I faxed my request in. I guess I will give it a couple of days, then try emailing it.
  3. I sent in my request last week, 7/13. I haven't heard anything back yet. Not even an auto response. I also sent another request in 7/20..Nothing on that yet either. I will give it a couple of weeks, and then, if nothing, resubmit. I still have about 65 days before first cruise.
  4. When checking my booking, the question was listed under "Things to do". I answered for my September and October cruises.
  5. The 1a's are on sale for October in Texas. I got a 5 night on the Breeze for $299. Then 2 days later, it dropped to $259. I saw that the Vista had some 1a's also on sale. I ended up booking 2 5 nights, back to back. Couldn't beat the price.
  6. Update. Price actually went DOWN! Checked Thursday night, called Friday morning. Got a price adjustment. From $299 to $259!! Woo Hoo!
  7. Carnival cruises from Galveston. End of September and almost all of October. Got a 5 night on the Breeze, 1a, for $299 plus port fees & taxes. Total with insurance is $420.74. I actually booked a back to back. Same rate for both. This was a casino promotion. However, it looks like $349 without casino promo. This is for 1a only. Regular interior is 200%, the normal price. There is also 7 night for about $600. This showed up yesterday, and I don't know how long it will be available... Life is a BREEZE! Lisa
  8. PhD-iva.. If you plan on staying a night or two in Santiago, I highly recommend De Blasis B & B..You can find them on face book, or on hotels.com..I stayed there last year, right when the pandemic was called. They are in a great location, and very friendly. If you have any questions, I would be glad to help.
  9. I found that taking a cruise "solo" about every 18 months or so, helped my with my marriage, (I wasn't as likely to Kill him..lol). Now my husband isn't able to sail, due to health reasons..but says I can still go by myself.
  10. Has anyone used the Dialysis at Sea? The only operate on Royal Caribbean or Celebrity. Wondering how the experience was, and the cost? Thanks
  11. For some reason, my VIFP # is not being showing as valid in "My Offers"...who do I contact to get this fixed? Thanks
  12. If Carnival cancels the cruise, then Yes, you get that amount refunded back to you.
  13. Looking to book an Alaska cruise...when is the best time to go? It would be nice to see whales, etc... Any and all info is appreciated. Thanks
  14. The offer is booked under the friend's casino offer...if they wanted to keep the cruise, it would most likely be rebooked under whatever current offers that they qualify for...they would NOT get to keep the casino offer (since that person MUST be cruising...and don't even try to have them do a No Show).
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