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    Galaxy Boarding times

    In reference to this confusing situation, I've contacted Celebrity and spoke to three different CSR people just to make sure their stories were straight regarding this 6pm departure. We're staying in Rome three days prior and do not want to rush off to the port before we need to. Both said 4pm was the given 'embarkation' time and that as long as you were in line at 4pm, you wouldn't run into any problems running into the 5pm cut-off point. Another one even remarked that 4pm time was a little "strange" and that usually they allow you to go on board earlier. She also thought maybe this was how they were "going to do it from now on" since there was no mention of an earlier time available. A third agent spoken to from Celebrity indicated that occasionally they will allow people to board earlier, depending on how quickly the ship is prepared and cleared, but they couldn't guarantee an earlier time. I'm planning on a 2pm hotel pickup in Rome to be in line by 330-4pm. I hate to leave Rome any quicker than necessary!
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    Civitavecchia to Rome Airport

    I understand disembarkation is linked to one's departure flight, reasoning that an earlier flight gets you off the ship sooner. We have a 1pm flight after a 4am embarkation, so I assume they'll get us off the ship fairly early...8-9am??? We have a private car picking us up at port, so I'd like to be able to get an idea of disembarkation time for us so that the car is able to meet us. Will Celebrity be able to estimate a time for our car to look for us based on our departure time? I think our service gives us a 45-minute max wait time from the time we tell them. I'll be sure to check with the car company, however, I'd like to know others experience with this process.