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  1. mikjr

    Travel Insurance?

    Just curious... we booked a cruise for 2020 and final payment isn't due until Feb 2020. It's the first time we've booked so far in advance of the cruise. If I purchased the Travel Insurance when I booked the cruise (using Future Cruise Credits), and then have to cancel before final payment is due, do I get a FULL REFUND on the Insurance?? I usually wait until final payment and purchase insurance then.
  2. mikjr

    Next big sale

    GEE... where do I find those TAs that are willing to kick back 10% to 15% of your cruise fare??
  3. mikjr

    New to princess

    We've sailed many times on Princess. The "Dress Code" requirements have softened over the years. When we first started cruising, men would wear TUXES and ladies would wear GOWNS. We just got off the STAR Princess last month, and although there were some dress that nice, not as many as years ago. For FORMAL nights: Men, including myself wear Suits/Ties OR slacks and nice sports shirts (short or long) with a sports coat. Women; dresses, pants suits, pants/dress blouses, etc Casual nights: Men; casual pants, casual shirts (short/long). NO Shorts or TSHIRTS Women; slacks, blouses, etc Although shorts are not allowed, I did see a few in the Main dining room during Casual nights. As mentioned, dress code has been relaxed!
  4. mikjr

    Princess Booking transfer policy

    Thanks.. that's more of what I was thinking.
  5. mikjr

    5 day to Alaska - what to expect?

    We taken two Alaska Cruises, both out of San Francisco.. Both left in LATE MAY, arriving in Alaska the first week of June. On one of the cruises, it was 75 degrees in Juneau and I was in a T-SHIRT!! I don't believe we saw much, if any rain. BUT, it is Alaska, and it is COLD, especially while cruising the Glaciers. SO, dress in layers. We always book earlier because we save $1000 per room buy booking the late MAY vs September dates. AND I understand August / September are the most crowded times of the season. We just booked a 14 day round trip from LA... which leaves May 30!
  6. mikjr

    Princess Booking transfer policy

    The way I am reading this, it relates to TRANSFERRING a booked cruise to a T/A now has to be done within 60 days... RIGHT?? BUT, has nothing to do with cancelling a booked cruise to take advantage of a special or lower rate on the same cruise, RIGHT??
  7. We continue with a T/A because they always give us a nice "spendable onboard credit", over and above what we get from Princes. We just booked 19 to Panama. We got $650 from Princess, and $550 from our T/A for a total of $1300!! NOT BAD...
  8. From what I understand, some of the larger Travel Agents, reserve blocks of rooms for their clients. Once final payment is due, what is not sold by the TA is then released. That's why you'll see several rooms pop up after final payments are due.
  9. mikjr

    Santa barbara

    The Santa Barbara Hot Rod Limo tour is fun... and not real expensive. They also do wine tours. http://santabarbarahotrodlimo.com
  10. A & J Limo Service have wine tours in the area. They are located IN Santa Barbara http://www.aandjlimousine.com/wine-tours.asp
  11. mikjr

    Tour to Montecito CA

    Another shorter option to tour Santa Barbara is the Hot Rod Limo... I think it's about an hour or so and it's fairly cheap. They also have wine tours of the area. http://santabarbarahotrodlimo.com
  12. Ahh... I figured it was something like that. The unlimited sounds like a great deal!!
  13. mikjr

    Alaska Japan 2020 Elite early booking day?

    I got in at 9:05 and got our cabin with no issue. Did you get your cruise??
  14. Just curious how you can need or use more than 250 minutes of internet time in ten days? We were on a 15 day to Hawaii, which entailed 10 days at sea, and I was scrambling to use all 250 minutes by the last day. Based on the 10 days at sea, that's almost 1/2 per day...
  15. mikjr

    Serious incident on Royal

    Yes... that's what someone else mentioned.... possibly a steak knife from the restaurants. just crazy!