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  1. How exciting for you!!! And thank you so much for your kind words!! We are leaving on Oct 14 (my bday)!! And driving to the Orlando airport where we will be catching a flight via IcelandAir. We have rented a car for the full 21 days and we will be navigating the entire island with the exception of the inaccessible highlands. Sadly the roads to the highlands close in late September / early October for the winter season for safety reasons which of course is totally understandable. And just gives me an excuse to return there one day!! Haha. We will be taking tons of photos and we are adding video on this trip as well. We just purchased a drone so I’m super excited to add cinematic movie to the still images and Latanya will most likely be doing most of the flying of the drone while I’m taking stills with the DSLR! Can’t wait!!!
  2. Oh and we’ve also aged a lot!! Lol. Rowena is in the middle.
  3. Oh nice! They have a huge photobucket watermark on them but I reckon that’s better than nothing. You’ll be happy to know I’ve officially started a travel page which is what made me log on here today so that I could copy some of my text that I wrote to use on posts. We also just booked a 21 day land based trip to Iceland which we leave for mid October. I’m so dang excited !!!! How has everyone been? Latanya and I are great. Still together. My health has been on again off again but I’ve been out of the wheelchair for the past 10 months. And back to adventuring! About a year or so ago, we took a young lady named Rowena in to live with us to help her out and she’s also helped take care of me when I have health flare ups. She’s traveled with us last year when we went on the Glory and she’s traveled with us to North Carolina, New York and will be joining us in Iceland.
  4. I know this is an old thread but myself and three other grown adults (all plus size) shared one small interior stateroom on a cruise and we had zero problems. Peace of mind is what you make it. If you go into it knowing what to expect and you get along with the people you are traveling with and have respect for each other, it works well. We saved over $1,000 on our cruise and we were able to enjoy that money. These are some things we did to make the situation manageable. My wife showered in the mornings. She needs to shower in the mornings to wake up. She would wake up in the morning, go to the gym to work out and use the bathroom there and then shower there as well. While she was taking her morning shower in the gym area, our male friend showered in our stateroom and used the bathroom while myself and his wife slept in because we are not morning people :D During the day, we would use the bathroom wherever was convenient on the ship in a restroom. Dinner - Since it took our male friend no time at all to get ready, he would hang out by the pool or wherever while us ladies went and got dressed. I headed down to the spa area and showered and got nearly fully ready there while his wife showered in our stateroom bathroom. Meanwhile my wife would be in the stateroom getting dressed for dinner. So none of us were ever cramped on each other. When I returned to the stateroom, I would just need to put on my attire and do my hair/makeup sitting at the vanity. My wife has dreadlocks and doesn't wear makeup so she never needed that space and my friends wife would stand behind me and share the mirror if we needed the space at the same time. About 10 minutes before time to walk out the door, her husband would come throw on his clothes and we would all roll out. At night before retiring to our stateroom, we'd stop off at a public access restroom with multiple stalls and handle our business. We never used our room except to shower, sleep and use the bathroom and get dressed. I don't know about y'all but if I am booking an interior, the whole point is to save money and spend as little time in the room as possible. We never had an issue with this plan. We had a well thought out plan and we never got in each others way. We stowed suitcases under the beds with our tank tops, swimsuits, extra shoes, shorts, t-shirts. And we each hung or folded our nicer things into the provided space. Hope this helps someone.
  5. It is so confusing to me that there aren't news stories about this (since the families of the 800 passengers plus crew members would certainly want to know what is going on). You would think this would have hit all mainstream news by now and not just Youtube. Something feels so off with this.
  6. Yes! Shows that require pre-check in or something would be amazing. Something that allows me to laugh my behind off at my fellow cruise mates winding up in the opposite genders clothing but also allows me to wake up and feel rested. To the person who mentioned all of the shows being crammed into those couple of days.. I am not talking about every main event show. I am not talking about the broadway style production shows which run twice per night and give people a chance to go earlier or later. I am talking about the adult oriented shows like Adult Game Night which doesn't start until 11:15pm the night before a 7/8am excursion time. This has been one of the most popular events I have ever seen on the cruises I have taken. Love and Marriage, Lip Sync Battle, Battle of the sexes are all scheduled very late as well Comedians at least have an earlier and later performance time although the later one usually has more adult content.
  7. Exactly! 5/7 Grand Cayman - 7:30am - 3pm. Seriously... 7:30am while on vacation? LOL ... 5/8 Mahogany Bay - 10am - 6pm. (Okay not terrible) 5/9 Belize - 8am - 5pm - (This is the day after late night adult fun stuff on the ship so not thrilled here especially cause what I want to do ... I need to get off the ship right away) 5/10 Cozumel - 8am-5pm - (Again.. late night adult fun stuff on the ship the night before this and I want to go to Playa Del Carmen so I need to get off the ship at 8am in order to enjoy my time there I would MUCH rather have fun stuff the night of the 5th(the night we board) and the night of the 10th (Sea day on the 11th). Or have later port arrival times and actually get to see sunset in the beautiful destinations. :)
  8. True. But I'd rather stay up late and sleep in than be completely sleep deprived. Plus they could always do it that 5th night. Or even move the times up a little earlier for the adult events. I don't know what the perfect solution is but I'd love to enjoy all the night time events without being super exhausted the next day. :D
  9. I really wish that the late night adult fun activities that Carnival schedules such as Love & Marriage, Adult Game Night, Battle of the Sexes, etc would be scheduled the nights prior to a sea day instead of the nights prior to an 8am excursion. With a 7 day cruise and 4 port days back to back that leave at like 8am, having a fun adult event at 11:15pm the night prior is rough. If they did this on Night 1 before the Sea Day or on Night 5 before the last Sea Day, it would make so much more sense. I remember last time not being able to fall asleep until like 2am and then having to be up at 6:30/7am to get ready to be off the boat to make it to the excursions on time.
  10. The weight restriction is because you cannot fit into a wetsuit that they provide. But they allow you to go in your own wetsuit or your own bathing suit. I am just at the weight limit but due to my body proportions I already know I will not fit into their wetsuits so I plan to go and suck up the cold in my bathing suit with some leggings on :D
  11. Oh yes, I think there's no way to see unique views vs total clicks. But it does let you know how popular a thread is if people go back to it over and over. When I first joined CC, I sorted everything by views so I could find the more popular threads to read and I learned a lot that way. :D
  12. Kenevenpar, if you go to the main Carnival board and click on the word Views at the top of the forum list, it sorts it by most viewed to least viewed. After you look at all the admin posts, my Dream review is the 10th most viewed with nearly 1/4 a million views. That is how I check them :D
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