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  1. I am not sure who posted the idea about using the Fitbit Zip bands but I really want to thank you. We received our Medallions the other night and I had already purchased a Band from Amazon and as you can see from the picture below, it fit perfectly. I now want to go back to Amazon and buy those pretty flower ones. 🙂 Thanks again!
  2. That was the way I was thinking. What can it hurt and it will be just one more fun experience. 🙂
  3. One thing I have not seen mentioned here are the canapes that you can order every evening. Are they worth it? On our upcoming cruise in March, it will also be our first time in a suite (window) so I am really enjoying this thread.
  4. Thank you for replying. I would like to ask one more question and I hope it does not start a heated discussion. My husband still smokes and I am trying to find an outdoor place where he can smoke. He is 74 years old and would need to have a seated area. Would you possibly know where that might be on the Caribbean Princess? Thanks again.
  5. I was looking at the deck plans and noticed that on deck 17 aft they showed a Morgans Bar, a hot tub, a splash pool and a small pool. Are all those still there? I know there is a larger aft pool on deck 12 but was wondering about deck 17. TIA
  6. Thanks for posting this amazing file. It will; really help us on our upcoming cruise.
  7. So now I am totally confused. We will be sailing the CB next March. I have gone to the Ocean website and inputted all my information etc., but it will not accept my booking number for our next cruise. You state that there is an Ocean Now app that I should also download??? Really confused. Can someone please tell me what I have to download and the procedure? TIA
  8. Nevermind, I see you had already answered my question re: the OR app. I will just have to keep trying to input my booking for next March.
  9. Airlines have also "changed dates" on mine and many others flights over the years so yes, this can be an airline problem which you also posted. Needless to say, who did what is not NanaE's problem right now. I do hope Princess helped get their reservation straightened out and my original posting was to state that everyone should always check their reservations periodically.
  10. Delta and many other airlines are notorious for changing flights especially if the flights are going through a consolidator (which all Princess flights are) so this is not a Princess problem. Whether I book directly or indirectly with airlines, I always go directly to the airlines website and check my reservation numerous times prior to my day of flying.
  11. Same here and since I am a TA I tried logging into the Princess booking engine and could not get in there either.
  12. Heredis the addy: https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-gifts-celebrations/overview/gift-cards/ You can order the plastic cards or ECards.
  13. We will be doing our first suite next March. Are you saying that the gratuities are more in a suite? I have not read that before.
  14. lol, now I could get used to Drambuie or Grand Mariner every night. :) Only way we got this suite is that when I was looking to book online, it automatically upgraded us for the same dollar amount as a mini suite. I jumped on it. :D
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