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  1. mikjr

    Serious incident on Royal

    Yes... that's what someone else mentioned.... possibly a steak knife from the restaurants. just crazy!
  2. mikjr

    Your favorite food On Princess

    Spring Rolls with Peanut sauce!
  3. mikjr

    Serious incident on Royal

    Very true... we forget that a cruise ship is nothing but a small city, and microcosm of the world around us. There is love.... hate... happyness... sadness... life... and unfortunately, death. We always go on a cruise with a positive and friendly attitude, and try our best to show love and appreciation for everyone... especially the crew.
  4. mikjr

    Pros & Cons for golden Princess

    Princess is in Santa Clarita, which is the San Fernando valley area, just north of Los Angeles. It appears bookings are now open for everyone on this cruise
  5. mikjr


    Not sure about the benefits, or down size to the Medallion... but during our last cruise on the Star, we had TWO charges applied to our account that were not ours! One from Sabatinis for $60, and one at the Wheelhouse Bar. I can understand it happening maybe once... but twice?? Of course, the Front Desk took the charges off after the "Supervisor investigated" the charges, but it was still a pain and a bit annoying!! So maybe the Medallion system can help to eliminate issues like that.
  6. mikjr

    Pros & Cons for golden Princess

    Hello... we just booked this cruise this morning. We have previously cruised to Alaska twice, 2007 and 2011. We have been on the Golden four times to Hawaii in 2010, 2011, and 2012. It's been a few years, but we must have liked the Grand enough to take four round trips from LA to Hawaii. I do remember it being a roomy ship. And one nice thing is it has an ENCLOSED pool with two jacuzzis. It's an older ship, built in 2001 and refurbished in 2018. SO, the refurbishments will be 2 years old by the time we take this cruise. We usually book a balcony on the Caribe (deck 10). Mid ship or Mid Aft. This time we are splurging and got a mini suite on the Dolphin Deck 9. On both of our previous Alaska cruises, we had balconies. We live in Orange County, and most of our cruises are out of the local ports... San Pedro, San Diego, and San Francisco. This cruise has a GREAT itinerary and it should be great! If you have any questions, let me know
  7. Aren't all the slanted balconies located under the curved walkways?? not sure how you could get a slanted balcony if your weren't under the curved walkway... Maybe lower decks... 10 or 11 would be better??
  8. We've never been on the ROYAL, and are considering a cruise next year. I'm trying to do a bit of planning and would like some suggestions on good decks and cabin locations. We normally book a balcony on the CARIBE because of the larger decks. But, my understanding is the balconies are SMALLER on the Royal, it doesn't matter what deck. Because of noise, we'd prefer a cabin on decks 9, 10, or 11... either MID or MID AFT locations are preferable. I noticed some SLANTED Balconies on the diagrams. Are those balconies LARGER? Your suggestions and tips - PROS & CONS - are appreciated!! Thanks
  9. mikjr

    Royal Princess Docks with Sick Cruisers

    I have found that when we've boarded a ship that has previously had a bought with the Norovirus, the ship has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. They usually require a few extra steps around the food, which is good for everyone
  10. Hi Bob... enjoying your daily reports. My wife and I were on the previous STAR cruise, 10/20 to 11/4. So I am interested to hear what you have to report. I noticed some small, but significant changes to our Star cruise this year, compared to our Star Hawaii cruise in 2017. Every cruise, we notice less and less TUXES on formal nights, and even less SUITS this cruise. AND, we did have someone wearing KILTS on formal night!! Have fun
  11. I read that CARNIVAL is no longer requiring the signed "Medical Declaration" when you check in. Is that just CARNIVAL SHIPS? or ALL ship brands under the Carnival Corporation??
  12. mikjr

    Bon Voyage Program - Thoughts??

    WOW, I should probably CALL Princess tomorrow to make sure we're linked. I'm the one who called and made the initial booking, so we should be linked... but I found that many of the REPS at Princess don't know much about the BVE. Our Travel Agent had to speak to a couple different ones before he found someone who knew what was going on. A bit frustrating!!