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  1. So we recently went on a Disney vacation and stayed at one of the Disney resorts: Port Orleans. Upon check in, we were asked by the front desk if we would like to opt of house keeping services and receive a gift card as compensation. Of course we said we would like to keep the housekeeping services but I am just wondering if this will become a trend that will extend to cruise lines? Opt out of stateroom services and receive onboard credit? Do you think this will ever happen on cruise ships? Would you take the offer? Personally I like having my room cleaned. I think twice a day is excessive. So I think if my room was only cleaned once a day and received half of the onboard credit, I would take that.
  2. So a combination of carnival and NCL but those who have A little extra to spend. Lol. I am curious about the demographic because it does seem like it is targeting the millennial group and younger. Party hard at night and get in to port later so you don’t have to wake up hungover early in the AM. Also the dining room concept is probably outdated in that demographic. I wonder if they cannot fill the ships, if they would change their concept and welcome families.
  3. This is may be a old topic already discussed on here but I don’t visit the boards that often. I just read the cruisecritic article about the new cruise line (Virgin Voyages) and how the operations are similar to the freestyle concept with no dress codes, open dining times, specialty restaurants that are free, late port times, no buffet, etc. I also read an article where a former NCL CEO sued the Virgin Company for using his ideas about the design and operations of the ships for the new company. I am wondering if Virgin Voyages is a evolution of NCLs freestyle program currently and if NCL will change some of their operations if Virgin Voyages is successful. I for one would be very happy if NCLs specialty restaurants all of a sudden became free. Lol! Thoughts?
  4. Glad you enjoyed it as well! 👍
  5. Enjoying your review! We are also currently sailing on the Symphony as well. We went to Playmakers and really enjoy the atmosphere there. It is much better use of space than the Mexican restaurant they have on the Harmony. Have you tried the menu? We went last night and had the Campfire Cookie Dessert. It’s a warm cookie topped with Nutella and a toasted marshmallow gooey crust. It is served with vanilla ice cream and milk In a shot glass. It was amazing!! Highly recommend you try! Click the attachment link to view the dessert.
  6. We will be sailing on the Symphony of the Seas on Sept 30th and were looking in to doing a Pompeii / Herculaneum Naples Tour with Lucia Pompeii Guide Tours. On the trip adviser website, the reviews all seem excellent and everyone is pleased with the services. The price is for 1-3 people is 500 Euros (total, not per person) and for 4-6 people it is 550 Euros. This includes transportation pick up from the pier and the guide for both sites. Entrance fees are 11 euros for each. Lunch is on your own. Now of course the more people, the cheaper the tour which is why I am trying to see if anyone else was looking for a tour in Naples. Right now we are a party of 2. For 4 people price is 137 Euros per person and for 6 people it is 91 euros per person. All money is collected at the end of the tour so no issues with owing each other money. We just pay the guide. The last time we went on a cruise excursion to pompeii and it was a waste of money because we had 44 other people on a big tour bus and we couldnt even hear the guide most of the time. That's why we are trying to do a smaller private tour. Well if anyone is interested, let me know. Thanks!
  7. I was wondering why all the Quantum class ships except for the Anthem of the Seas goes to Asia? I think with all the Oasis class ships soon to be over saturated in Florida, wouldn’t they want to send one of those ships there and send another Quantum class to the US?
  8. tx121

    Yeshiva Week 2019

    I HIGHLY recommend to NOT go during Yevisha week. Our cruise last year on the Anthem was totally ruined because of the big charter. They take over the ship. There are many kids on the cruise and the parents do not control their behavior. It was very frustrating and not an enjoyable cruise at all. Luckily If the cruise leaves or comes back on a Saturday, you are safe.
  9. They will let the 3 yr old bump down to the nursery area to be with your 2 yr old. However there is a charge for the nursery.
  10. I am wondering if they will put a flowrider on the Radiance class ships for the revitalization’s. They could take out that kiddie pool and slide by the basketball court and put one there like they did on the Voyager Class ships.
  11. I think the only way they would do this would be to stretch the ship like they did with Enchantment of the Seas by cutting the ship if half and then adding a whole new block which would create more space for cabins and public areas. Doubtful they would do this, but I think would be a logical way.
  12. It’s also the time you book the cruise and the supply and demand. I’m guessing most people want to be on a brand new ship during its inaugural season, so the prices are higher. I also agree that the Breakaway Class doesn’t compare to RCLs Oasis Class ships. The best comparison for the Breakaway Class is RCLs Freedom Class. The Oasis Class is in a league of its own.
  13. tx121

    Smoking in the Escape

    When we were on the Escape this year, we noticed that the 6,7,8 atrium area always had a strong smoke smell due to the open casino on deck 7 and it spread into the other decks. They mind as well let people smoke in the 6,7,8 atrium as it would not make a difference since the casino gets very smoky and the ventilation doesn’t help since the area is open.
  14. tx121

    Very disturbing lawsuit

    Security cameras are probably only monitored in revenue areas like the casino and shops. I guess RCL doesn’t mind people stealing books from the library.
  15. I also wonder what about those passengers who are on the larger side. Do they count as 2/3 people in the lifeboat?