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  1. crdtrnr


    I assume that there are ATM's at the Barcelona airport... Is it better to use those, or wait and use an ATM in town? I am going to need some Euros, and my bank is charging $592 to get E500...which is too much, in my opinion..E500 = $552) Should I get them now, or wait until I get to Spain? I do have about E100 from my last trip abroad...but I know I will need more.. All info appreciated. Thanks Lisa
  2. I will be on the Star, Transatlantic, arriving in Miami on Dec. 6th. How late does NCL operate the transport to the airport? I have an early evening flight, and don't want to get to the airport before noon, if possible...the latest the better. Thanks for any and all info. Lisa
  3. crdtrnr


    Montserrat Monastery. I can't decide on whether to do a guided tour, with transport, or to go there on my own and do a self guided tour. How long should I expect either to take? Another question? La Sagrada Familia? Guided tour or self? Will I be able to do so in the am, then head to ship? I have to be on board by 3pm. Any and all info welcome. Thanks Lisa
  4. Does the Star have metal walls...I have on oceanview, and I like to use magnets for the wall...will they work? Thanks Lisa
  5. It's been a few years (6) since I cruised with NCL...Back then, on a TA, they had a wine package you could purchase on board.. .x # bottles for x $.. Do they still have this? Also, I had a question regarding the dining package..What happens if you go to an ala carte restaurant (Sushi), how does that work? I know that the Brazilian restaurant is one set price, but what about the others? And lastly.. Does the Star show movies? Going on the TA and I really enjoy watching some film..Does it have an outdoor screen, or do they show inside? Ooops, almost forgot to ask..Does the Star have a water slide? Thanks for any and all info. Lisa
  6. Has anyone stayed in an Obstructed Ocean view, Handicapped room? On the Star. Would like more info on room...just got it assigned to me.. Thanks Lisa
  7. crdtrnr

    2 one way trips

    Are you allowed to take a cruise, say from Seattle to Anchorage, stay there a couple of days, then catch a different cruise back...? Does that violate the Travel Act? Can it be the same cruise line, or should it be different one? Trying to plan ahead for 2021. Thanks for any and all information.
  8. We always carry on. We usually have 2 large 4 wheel suitcases, 1 tote, and 1 backpack. We also carry off the luggage. We usually go out of Galveston (sometimes New Orleans). We have had the porters try to tell us that the suitcases were too large, and that we would have to come back and check them, but I know that they fit in the xray machine. That is the hardest part of the carry on, lifting them up on the belt. Usually the cases weigh about 40 - 45 lbs. Just know the dimensions of the machine...and you will do fine. We don't like letting our luggage out of sight, and I have heard of too many stories of either lost luggage, swimming luggage, or doused luggage. As long as you are comfortable handling it, go for it.
  9. I had been eyeing sailings on the Freedom mid September and October...but they are not showing now... There had been plenty of rooms available, so surely not sold out... Any word??? thanks
  10. Looking to find out which ship "Chubby", the maitre 'de is on... Thanks
  11. Trying to decide which to cruise next... We have been on the Freedom several times, and really enjoyed her.. Never been on the Glory. From reading the specs, very similar, with the Glory missing a couple of things. Which do you prefer? and why?? Thanks for all your help.
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