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  1. Princess were owned by P&O not the other way around. P&O bought them around the early 80's or before
  2. Still getting ours on Ventura. So not missing at all.
  3. I am hearing thats it was not P&O who made the decision on passengers being put off the ship but it was Public Health England. To whom the incident had to be reported. Also this happened to a Princess sailing on Tuesday.with the same result.
  4. I am on Ventura at the moment no indication of any random testing. A test is required if you wish to get off in Gibraltar
  5. Was the first incident not on Eavesway? Intercruise were not working then.
  6. At the moment non of the above. On Ventura now.
  7. She is going to a deep water berth that is not used in winter. And i suspect she got a good deal for berthing in Canny Shields.
  8. That’s because without having more fly cruises they are running out of places to go.
  9. My sources tell me that on Iona at the moment in Lisbon a delegation has been seen going to reception to complain that’s they can’t get off the ship independently. Of course they blame P&O for this state of affairs. In reality it is the port authorities who make the rules as we know. Perhaps the members of the delegation have not noticed that there is a pandemic and that countries are insisting on their own rules. So do we need an intelligence test at the same time as the COVID one and reject those who fail.
  10. No not better different. And in reality not that much. Well not from Southampton. However I thoroughly enjoyed my Princess cruise and would recommend them. Having Elite status helped however. Dai
  11. The cruise was 35 nights, hardly overkill.
  12. In 2020 there were 9/10 when we were on this cruise.
  13. What bridge? You berth miles away from that now. How long is it since you were there?
  14. Being reported from Ventura that you need a test before Lisbon and it is tours only. They are there today. Vigo was straight off.
  15. No reduction I can see, we have 2, 11 night cruises on Ventura with 3 formal nights on each. So still 2 per week. Last years 35 night cruise had 9/10, so again 2 per week.
  16. John in normal years September and October are very popular months to cruise in. We have always cruised over his period
  17. I suspect option B. Letting the crew bed in again. The next 3 cruises are around 50% - 60% which is full capacity in COVID times.
  18. Less than 20 on my mobility scooter, I have done it 3/4 times
  19. Yes i can scooter to the old town in about 20 minutes or less and the shuttle bus only takes 5/7 minutes
  20. Hi Les, We are on 123 as well, we could have a drink on board. Someone posted that we had been changed to Lansagrotty. However this may be speculation as, like you, I have seen no conformation. BTW you cannot miss me on my scooter, usually in the casino after second sitting. Or sitting somewhere with my IPad. Gan Canny Dai
  21. Brian we are talking about the one for suites and higher Peninsular personal. The one with all the free booze. 🥂 Dai
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