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  1. I am not chasing CC deals. Sometimes you don't have a choice... I have had my same BofA account for 30 years, but THEY have changed the CC numbers 2 or 3 times over that period of time. Also, we had a CC security breach several years ago after a cruise to Hawaii. We started getting unauthorized charges from Hong Kong!! And Costco had a recent change, which was also not my doing.
  2. Yes, I called HAL to find out if it was LEGIT. the REP had to place me on hold and came back and said YES, HAL had turned over 30,000 accounts over to this company to process!! She was surprised because she had heard nothing about it until my call.
  3. I have to agree, I will happily accept the $200 back... I just found their methods bothersome!!
  4. Please tell me... what was I supposed to do?? I've had cruise credits with Princess for years, they don't get used, they send me back a CHECK!
  5. We use Costco CCs... so when they changed from American Express to Citi Bank, so did we. We had an issue with a credit card breach, so BofA gave us new numbers. Regardless of the CC issue, HAL could have taken a few extra steps to send me a letter to my house. WHY pass it on to a THIRD party?? I don't feel getting a rejection from the current Credit Card warrants declaring these Cruise Credits as ABANDONED property! They send be at least FIVE emails a week, and at least FIVE mailers a month!! And now, we wait for 4 to 5 months for the refund... thats terrible customer service!!
  6. the problem is, who has the same CC after 3 or 4 years... They could have easily sent me a letter themselves without passing the issue on to a 3rd party.
  7. Did anyone else receive a letter from a company called "Unclaimed Property Solutions"?? We've had CRUISE CREDITS on file with Holland America for several years, and instead of just returning those credit to us, they have started a process to turn them over to the State of California, if we don't complete and return this letter to Unclaimed Property Solutions. WHAT a bunch of BS!! I've been at the same address for 35 years, and had the same phone and email address for years! All they needed to do was just MAIL IT BACK! That's what Princess does after two years, if they are not used... they just mail you a check! I called HAL and they said that 30,000 letters were sent out. The issue is, that now it's going to take FOUR MONTHS to get the money returned! That's the most inefficient process I've ever heard of!!
  8. Just curious... we booked a cruise for 2020 and final payment isn't due until Feb 2020. It's the first time we've booked so far in advance of the cruise. If I purchased the Travel Insurance when I booked the cruise (using Future Cruise Credits), and then have to cancel before final payment is due, do I get a FULL REFUND on the Insurance?? I usually wait until final payment and purchase insurance then.
  9. GEE... where do I find those TAs that are willing to kick back 10% to 15% of your cruise fare??
  10. We've sailed many times on Princess. The "Dress Code" requirements have softened over the years. When we first started cruising, men would wear TUXES and ladies would wear GOWNS. We just got off the STAR Princess last month, and although there were some dress that nice, not as many as years ago. For FORMAL nights: Men, including myself wear Suits/Ties OR slacks and nice sports shirts (short or long) with a sports coat. Women; dresses, pants suits, pants/dress blouses, etc Casual nights: Men; casual pants, casual shirts (short/long). NO Shorts or TSHIRTS Women; slacks, blouses, etc Although shorts are not allowed, I did see a few in the Main dining room during Casual nights. As mentioned, dress code has been relaxed!
  11. Thanks.. that's more of what I was thinking.
  12. We taken two Alaska Cruises, both out of San Francisco.. Both left in LATE MAY, arriving in Alaska the first week of June. On one of the cruises, it was 75 degrees in Juneau and I was in a T-SHIRT!! I don't believe we saw much, if any rain. BUT, it is Alaska, and it is COLD, especially while cruising the Glaciers. SO, dress in layers. We always book earlier because we save $1000 per room buy booking the late MAY vs September dates. AND I understand August / September are the most crowded times of the season. We just booked a 14 day round trip from LA... which leaves May 30!
  13. The way I am reading this, it relates to TRANSFERRING a booked cruise to a T/A now has to be done within 60 days... RIGHT?? BUT, has nothing to do with cancelling a booked cruise to take advantage of a special or lower rate on the same cruise, RIGHT??
  14. We continue with a T/A because they always give us a nice "spendable onboard credit", over and above what we get from Princes. We just booked 19 to Panama. We got $650 from Princess, and $550 from our T/A for a total of $1300!! NOT BAD...
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