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  1. One of the perks on the World Cruise is the opportunity to visit Prego and Umi Uma an unlimited number of times without a charge. Since the Grand Voyage has many of the same perks as the WC, e.g. included laundry, shoreside events, etc., will the specialty restaurant perk be included also?
  2. Just an FYI. Received the following from Crystal after my agent referred my question: The attached passport information was already on file, the Bermuda policy possess guests from U.S. to have a valid passport minimum 45 days after end of sailing. Therefore, with this current policy guest is fine to travel on voyages OCS211005-07 and OCS 211112-07 with his U.S. passport expiration date 4/8/22 to New York/Bermuda… Please note all information is subject to change without advance notice. Since guest cannot access PCPC we will issue edoc manually when voyage is open for ticketing at 30 days prior to sailing.
  3. On page 3 of the Bermuda Vacation Guide the first sentence under the heading "BEFORE YOU TRAVEL" says: "A passport is required for all guests and must be valid for 45 days from your cruise end date.". My passport expires on 04/08/2022, well after 45 days from my cruise end date. Yet, when I try to complete the Immigration section of PCPC, it refuses to take my passport expiration date saying "Your passport cannot expire within 180 days of the Cruise end date.". Which is correct?
  4. I just want to make sure I understand what the phrase "within 4 days of embarkation" means. I'm embarking on the Symphony in New York on Friday, November 5th. Is Monday, November 1st, an acceptable day to be tested, or would Tuesday, November 2nd, be the earliest acceptable date?
  5. I was on the Symphony during the 2019 Series and it was shown in the Hollywood theater.
  6. I boarded in Nassau on September 11th. I had a boarding time of 5 PM. I went to Baha Mar at around 11:45. No one during the checkin/antigen testing process appeared to pay any attention to the printed boarding time. 20 minutes after testing, I received an e-mail with my negative result. I was then given a group number. After about 45 minutes, my number was called and I was whisked off to the ship. I was in my cabin by 1:45. My advice is to pay no attention to the boarding time and get to Baha Mar as soon as you can.
  7. I was on this cruise as well as the one before as a solo. I had a great time on both.
  8. Always try to avoid snacks set out on the bar. Got sick twice on those.
  9. Crêpes Suzette, Cherries Jubilee and Soufflé Grand Marnier.
  10. Completely disagree with this. I was on both '15 and '16 for the full WC and enjoyed both tremendously. Don't understand how the number of passengers on for the full WC could ever constitute "an unpleasant experience for both crew and passengers". I never heard this opinion expressed by anyone, whether passenger or staff. The presence of a passenger is the presence of a passenger, whether they're on for a segment or the full WC. What staff member said this? I never heard any complaint about '15. Most, including me, considered it the voyage of a lifetime due to the fact it was a true circumnavigation from Miami to Miami.
  11. I stayed in the Avenida Palace last November before my crossing on the Serenity. Fantastic. Great location and a beautiful breakfast.
  12. I've been upgraded as a solo from Britannia Club to Princess Grill and within Princess Grill, P4 to P3. I was upgraded only once as a couple within Queens Grill from Q6 to Q4.
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