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  1. Looking to book an Alaska cruise...when is the best time to go? It would be nice to see whales, etc... Any and all info is appreciated. Thanks
  2. My Sept 6th Freedom is still showing...
  3. The offer is booked under the friend's casino offer...if they wanted to keep the cruise, it would most likely be rebooked under whatever current offers that they qualify for...they would NOT get to keep the casino offer (since that person MUST be cruising...and don't even try to have them do a No Show).
  4. I just got my refund today. I received the refund for the shore excursions on 7/1.
  5. I requested on 4/12 for the cancelled sailing of 3/14. Got the rest of my refund today. I received my shore excursion refund on 7/1.
  6. I normally don't sail NCL, and the rates lately, since Covid 19, have not been cheap.. It would have been nice to use the FCC, probably would have covered 2 cruises, if I took my DH, but he wouldn't get the discount...and he doesn't care for NCL.
  7. I was booked on the 3/14/20 sailing of the Star, which got cancelled on 3/13. I had a FCC showing on my account, even though I submitted a refund request, on 4/12. The FCC disappeared this weekend....does that mean that my refund is finally getting processed? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Lisa
  8. Has anyone heard on when we are to be refunded for prepaid amenities (water, wifi) for cruise that was cancelled by NCL? I have the FCC showing in my account, for everything but that...I am supposed to be refunded for my prepays, but when? Cruise was cancelled (3/14 sailing of Star), on 3/13/20..over 2 weeks ago. Thanks for any and all info.
  9. Just curious..what was the cost of the transpo from santiago to san antonio? thanks
  10. NCL is ignoring, not answering any and all Facebook posts today...💣
  11. Both restaurants have the same menu. The Aft - Versaille, is open, with windows and I believe, 2 floors. Aqua, the mid ship, is more enclosed, intimate. I prefer Aqua myself. You can not make reservations at either, unless, I believe, for 1st or last seating. You just show up at whatever time, and if there is a wait, they will give you a buzzer. If that's the case, I usually go to Gatsby's to wait. Lunch is served at Versaille, btw. When are you cruising?
  12. I did this 7 years ago on the Epic, from Miami. The weather can be iffy..depending on if there are any systems in the area. The closer you get to Spain, the better the weather should be. Dress can be anywhere from casual, to more dressier...Just whatever you are most comfortable with.
  13. I had planned on getting some Euros from my bank before I went to Spain last fall. I decided not to, due to the fee involved. Hard to believe, but I had a hard time finding ATM's once I got there. Amsterdam airport, only 1 place to get Euros...then in Barcelona, finally at one of the Metro stations...I had even asked several locals (the one they did point me to, unable to use due to the banking requirements). I ended up spending more there than if I had purchased them here, due to foreign transaction fee and ATM fees. Next time, I will just pay the extra here.
  14. Usually the bounce back is one of the good ones, but has a very short window to book, with limited number of rooms each sailing. You are competing against everyone else that got a bounce back offer for those rooms. Once they are gone, that's it. You should get other casino offers every couple of months or so...just make sure to check your offers on the carnival website.
  15. Don't be afraid to re wear an outfit. Mont TA's are 11-14 nights. I wore most of my items 2x. (tops) and wore the bottoms multiple times. I did hand wash my underwear and pj's. I ended up not wearing a few items (2 sweaters - for cool weather)..Best bet is to layer. The packable puffy jackets are the best.
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