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  1. Here are some photos of the crew being transferred from ship to ship in Coco Cay. Navigator just dropped off Filipino crew members on the dock and waiting for Liberty to pick them up. The Vision is ported and will pick up the crew members from St Vincent and St Lucia. What a sight to see. Hope everyone can get home soon and safe.
  2. Due to the current situation and cruise lines struggling financially, do you think we will ever see Icon of the Seas?
  3. Right now the Anthem is transporting all the Indian crew members from the Caribbean based ships to India, arriving in Goa on June 3rd. The dry dock has been postponed and may happen during the summer instead. I'm doubtful they will have a European season this year unless a miraculous cure happens. The fall/winter season for the Anthem seems more likely but if a second wave hits, then who knows.
  4. Interesting So NCL basically wanted NRAC so they didn't have to pay higher salaries for jobs that would usually pay more? So I guess they can get away with paying minimum wage salary for say a non US citizen electrician for US minimum wage? And then this crew member pays taxes on it?
  5. Yes NCL hires US citizens on all their ships, however all of the staff on Pride of America must be US citizens or green card holders as it says on the NCL website . The ship is also registered in Honolulu, Hawaii making it a US flagged ship. The rest of the NCL fleet is registered in the Bahamas, making them a foreign flagged ship.
  6. Since Pride of America is a US flagged ship and hires US citizens, will NCL get any bailout money for the one ship?
  7. Robot bartenders like on rcl lol
  8. Of course that would be a upcharge to visit the island. Book up fast as spots are very limited. Otherwise stay on the boat. Lol!
  9. Once the cruise lines come back to service, a new social distancing Policy should be in place where your group must be 6ft away from another group in every venue. On the sun deck your group's loungers must be 6 ft away from the next group. Same goes for seating in the theater, must be 2 seats in between each group. At the buffet each group must have a safe distance while getting food. At the dining room, again there must be a safe distance between tables. I would totally be for this policy. It would be nice to be on a cruise and not feel like sardines in a can. 🤣👍
  10. Imagine the prices of cruises after this is over? The cruise lines will need to make their money back somehow.
  11. Wow. Princess cruises halts operations for 60 days! Wonder if other lines will follow suit! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/03/12/carnivals-princess-cruises-to-pause-global-ship-operations-for-60-days-over-coronavirus.html
  12. Now I know why it may be cheaper... College Spring Break! Will avoid at all cost during those weeks!
  13. The MSC Mergavilia was denied to port in Jamaica and Grand Caymen. This is very worrisome for anyone with a upcoming cruise. I'm not sure if the ports are worried because MSC caters to the European passengers and the recent spike in numbers of the Coronavirus in Italy. They will be allowed to port in Cozumel. This will be very interesting to see what happens to the cruise industry if the Coronavirus effects the Caribbean ports and ships are not allowed to dock. Smh. https://www.google.com/amp/s/time.com/5790955/cruise-ship-coronavirus-jamaica-cayman-islands/%3famp=true
  14. Wow! What a cheap cruise on the Epic! I'm shocked that they are not charging a single supplement fee either for a non studio cabin! Is there issues with the Epic? Wish I had vacation time! Lol!
  15. Personally, I enjoyed the Encore and echoed the same issues about the sun deck as the OP. I believe that the Encore would be an awesome experience in cooler climates such as Alaska since deck space is no longer a issue and for longer voyages where the ship is not filled to capacity such as the Panama Canal. The OP did sail during a peak time where kids were off as well which would lead to more congestion on the sun deck compared to when I cruised with not many kids onboard. I would be cautious of booking the Encore, Joy, Bliss if I was traveling with families with kids in the Caribbean. If you do your research, you can prepare yourself for these types of issues and decide if this ship is right for you. The Encore would not be a ship I would sail on again with the same itinerary (Eastern Caribbean), but i would be open to book it again for Alaska depending on the price. Yes we all want to sail the newest and sometimes the biggest ships, but sometimes the company doesnt necessarily have your personal preference in mind. This is why there are a wide variety of ships in the NCL fleet and also on other cruise lines.
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