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  1. We went on the Tundra Wilderness Tour in 2007. My husband was 6'3" and was fine. We switched the window/aisle seats and is was great. Did not do enough pre-planning and did not know about the park ranger buses. The seats are certainly not like the squished airplane seats!!
  2. You know, the seeing the dog camp we were on the river boat and had to just view what was going on down there! We did see dogs at the camp, but it was like I told before in the last post. I had forgotten about that dog camp.
  3. It has been some years since we had a tour like yours. We were on Princess, but it's the same tour. You get to go right to the fenced in area where the dogs are, but I did not see anyone getting to up close and personal. There were quite a few people. But I felt like that was a great part of our tour. It was the beginning and I was already hooked on Alaska. You should change to the Tundra Wilderness. You get in much father and see all kinds of animals and I liked the camera on the bus, but if Celebrity lets you, you can ditch that and go on the park buses (much like the Tundra Wilderness bus)
  4. I hope no one gets a little mad at me, but as Emerald Lake is beautiful and such a pretty color, it is small. I would say very small. Just don't get your hopes up for something spectacular. My husband and I chose to rent a car in Skagway and I felt we were blessed. There were places we just fell in love with and wanted to stay a little longer. Glad we were not on a bus.
  5. I get sea sick very easily. I had bonine with me on my first cruise. It went with the luggage to the ship and I got sick on the train!! Thank goodness I did not throw up or they would have not let me on the ship (I did not know that at the time). The bonine worked. But with my second cruise I found ginger chewing gum and it really worked! Did not even have to use it before the sickness started. We were on an excursion out of Seward and it was quite rough, but I did just fine! Of course I had a zip lock bag full of helpful things!
  6. I would add to not go too early. It is warm in California, but very cool in Alaska. We went twice, both the last week in May and first week in June and there was plenty of snow then. The first time we were a day too early to get far into Denali, but saw a good bit on our tour. The next time we sailed north and explored Kenai Peninsula on our own. Loved it!! And the kids were not out of school yet, so that was a plus.
  7. Your pictures are outstanding!! Thanks for taking the time to share.
  8. When we cruised Princess, Diamond not Golden, our departure time was a little late due to some group not able to arrive on times. But dinner was anytime dinner for everybody! Muster was after dinner time. Our group was late as the train took eleven hours to get from Denali! Then another was even later.
  9. Thank you for posting this. What am I going to do when there are no bears out?
  10. My husband and I did this cruise tour on our first trip to Alaska because we just did not know what to expect there and were concerned about doing it ourselves. Well, we went back a few years later and stayed and extra week with a rental car and had such a great time. Three days is enough to get into Denali. We were booked on a Tundra Wilderness Tour. It was wonderful, but I did not know about the excursions that were the same without the video cameras and were much cheaper. We flew into Fairbanks and the next morning were bused to Denali. The next day was the Tour and the next day we were on
  11. Be sure to check the times in port. Sometimes it is very short. Ketchikan is routinely short. You want enough time they can enjoy their excursions.
  12. When we went out we went through the rough spot and I am one that gets motion sick. I had the wrist bands and Meclizine and ginger gum. The ginger gum is what worked for me. I only got a little uneasy then. Also the ginger ale works, also. The trip was wonderful and I am so glad we went. I will say I did not see sunscreen on your list. You should use it.
  13. My DH and I went only twice to Alaska, and we, too are from the South (Atlanta). We just brought jeans and I had long underwear which I really needed in Glacier Bay. Wore them one other time, but really did not need them. I know we were really lucky, though, as we had only one day of rain in those two trips! They were both in May, but right at the end of May. It seems like most tourists wore jeans, but I really did not pay close attention. And the ship had laundries to use if your jeans do get wet.
  14. I think you can see Alaska so well by renting a car in Skagway and taking the drive to Emerald lake. The drive and stops are so beautiful and will take your breath away. May is wonderful with a good bit of snow on the mountains and they are so close, right there! You get away from the crowds in the town. You can often spot wildlife. I just want to go back again!
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