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  1. @CruiseVA - how did you set it up? It shows me the Medallionet, and my laptop sees it, but so far no internet connection. I'm trying to use the 'repeater' mode. I'm not seeing a place to input the login info (only if I open another window on the laptop). What am I missing? Thanks!
  2. @pompeii - I'm with you heading out on Monday (wohooo!), and am still a bit confused. I'm not Plat/Elite, so does that mean that I am better off with the pre-board price? or are there discounts for us low-rung folks upon boarding?
  3. Sorry if I'm dense - are all of these quoted prices in this thread for 'the masses' or for elite level folks? I'm at the bottom rung and have no idea whether to take the $14.99/day for 4 devices or wait until embarkation day (next Monday). All help is appreciated!
  4. I'm a sufficiently ignorant cruiser - only a few under my belt of which only 1 was Princess (and it wasn't great). I appreciate all of the knowledge I'm gaining from all of you! BTW EP010835 - I'm just down the road from you in Garland. See you on board if not around town!
  5. Yes - the Aug. 19-Sept.4 sailing. Reading through the roll call for it, it seems that a number of the private tours have been cancelled for some reason, over the last month or so. I have yet to book excursions, but am now getting antsy. 😅
  6. I knew there'd be more as soon as I hit 'submit'!! I see a lot of mentions of needing to 'take out' the medallion from a number of ways to hold it - what about if it is in the lanyard they provide? Do you have to remove it from there as well? If it is in a bracelet/watch-type holder, can you not just turn your wrist upside down to put it on whatever reader they have? Thanks again!
  7. Hi All - a couple of questions: what about the muster station that was on the cards? I have not seen a comment here that says it is imprinted on the medallions. could the 'watch adapter' that Amazon sells be used with a chain to turn the medallion into a pendant? I haven't cruised Princess in over a decade - if they're expecting folks to use all of these apps on their smart devices, are they providing charging stations around the ship for us to be able to use their apps, or do we need to lug both the device and a portable battery in order to be able to buy drinks all day/night? I'm sure I'll have more questions as my cruise gets closer - Aug. 19 to Canada/Greenland. I'm less worried about waterproofing than others 😜! Thanks!
  8. What excursions have you booked? And with/through whom?
  9. So what happens if you book an 'excursion' (outside of the cruiseline) and cannot make the port? I noticed that trip insurance doesn't cover excursions.
  10. I'll be on this cruise in August. Best I can tell, it is the first sailing of this itinerary. Any comments re: the changeable weather and how to pack for such a trip? This will be my first northern cruise. Thanks.
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