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  1. You guys are just so adorable! What a great video, thanks for making it. You're giving us hope that our Vision of the Seas is a go in November. Thanks again for doing this.
  2. boscobeans, That doesn't sound so bad, thanks for the update. That gives me hope. 😉
  3. We were booked on the Independence for this May and of course they wouldn't admit that it's probably a no-go. We didn't want to spend thousands on final payment only to have to wait for a refund or use a FCC. So we cancelled and booked a very good deal for 6 nights out of San Juan this November. They were very accommodating on allowing us to use our deposits toward the new flash sale fare. As we all know those are for new bookings only, so they made a "one time exception" which I was grateful for. Price was so low that we're willing to risk another cancellation, use a FCC or maybe t
  4. I had my first Pfizer dose 2 days ago. Only have had headaches and a little nausea. But the nurse also advised me NOT to take any anti-inflammatory such as Advil because it could suppress the body's immune response. Take only Tylenol if needed. My next shot is March 5th. Not looking forward to the 2nd does as I usually have a bad reaction to flu or pneumonia vaccines, lots of aches and fever.
  5. You're kidding right? I mentioned the other patients with the same symptoms as an unusual coincidence. The only 2 places I went to after getting off the plane was urgent care and the emergency room since it was extremely difficult to even get out of bed. I highly doubt I caught one virus in Europe and another virus while holed up in bed.
  6. Thank you all for your responses. I have my own personal reasons for this inquiry. I'm looking for helpful replies only please.
  7. Thanks for that, I couldn't find the roll call when I did a search.
  8. I was feeling ill when we got off the ship in Venice. I went to Urgent care the very next morning after arriving home for a flu test which came back negative. The went to the emergency room a couple of days later when I woke up unable to breath. I either caught the virus on the ship or somewhere on land in between Barcelona and Venice.
  9. I'm looking to see if there were any others on the Sept. 3 2019 sailing on the Connie that became ill during or after the cruise. I've been reading that the virus may have started as early as Sept. 2019 or even earlier than that. We were in Sitges for a few days before we sailed on the Constellation out of Barcelona for a 9 night which ended in Venice where we spent 1 night. The day we arrived in Venice I was feverish, headachy and feeling like I had caught the flu. The day after I arrived home I tested negative for the flu (which is only 50% accurate). Felt a little better fo
  10. True, I received a high dose flu vaccine about 6 weeks before our Summit sailing and walked off the ship with Type A flu in November 2019. Nothing in life is a guarantee. To let the government to continue to control us this way is to give up our freedom forever. At first it was just to flatten the curve. Now we're supposed to accept that this is going to be our new way of life? These lock downs, masks, social distancing, small business closures, riots, nursing home deaths which the Governor received an Emmy for 😵, even telling us how to have holiday celebrations in our own homes,
  11. As a matter of fact the CDC website shows level 4 warnings for quite a few Caribbean islands now. Odd, since the WHO website doesn't show a significant jump in cases or deaths in the 2 islands we just recently visited. Doesn't make sense unless the WHO data is not up to date. I was just curious since it's in my nature is to question authority, do my own research and not follow blindly.
  12. Covid-like illness? That's a new one. 🙄 Are we supposed to cower at home with our masks on because of Covid-like illnesses now? I'm pretty sure that nasty cold I had last year was a Covid-like illness. Not saying Covid isn't a serious virus, but so is the flu to many people that are at high risk. Remember H1N1? If the CDC is adding "Covid-like illnesses" to the mix I'm gonna revolt.🤨
  13. So sorry you got sick, hope you're both better soon. I could see how being in a crowded plane would make you feel at risk. Maybe next time buy business class seats or use miles to upgrade like we did. t's not all that more expensive than a coach ticket if you do your research. We've been on 8 airplanes since the virus. Each time we've been pre-tested before leaving and stayed at 2 very safe resorts, one in Antigua and one in Turks and Caicos. Never have we felt at risk, nor have we gotten sick. We take every precaution necessary including sanitizing our seating area and constant
  14. I will now will be referred to as President-elect Webecruzin2 since apparently anyone can do it. Thanks! 😉
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