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  1. We just got off the Harmony. We had a large balcony room on the 6th floor and our room never really cooled off. It was pretty warm most of the time. We even tried closing the blinds and everything. The last time we cruised which was on the Allure, We had a really nice and cool room.
  2. As far as lines go, It varied a lot. On the first 2 sea days, Lines were a little long for the water slide and abyss (30 minutes), the last sea day, no real lines at all. Abyss had no waiting in the afternoon. The rock climbing wall had weird hours and not open a lot. We didn’t do much in the ports this time but St Maarten is very nice and very pretty. I wish we would of been in San Juan longer.
  3. A bigger review is coming later but it was a great trip. We are now heading back to reality. The food was very good in the main dining room and fun cruise overall. Very sad situation in Haiti. Wonderland was awesome and I wish I could have that chocolate dessert every night. We also did Jamie’s Italian Restaurant. Lance
  4. I am currently on the harmony of the sea’s and they let us do bogo for Wonderland.
  5. The photographers asked for your room number when they take your pictures. If you give them the same room number every night you should be able to just buy one package instead of two.
  6. 2 quick questions, once we get on the ship, Where is the best place to make reservations for the Bogo Dining? Also, Where do u get the Wow Bands? Thank you!
  7. If you buy a drink package, You are taxed only 1 time instead of multiple times like you are explaining here. $14.50 per person per day does seem high to me. Do we know what percentage of the tips each person gets? I would be very intrigued to find out. Depending on how well they do, We usually give a little extra to our Room Steward and the Main Waiter. Thanks!
  8. My wife and I are going on the Harmony is less than 2 weeks. Anything that we should make sure we do that you found amazing? We love Trivia and will do a lot of that. We also were thinking about the Scavenger Hunt. Did you do either of those? I am a very picky eater and don't like a bunch of seasonings on my food. Do you think I would like Wonderland? I really want to do it. Thanks!
  9. I would buy now, You can always cancel it before you get on the cruise and get a full refund.
  10. How is Marc Walker? We are doing the Harmony in the beginning of January. We enjoyed our Cruise Director on the Allure back in 2017 but I can't remember his name. Thanks!
  11. We made a 9 AM flight last year but we were one of the first off the ship, and had no problems at all. It was a little stressful that morning as we were pulling into dock but once off the ship and in the cab, Life was good.
  12. I don't like pancakes at all but that is a pancake I wouldn't even eat covered with strawberries or something to cover up the flavor.
  13. On Allure of the Seas in 2017, I was able to stream recordings from WWE Network, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. I was also able to make phone calls to my parents using Facebook Messenger which was really cool. Thanks!
  14. We made a 9:30 AM flight after we got off the Allure. We did self-disembark which was awesome. We were through and to a cab in about 10 minutes and the airport is about 5 to 10 minutes away at most.
  15. For my Cruise on Harmony in January, Circ Hotel is $329 + Tax. A little pricey but almost all hotels are pricey in that time frame. Thanks!
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