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  1. Chipmaster, Thanks so much for that great info!
  2. We've been to Corfu a couple of years ago but just went in town and it was very hot. This time we'd like to just go to a beach. May I ask which beach you went to in Corfu? How long a drive was it and how much was the cost? Did they have bathrooms, showers and snack bar?
  3. Yes thanks. We've decided to just wait until we're on board and see what's available in the classic package. It's really just the Chardonnay that I'm concerned with and I like Quantro in my Cosmo, not Triple Sec. DH likes the better rum but it's no big deal to him really. It might be better just to pay the difference once in a while, we'll see. Thanks everyone!
  4. Celebrity is having a Happy Hour sale on excursions and beverage/dining packages for our upcoming 9 night cruise in September. We have the Classic beverage package included in our perks. Normally it's been 10.00 pp pd to upgrade to Premium. The sale price today for Classic is 47.20 and Premium is 55.20 that's an 8.00 pp pd. difference. When I called Celebrity she quoted me 10.00 pp pd to upgrade to Premium, explaining my classic package was free so that was why the new sale price difference doesn't apply to me. Ok, I get that. Sort of. However the cruise planner shows 12.00 pp pd if I do it myself on line using my OBC. Can anyone explain this math to me? We're just going to wait until we're on board to decide if and/or when we want to upgrade to Premium at all now. I just thought I'd throw this out there to see if anyone can explain the rationale to their math.
  5. I don't believe those tables were borrowed from somewhere else. They've been there for years and it makes sense if you have a "Family Veranda" cabin large enough for 5 people to have a "family" table. As for saving money, they just updated the cabins and those large tables were of solid quality but old and showing their age. Replacing them with good quality larger tables would have cost more than the smaller, as you say "piece of junk" they chose.
  6. Just down graded from Concierge aft to FV corner cabin 8181 on the Summit. Had this cabin twice before and loved it so we jumped on it and saved a couple hundred in the process. The updated cabin looks very nice. A little disappointed about the large table on the balcony being taken away. Our daughter and granddaughter will be on this cruise in an OV cabin and I thought the large table would be great for us all when they stop by for a visit. You have to wonder why they make the decisions they do sometimes. But it's always about the bottom line, isn't it?πŸ™„
  7. CELEBRITY MOVE UP TRACKER (effective April 19, 2019; but can back-fill data, if available) Ship: Constellation Length of Cruise: 9 nights Cruise Sail Date: Sept. 3 2019 Date email offer received: July 3 2019 Captain’s Club Tier Elite Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: Celebrity Direct Current Cabin: OV Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: Bid on Veranda, Family Veranda and Concierge Bid Offer: min $500.00 , min $600.00, min was 750.00 - bid 900.00 Notification Date: July 9, 2019 Accepted / Rejected Accepted for Concierge cabin General Comments (offer details, etc.) This sailing has been sold out for some time. A few Veranda cabins became available for a short time at approx. $4,000 pp in April before perks.
  8. Success! 2 days ago I called CC inquiring about the term "expired" showing for the veranda and family veranda bids only 2 days after submitting my bid and still 6 weeks out from sail date. The concierge bid was still showing pending with no way to modify it. The CC rep couldn't modify it either and had no explanation and the cruise was sold out of every cabin. She said perhaps they're being very strict about bidding only within the 30 day period. So yesterday I received an email saying they accepted my bid for the concierge cabin. The bid meter said I was in the weak to fair range but to me it was steep at $900 pp. Their minimum bid was $750.00 We took into consideration that this sailing has been sold out for some time now and the price of veranda when a few became available back in April were around $4,000 pp so we still paid a lot less than if we had booked it outright. I've been checking every day and this sailing is still sold out. Constellation Sept. 3 out of Barcelona. They gave us a very well situated C3 on Sky deck, kept all of our perks and so we're very happy we won't feel cooped up in an OV and we can enjoy the Concierge perks, such as they are. πŸ˜‰
  9. Thanks! It just seems odd that ours is showing expired when the offer was just 2 days ago and the cruise is not until early September and the concierge cat. is still showing pending but I'm not able to modify it.
  10. We received a move up offer 2 days ago. Currently booked in an oceanview room only because veranda wasn't available when we booked it and the suites were astronomical. Our offers were for veranda, family veranda and concierge. I bid for all 3 in the fair meter area. Just checked to see if still pending and the veranda and family veranda bids show expired. Never heard of of expired status, only accepted or rejected. The concierge still shows pending, but it doesn't give me the option to modify it any more. Has anyone else had their bids expire, and how long was your bid in before it expired?
  11. Just booked CC cabin 6143 on the Summit. The balcony and the cabin look a little wider on the deck plans, and that's fine but we're worried that it's over the restaurants. We like usually stay in aft cabins but wanted to try this one out. Our concern is noise. Did we make the right choice?
  12. Oops one more thing, I'm not able to view your vide, it's just a blank screen, is there something I need to have on my pc in order to view videos on Cruise Critic?
  13. Great pics!! Take good care of that cabin, my daughter will be there in 5 days. Hope you're having a wonderful cruise!
  14. That sounds great! I think we would all appreciate if you could post some of those pics here, please. If it's possible to do that, thanks in advance from all of us for taking the time and the trouble. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒ
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