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  1. I agree entirely!! We were on Safari in Kenya in June... it was fabulous 🙂 We need to live our lives!
  2. The Bahamas and St Maarten are now on the State Department "Level 4 - Do Not Travel" list. It will be interesting to see how the Eastern itineraries might be modified. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2021/08/24/bahamas-travel-advisory-cdc-state-department-urge-tourists-not-go/5569752001/
  3. We sail on Edge this Saturday. The minimum move up bid for us from a SV to a SS was $1000 per person. We bid $1060 and did not get it. It's doubtful we will since now all the SS are sold. We still have our fingers crossed though for a last minute cancelation and an upgrade at the pier!
  4. Thank you for your insight! Great information! What about the Rooftop Garden Grill?
  5. We're on Edge on August 28th. The online reservations are still exactly as you describe. I've made our reservation times and restaurants based on the itinerary and show times.
  6. I promise I won't tell!... But, do the deck plans show this? I can't find it... what about back around Eden?
  7. I thought the MC also regularly goes down to Raw on Five
  8. How are the ports this cruise? What are the guidelines and restrictions for going ashore?
  9. Thank you for sharing such helpful information! Isn't it time for y'all to hit the Sunset Bar?! Have a fabulous cruise 🥰
  10. Thank you! Keep us posted - you'll be visiting so many of the islands, you're bound to have the best first hand information!! Most importantly, have a marvelous time!!
  11. Good! Keeping my fingers crossed that they won't reinstitute masking on the ship!!
  12. Do you mean masking ashore in Roatan, or on the ship as well?
  13. Certainly this goes a long way to building customer satisfaction and good will. Enjoy!!
  14. Makes sense if they can get all the embarkation people inside and out of the heat!
  15. You're right - I'm sure that's why Celebrity wants a copy of the "fees assessed" before doing a reimbursement!
  16. I'm curious about that also! It seems like there's going to be a real mess!
  17. Copied from another thread... Celebrity will reimburse up to $250 upon filing of receipts.
  18. I'm curious why they switched to terminal 18. Even with a 2am departure, I would think Edge would be gone before Equinox comes in.
  19. Looks like another fun 1/2 sea day 🙂 I hope your disembarkation goes smoothly!
  20. I love your positive attitude!! I look forward to reading about your adventures the next 21 days 🙂 🙂 Have a Sunset Martini for me!!
  21. I'll be following along... we will embark on the 28th as you are leaving. Take good care of Edge for us!
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