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  1. How exciting for you!!! And thank you so much for your kind words!! We are leaving on Oct 14 (my bday)!! And driving to the Orlando airport where we will be catching a flight via IcelandAir. We have rented a car for the full 21 days and we will be navigating the entire island with the exception of the inaccessible highlands. Sadly the roads to the highlands close in late September / early October for the winter season for safety reasons which of course is totally understandable. And just gives me an excuse to return there one day!! Haha. We will be taking tons of photos and we are adding video on this trip as well. We just purchased a drone so I’m super excited to add cinematic movie to the still images and Latanya will most likely be doing most of the flying of the drone while I’m taking stills with the DSLR! Can’t wait!!!
  2. Oh and we’ve also aged a lot!! Lol. Rowena is in the middle.
  3. Oh nice! They have a huge photobucket watermark on them but I reckon that’s better than nothing. You’ll be happy to know I’ve officially started a travel page which is what made me log on here today so that I could copy some of my text that I wrote to use on posts. We also just booked a 21 day land based trip to Iceland which we leave for mid October. I’m so dang excited !!!! How has everyone been? Latanya and I are great. Still together. My health has been on again off again but I’ve been out of the wheelchair for the past 10 months. And back to adventuring! About a year or so ago, we took a young lady named Rowena in to live with us to help her out and she’s also helped take care of me when I have health flare ups. She’s traveled with us last year when we went on the Glory and she’s traveled with us to North Carolina, New York and will be joining us in Iceland.
  4. Introduction Hello everyone! I have gone back and forth on whether or not to do this review (mostly because of time constraints) but have decided to do so anyway. I will most likely only be able to review one day of the cruise at a time and there may be days between posts so please be patient with me, subscribe to this thread so you'll be notified of new posts and enjoy the ride! :D I'm Alicia, 30, and live in Tampa, FL. My partner in life, Latanya, 32 and I sailed on the Dream together on 12/10/11 through 12/17/11. This sailing made my 14th or 15th sailing between CCL and RCL. Can you tell I love cruising? :-) I actually have a goal that I hope to reach which is 500 days at sea before I am no longer living. Hopefully I'll make it to see that 500th sea day! Latanya went on her first cruise with me when we first got together and the Dream made her 4th cruise. She's not as crazy about cruising as I am but she still quite enjoys them. For me, cruising is a little about the ship, a little about the ports of call and a little of getting to know new people and discover new things. Together, all parts make the perfect recipe. I am a self proclaimed nitpicky individual and I tend to analyze everything and everyone despite my best efforts not to do so. But with that, you get honesty from me all the time and I don't really mince words. If I love something, I am vocal about it.. If I don't.. count on me to do the same. With that said, I am also very fair and point out the good with the bad and vice versa. I see things as a whole, not just as one facet. Okay, next post will be Day 1 of our cruise. I am going to grab some lunch real quick while day 1's photos are uploading and will post shortly!
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