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  1. Oh I can hear the marketeers now debating this minutiae. “Pre-christening is archaic and leaves out other major religions...perhaps a no go......but maiden is a bit misogynistic, don’t you think?....references a woman being untouched ......no male equivalent unless we use virgin cruise......I know! Let’s use inaugural...that should please everyone....” Looking forward to your blog, Rich. Wish we could be there with you!
  2. I like drinks with citrus and hate manufactured sour mix which, unfortunately, Regent uses. So, I like to sit at the bar when it’s not busy and have the bartender make a drink with real ingredients. On our last cruise, “Rambo” on Mariner was up to the challenge and made notes on my request on his phone....mescal, lemon, a dash of simple syrup, and green chartreuse. Any time he saw us, he’d get to work with a smile!
  3. Thank you, Portolan. You really helped me evaluate this itinerary. I am waffling between seeing the northern lights and seeing the fjords - so summer vs. winter. Perhaps we should do both! 😎
  4. So, what exactly are we paying for? Is a tip for special treatment? ....for service? ....to show appreciation? .....to bring a salary to a living wage? Do you palm the cash? ....flash the cash? .....leave the cash? .....include it in an envelope with a note? We sail Regent because tips are INCLUDED and it takes the awkwardness out of the interaction.
  5. Thank you as well, Portolan! I have been eyeing this exact cruise but I was a bit concerned about how cold and dark it would be and the roughness of winter North Atlantic Seas. Can you give any insight to these concerns?
  6. Certainly there have been some tours that didn’t meet expectations but, for the most part, the tours we have taken have been great with some that were absolutely outstanding. Even with some questionable busses in India, we had a fabulous time and the bus just added color to the retelling. Some standouts were the tea plantation in Sri Lanka, the tour of Jane sites in India, elephanta Island (Mumbai), the Cham ruins in Vietnam, snorkeling in Oman, Petra, Luxor, Komodo....I could go on and on. I realize that some tours can go off the rails, but I look at them as a way to see the sites and decide whether I want to return for a more in depth look in the future.
  7. Thank you, Rally Dave! A few months ago I discovered I didn’t have an earphone jack in my iPhone 10, so I bought a generic tether that failed in a few weeks so I sent it back. I then tried 3 iterations of blue tooth earbuds that didn’t fit my ears. I finally went with cheap but wonderful over the ear blue tooth headphones to use at the gym. However, I didn’t want to take them on our next cruise as they are too bulky. After reading your post, I dug through my box of iPhone assessories from previous iterations of Iphones and, lo and behold, there was an unopened package of earbuds that i had just ignored, thinking they were duplicates of previous earbuds. I opened them up and, indeed, they had the lightening connection! Problem solved!
  8. What is the app called? I just typed in regent seven seas.
  9. Curious. I tried to download this app to my iPad and it is a google play app and not available for Apple devices. It is not listed in the Apple App Store either. Am I missing something? Surely Regent wouldn’t have an app only for android smart phones!
  10. I think that what we are dealing with in this thread is a pervasive feeling of entitlement if you spend enough money. Regent is loathe to offend a high roller and high rollers are used to getting their way. If kids scream or run around and no one steps in, then they are learning the same behavior. Unfortunately, bad behavior is an epidemic now which we see in all levels of society. I’ve been witness to some behavior on Regent by full grown adults that is beyond impolite. (Yelling at destination staff, taking someone’s seat on a bus after an interim stop as it was more comfortable and then refusing to move when the original occupants returned, etc., etc). So, the question is, what has happened to basic consideration of those who exist around you? Why is it so difficult to be polite?
  11. Still....how could this be construed as acceptable? Perhaps the maître d’ should have stepped in. If Regent can enforce dress codes, they can certainly enforce children’s behavior. This diminished your enjoyment, as it would mine. We once had an extended family on a cruise who took over one of the large tables in Compass rose much to the consternation of those sitting adjacent, as they talked loud, played music on their mobile devices and conducted video chats with relatives back home. We made it a point thereafter to steer clear!
  12. Perhaps we have a society now that prohibits commenting on or correcting bad behavior by children and adults alike. However, if a 5 year old was tossing bread onto my table, I would have no problem politely asking the parents to correct the behavior. If children misbehave and their parents are not around, adults that are around should give verbal correction, especially if safety is an issue. But then again, I’ve seen pretty bad behavior by parents defending their children’s antics.
  13. Perhaps it would help if we knew salaries and work hours. I feel for the workers in the back of the house with no opportunity to benefit from face time with customers. Hence, included tips, shared equally, works for me. Ironically, my career was in social services and those of us in this profession make very little money, especially compared to those who chose corporate careers. I believe that I made a difference in the lives of many people during my career and I would NEVER have expected or taken a tip. There are many professions that provide exemplary service. What are the underpinnings as to how we decide who warrants a tip? Certainly waiters in the US depend on tips to make a minimum wage which I think is unconscionable. Let’s look at other low earning careers. Do you tip your dental hygienist...or your PT...or the artist who painted a fine portrait of your dog....or the police or firemen...or perhaps your neighbors son who enlisted in the military and plans to protect your wellbeing? All these professions don’t make much money but provide service. i personally think the tipping culture has gotten out of hand. I would rather pay upfront, knowing people are making a wage they can live on and provide exemplary service because that is their job!
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