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  1. I ordered Monday evening, the 13th. It was delivered today, the 15th. The expiration date on the boxes show expired, but there is a Q code on the box. You scan it, and there is a letter from the FDA, with approval to extend the shelf life to 12 months.
  2. For those of us that have never used a video call/zoom/tele call... How do we go about doing this. Can someone give us the simple and easy instruction. I have an android phone. Thanks
  3. What you can do, is if the price has dropped for a higher category, ask to be upgraded. After final payment, usually the only ones that get a price match, in the form of OBC, are those that book early saver.
  4. For those that have recently gone on a B2B, what is the new protocol? I have 2 coming up, and want to be prepared. Thanks
  5. Slot machines. You download from your sail n sign card (it gets charged the amount, no fee). The "bank" on your card...you can jump from machine to machine, just upload $ to the machine, or , when thru playing, down load to your bank. It is too convenient, being able to access $ without actually putting it in the machine. At the end of the cruise, cash out your bank. If you take out a marker, or get chips from your card, there is a fee involved. And I believe that markers have to be set up in advance...line of credit with your bank.
  6. Which ships are currently offering the Chef's Table? Thanks
  7. Quite a few years back, I did a zip line that pretty much ended up at a beach. I don't remember the company. Does anyone possibly know the name of such a company? I know it had about a dozen lines. The beach was located near the forest tree line. It might have been at the far end of the Beach. Thanks for any recommendations.
  8. I have the Cheers package for the first time. My question is regarding tips/gratuity. Do they add the 15% to the ticket, and I pay that on my SnS account? If not, which is preferable... Can I add extra to my ticket or do I tip in cash? (I really don't want to be carrying around a lot of $ ones...) Any and all info is helpful.. Thanks
  9. This is all due to Covid protocols. They do not want a large crowd at check in at the same time.
  10. Carnival only offers a military rate, no OBC for military. You have to send in a copy of your DD 214 for each booking, if not active. They do not keep it on file, for obvious security reasons.
  11. The lounge is usually only accessible if you are in a solo cabin, except at designated times each evening..for meet ups for dinner, etc. I was on the Epic in a solo cabin about 8 or 9 years ago. It was a nice place to hang...I also worked on jigsaw puzzles, sometimes until 2 or 3 in the morning. Their was a small cooler, with yogart and drinks, coffee/espresso machine, that was available 24/7. A bartender was working during the evening gatherings. Also, the solo room is quite unique.
  12. This would be considered a cancellation of the one cruise, and a new booking of the other. If you explain nicely to the agent, they might be able to waive the fee...but just be prepared to pay the penalty.
  13. Another request that I sent in last week on the 20th, got confirmation this morning for the credit. They are catching up!
  14. Email went out this am. Multiple itineraries were changed.
  15. Just make sure that the reservation is not booked under their offer. They have to be present for the rate to be valid.
  16. Faxed my request in on the 13th, got confirmation on the 25th. I had 3 sailings listed, and all 3 were taken care of.
  17. If you have ever had a new england lobster roll...what is offered on the ship is not even close. Not worth the $, imo. Tried it, not impressed.
  18. I faxed my request in. I guess I will give it a couple of days, then try emailing it.
  19. I sent in my request last week, 7/13. I haven't heard anything back yet. Not even an auto response. I also sent another request in 7/20..Nothing on that yet either. I will give it a couple of weeks, and then, if nothing, resubmit. I still have about 65 days before first cruise.
  20. When checking my booking, the question was listed under "Things to do". I answered for my September and October cruises.
  21. The 1a's are on sale for October in Texas. I got a 5 night on the Breeze for $299. Then 2 days later, it dropped to $259. I saw that the Vista had some 1a's also on sale. I ended up booking 2 5 nights, back to back. Couldn't beat the price.
  22. Update. Price actually went DOWN! Checked Thursday night, called Friday morning. Got a price adjustment. From $299 to $259!! Woo Hoo!
  23. Carnival cruises from Galveston. End of September and almost all of October. Got a 5 night on the Breeze, 1a, for $299 plus port fees & taxes. Total with insurance is $420.74. I actually booked a back to back. Same rate for both. This was a casino promotion. However, it looks like $349 without casino promo. This is for 1a only. Regular interior is 200%, the normal price. There is also 7 night for about $600. This showed up yesterday, and I don't know how long it will be available... Life is a BREEZE! Lisa
  24. PhD-iva.. If you plan on staying a night or two in Santiago, I highly recommend De Blasis B & B..You can find them on face book, or on hotels.com..I stayed there last year, right when the pandemic was called. They are in a great location, and very friendly. If you have any questions, I would be glad to help.
  25. I found that taking a cruise "solo" about every 18 months or so, helped my with my marriage, (I wasn't as likely to Kill him..lol). Now my husband isn't able to sail, due to health reasons..but says I can still go by myself.
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