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  1. We have booked Silversea many different ways — thru different TAs, and then direct with a cruise consultant. The WORST experience we ever had was booking direct with Silversea. We felt like we’d get better service, more knowledgeable service, etc. Neither was the case. It was horrible…no communication, no information, upselling, etc. I realized they are basically inside commission-based sales reps, some of whom have never set foot on a Silversea ship. It’s a transaction, not a relationship like you would have with a TA. I’m sure there are some excellent ones, but that wasn’t our experience. When we finally found a great TA, it was interesting when we got cold calls at home trying to “poach us” and get us back because we were in the system for direct booking. In your instance, it is unfortunate that you can’t reach anyone. That’s where a TA comes in. TAs have various contacts and avenues with each cruise line to get responses. Their job is to be your advocate. We are very happy to have a knowledgeable and professional full-service TA who has contacts, has traveled extensively and knows how to get things done. In normal times, booking direct is fine, but we are not in normal times and it is important that we have an advocate.
  2. Master Echo, thanks for the commentary. Question: if you still have your cruise ticket, under embarkation, who is listed as the local agent and address in Venice? Ours lists an agent and an address at San Basilio.
  3. Thanks, Les37B and Nowornever. Nowornever… I suspect those arriving by van/car came from the airport or train station. It sounds like you went to Marittima for all the pre-boarding testing, embarkation etc.? Or was it San Basilio? Marittima is the big port, San Basilio is a smaller pier, one level, closer to Venice, and where the MSC ship hit the Unitworld boat(!). The address in the docs for the local agent is San Basilio. I’m good on the procedure (testing/swabbing etc.) as did that for the Moon in Greece so quite easy. Just trying to get a handle on logistics of where to go before Fusina. Will keep everyone posted.
  4. Thanks very much, Les37B. Appreciate the assist! We will be arriving independently at the ship (Moon). Need to go to where embarkation will start (Marittima or San Basilio??) but there is no info in the cruise documents except “ship will be at Fusina Pier” and the contact info for the local agent. I assume we go elsewhere and will be shuttled overland to Fusina. Do you know anyone who arrived independently and where/when they got the embarkation info?
  5. Thanks cruiseej and swindy. I’m thinking either water taxi to San Basilio or Marittima. Will call SS and see if I can get more info. Hopefully some of those embarking at Venice this week will share what the process was and where they got the info.
  6. Just received our emailed docs for the Moon embarkation. I read somewhere on FB that the passengers went to Marittima for pre cruise Covid testing and check in, and then they were shuttled by bus overland to Fusina. The Cruise Ticket we just got doesn’t say that. It says only “ship will be docked at Fusina Pier” (that’s it!) and lists the local agent and local agent address/phone. Has anyone out there embarked at Fusina yet,, how did it work and how did you find out exactly where to go? We’re spending a few days in Venice pre-cruise so we don’t have Silversea transfers. We’re planning on taking a water taxi to wherever we need to go. I want to make sure we go to the right place. Did you have your hotel call the local agent to get info? Or did Silversea provide more specific info? I’m sure there are some of you out there that didn’t use the Silversea transfers.
  7. What was interesting about the email stating the final payment date has been changed to Nov. 30 is that it made no mention of any changes in the cancellation policies or dates. So what happens to the extended cancellation schedule? If you don’t like what they propose on Nov. 30 (or shortly before) can you cancel and get a full refund???? What assumption(s) is everyone making about the cancellation deadlines and penalties?
  8. Not an issue on the Moon. Bathroom door is solid and there is no light under the counter. Someone posted a very good Silver Moon veranda suite tour in the FB Silversea Passengers group if you want to take a closer look.
  9. It always seems these cruises are in shoulder season — which is difficult to sell. Sometimes interesting ports, sometimes not. It’s just labeled Venetian Society sailings to market it. Probably another email today because it’s not selling…
  10. Great pic, but agreed, total tourist trap. And everyone wants to make the pilgrimage. Now they are 20 euros 🙄
  11. Thanks for the thoughts about getting to Fusina from the airport — it certainly looks easier by land but if you are staying in Venice a few days pre-cruise that won’t work. And luggage and the water bus won’t work either. So hoping that a water taxi from the Gritti Palace to Fusina is possible. I expect it to cost a fair amount of $$$. If anyone does this in the next few weeks, please let us know!
  12. Yes, the Bulgari Green Tea is still offered. I can’t recall if the translucent one is 100% glycerin, but it certainly looks like it. The hypo-allergenic is a German brand called Seba Med. I can tell you that it felt like no expense was spared on the Moon, so there was no feeling of “bean counting or penny pinching.” In fact, it felt like the experience was elevated relative to pre-Covid.
  13. Thank you for the info — much appreciated. Don’t want to do ferries or vaporetto. But assume since the ferries/vaporetto go there so can water taxis. Recognize it might be very expensive but it’s only money LOL and we can’t take it with us.
  14. Anyone have any idea if private water taxis can go from the hotels at Piazza San Marco to Fusina? I’m sure it will be pricey, but for those staying pre-cruise in Venice in that area, there’s really no other direct way.
  15. And…do most world cruisers buy the Silversea travel protection/insurance (Allianz) or purchase it independently from another company (such as AIG Travelguard)?
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