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  1. FWIW, I received notice this am that my disputed charge with Crystal is resolved - 6 days after filing the dispute. This was on Chase Sapphire Reserve. Full amount of the deposit for the cancelled cruise is credited to my account.
  2. We have CSR. Crystal cancelled our cruise and, after reading this thread, I disputed the charge for our modest deposit on day 55 after the charge posted on my statement. It was almost immediately credited. However, CSR comes with travel insurance. Wouldn’t this be an avenue to explore for those still waiting for a refund and being unable to dispute the charge?
  3. I agree with all that has been said thus far. However, I was appalled at the way the paintings were displayed in the Hermitage. I recall the room with the Rembrandt’s. Natural light was shining on the paintings and temperature and humidity did not seem to be controlled at all. That, and thousands of people trooping through, will take its toll on the art for sure. Many people are very impressed with St. Petersburg. I was not. I found it dreary and the palaces garish. We were there in 2015 and there was virtually no street life, no landscaping in front of buildings, no cafes, e
  4. For what it’s worth, I disputed our deposit on our credit card. Our deposit was made in June for an October sail date, so I was still in the window of dispute opportunity. To compound the situation, I followed the link to request a refund that was on the email Crystal sent. I did not receive any confirmation once I pushed the “send” button. I like to have a paper trail, and this made me a bit anxious. Having read this thread daily, I decided that a timely refund was not in the stars.
  5. I agree it’s a nice perk which we already had so it is literally money in our pocket. I think my skeptical reaction was fueled by watching too much news these days and too much spin. My inclination is to trust a more thorough Email as laundry was a perk that we coveted when we didn’t have it as a perk. Great that everyone gets it, great that we now have OBC in our pocket, but they didn’t need to do this unless their hand was forced.
  6. Call me a sceptic but i think this absolutely has to due with the new sanitary protocols due to COVID. The laundry on each deck is probably a pretty germy place which would have to be thoroughly sanitized after each use I would imagine. I wish management would just be straight forward and honest. Everything is a spin these days. We are grownups and we can cope!
  7. @SusieQft Crystal Serenity, sail date 10/29/2020, cancelled by Crystal. Seeking refund of deposit. Date requested: 8/3/2020. ( given Crystal’s track record, I’m not optimistic about the 90 day window, so I’ll give them some room before I place a dispute on my CC)
  8. Yes, we have mostly cruised Regent but I was excited to try Crystal...but I didn’t want to risk my life for the experience. We are booked on an April Regent Cruise but will most likely cancel that so we can see if and when the vaccine plays out.
  9. We were booked on the October 29th Cruise out of MIA. As many of you know, it has been cancelled. After reading this roll call, I am leaning towards filing a dispute with my credit card (Chase Sapphire Reserve) for the deposit. It is only $200 so we are not breaking the bank. We had a spring cruise with Regent that was cancelled as well and got back our full payment in 56 days. It looks like Crystal is not stepping up to their obligations like Regent did. What are your opinions about how to proceed? Thanks for your help.
  10. We, too, are booked and will most likely cancel. We have a Regent Cruise in April (Tokyo to Vancouver) that we are seriously thinking of canceling as well. Final payment is late November so we have wiggle room. If we had true national leadership, I think a two week lockdown would at least allow us to get our numbers under control. New Zealand managed to do this, but a much smaller country with citizens that seem to care about each other’s wellbeing. But, it looks like the economy trumps health.
  11. Our chase account is also automatically paid from our checking account at Wells Fargo. It was a simple process to initiate the electronic transaction. I don’t know about you, but the USPS in Atlanta is bad and mail is mis delivered or goes missing. We also have thieves who plunder mailboxes. Hence, doing all this electronically is a much better scenario.
  12. For those who are concerned about the hefty refunds parked on credit cards, we had a good experience with Chase Sapphire Reserve. When the credits from Regent showed up, I called Chase to request a wire transfer to our checking account. They sent a form via email that requested details re: bank routing numbers, etc. I completed that today, the check request is noted in my account and they said it will take 1-3 business days to hit my checking account. From there I need to decide where to park it until our next cruise!
  13. .....until it is challenged in court and a decision is either for or against them.
  14. Thank you for your prompt responses. We are ready to take the plunge now!
  15. I have one last question concerning the penthouse cabins. We are looking at 100051 on Serenity which is a Penthouse with Verandah. On the same deck is Seabreeze Penthouse. Same deck, same square footage and I can't seem to discern the difference. Can anyone help? Thank you! Jennifer
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