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  1. My Husband isn't thrilled about snorkeling, but I'd like for him to give it a try on our next cruise. Just in case he doesn't like it very much, I hate to invest in a paid excursion. So, are there any free places to snorkel in Costa Maya or Cozumel or St. Thomas? We have our own equipment. Something close to the port would be my first choice. Thanks for your help.
  2. We are Diamond Plus C&A members. So I guess we'll get a coupon for the BOGO shake! 🙂 Do you remember what the menu options were at each restaurant?
  3. Was it a limited menu? If so, what were the options? And was it on special days?
  4. I was thinking the same thing, but wanted to know for sure. I really disliked not having a clock on Mariner three weeks ago! And if there's not a clock in the room on Allure, I'm bringing one from home. Hope somebody can answer for sure. Thanks for your response.
  5. Any idea what is on the limited menu at either restaurant?
  6. We're doing a B2B on Allure Dec 1 and Dec 8. We haven't sailed Allure in three years and I can't remember if they have clocks in the rooms. We'll be in a Boardwalk balcony the first week and a Central Park balcony the second week. Do these rooms have clocks? The dining perk for the Boardwalk balcony is Johnny Rockets, right? Is it a limited menu? If so, what is it? Does it include a shake or just food? The dining perk for the Central Park balcony for either Sabor Taqueria or Giovanni's Table, right? I seem to remember Giovanni's being a limited menu for the free meal and wondered if it's the same. If it is a limited menu at both of these restaurants, what are the menu options? How much free internet for each 7-night cruise for Diamond Plus? Thank you for your input. 🙂
  7. There's a bit of a misunderstanding, VOOM is free on CocoCay as an extension of your on board account, it is not free if you don't already have it on the ship. I was able to connect at Coco Cay for free, without logging in to my Voom account. Also, other people told me before I got there it was free at Coco Cay. My experience a couple of weeks ago matches up with that. Maybe it was a fluke, but that was my experience.
  8. We were on Mariner a couple of weeks ago and used our Diamond Plus perks for internet. It was a four night cruise. I used my perks for two nights, and my husband's for two nights. So we had free internet the whole time. Since we didn't need to be connected all the time, we took turns using the internet for one device (even though we had two separate phones). The internet guy told us it was okay to share access if we didn't both need it at the same time. So when I wanted to look on Facebook, I'd log in, browse for a while then sign out. When my husband wanted to check his email, he'd log in for a while then sign out. It worked great for us. I was glad he suggested it. Another thing to keep in mind, you can use the Royal Caribbean app onboard without purchasing internet. Also, wifi is free at Coco Cay.
  9. Thank you for your feedback. Looking forward to hearing from others who have been through this process first hand. 🙂
  10. What time did you actually board Allure, and what date was it? Thanks.
  11. My Husband and I haven't sailed on Allure since 2016 and I know each ship and each port has it's own way of doing things. We cruised Mariner of the Seas last week and we boarded the ship at 10:25am. Actually boarded the ship at that time, having already gone through security and check-in. My question is: What is the earliest we can board Allure of the Seas? I know the official answer is noon, but when do they really start boarding for Diamond Plus? We're doing a B2B on December 1 and December 8 sailings. Also, what is their procedure for ending one cruise and starting another one? We will be switching from a Boardwalk Balcony on the first cruise to a Central Park Balcony on the second cruise. Do we get to stay on the ship? Maybe just ding out and ding right back in? We really enjoyed the facial recognition equipment at Port Canaveral last week. Those who had passports just stood on the foot prints and poof, done with customs. Do they have that in Ft Lauderdale? Thanks.
  12. My Husband and I have walked from the ship to the Atlantis many times. There's a pedestrian lane on the bridge, so it's very safe. I think it's about 2.5 miles. We enjoy the opportunity to stop on the bridge and look down into the water and to look back at the ships. We also enjoyed looking at the yachts in the marina on the way.
  13. I've been reading comments from several different sources with conflicting information and would appreciation some clarification from someone who has been to Coco Cay in the last two months. If I have my own snorkel mask, can I snorkel on my own in the designated snorkel area without a vest? I read somewhere that they recently started allowing this, but you have to sign a waiver if you don't wear a vest. But I've seen other comments that say otherwise. Also, if snorkeling in the main snorkel area without a vest is not permitted on my own, is there another place at Coco Cay where this IS permitted? And what will I see? I like the main snorkel area and have been there several times, but not in the past four years. And...what's the condition of the water/fish/jellyfish/etc since the storms? I assume it's settled by now and the seaweed has been cleared from the beaches?
  14. What date did you sail? And can you tell me what the shows (headliner, main, and ice) are and what times please?
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