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  1. Omg this makes sense now. I found one in an elevator on the floor. Picked it up. Put it on the ledge. Came back day later it was still there. I smiled and took it. I would have posted picture if I knew. I put it on our tv and we looked at it all week.
  2. We were also just on this cruise. 9 of us and we’re happy with everything. We did specialty dinners too. Not one complaint
  3. The Hilton blue lagoon looks nice.
  4. There are two adults. Departing in February. Flying into Miami. Hotel has to be at least a 4 star. Thank you.
  5. I have never departed out of Miami. Please advise on good hotels near port. Must have pool. Thank you
  6. I am looking for a nice hotel not to far from the port. With a pool and near some restaurants. Never left out of Miami Thank you :)
  7. I was also on this cruise. This is one of many many cruises I have been on. The food was the best yet ( even in the specialty resultants) The service couldn't get any better. Even the guy at the server at the coffee bar remembered my name 3 days after I met him. By far the best cruise yet. I am looking to travel on it again soon :)
  8. I just got off this morning. Great food. Amazing staff. We also had anytime dinning but it’s quicker if you call and ask them now for a time that works for you. Also we found a server we loved and requested him every night. He name was Frolian. If you can request him. Any other questions you can email directly if you want at gpw@sympatico.com. This was by far my favorite cruise. This was number 15
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