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  1. If you really want to be concise, then speak the truth: NCL has decided on maxium safety by only allowing vaccinated guests and crew onboard their ships. That is as concise as it gets. Falsely claiming that children have been banned isn't concise, it is merely inflammatory overblown drama designed to mislead and stir the pot.
  2. If "Everything I have seen says that NCL requires passengers to be 100% vaccinated", then what do you mean by "I have seen conflicting information"? If everything you saw says passengers are required to be vaccinated, then that is consistent, not conflicting.
  3. Lets at least tell the truth without the misleading drama... Nobody was banned, especially children. There is a requirement at this time that all passengers and crew have to be vaccinated....REGARDLESS OF THIER AGE. Has nothing to do with children, it has everything to do with a person's vaccination status.
  4. Turn that logic around and try it the other way. Regular coffee is free and included with your cruise...no drink package of any type is necessary. Does that mean you can simply walk into Starbucks and get a black coffee at no charge?
  5. Lets face it, it really doesn't matter what is "said today" or what people on an online forum think. As long as they tell you the correct information when all is said and done, your really can't ask for more than that, right? If you are concerned about it at this point, then go to Guest Services and have them explain it (ensuring that you also provide them with your interpretation) until you are satisfied that everyone is on the same page. Better now than at the end of the cruise...
  6. Given that the discussion you quoted was about whether or not the two photos were of the same area, I don't see what difference it makes as to what is printed on the plans.
  7. Here is what I find interesting about the pre-testing and the quarantine expenses: The website says: Guests who test positive for COVID-19 and those travelling in the same stateroom, will be denied boarding. If you are denied boarding due to a positive COVID-19 test at embarkation, the cruise line will coordinate and cover costs for travel arrangements for you, and those traveling in the same stateroom, if they are also denied boarding. Norwegian Cruise Line will assist with applicable expenses related to any mandatory quarantine that are not covered by a guests travel insurance only if the guest provides proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test taken within 72-hours prior to their sail date. Proof of negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test taken within 72-hours of sail date must show guest name, date of birth and date the test was taken in order to be eligible. The cruise line will not be able to assist with travel arrangements if a guest is denied boarding as a result of a violating the cruise line’s health and safety protocols. As indicated in the highlighted section, it says they will assist with expenses "that are not covered by a guests travel insurance". What if a guest has a negative test within 72 hours, is denied boarding due to a positive test at the pier, but the guest has no travel insurance? Does this mean that NCL will handle all of the quarantine expenses?
  8. FWIW, what you will find is basically an arcade machine that allows you to bowl. Smaller balls, smaller pins, but it is NOT what is actually known as duck pin bowling.
  9. Still no...I really think that Sthrngary was NOT asking about the money, but was trying to uncover the unknown factors behind the price difference. Not "how much", but "why the difference". OTOH, your entire post and decision was based on the money...again, IMHO. You really didn't focus on Sthrngary's inquiry/topic, but felt the need to explain YOUR reasons for making a choice outside of what is being asked in the thread. Goody for you that you like a Haven Cruise and a High End All Inclusive, neither of which explain the factors that explain the price difference that Sthrngary asked about.
  10. Well, I wouldn't call him "wrong" per se, just micro focused. One could talk about cruise lines, different ships, entertainment options, food offerings, ports, etc. Notice that the only factor discussed was MONEY. Notice that he "loves the haven...it is my preferred vacation" and "I've never been on a Celebrity cruise", yet he picked an unknown over his preferred because...MONEY. Different strokes for different folks...that is why you have to make your choice based on what is important to YOU...where YOU find value...not on the opinions and preferences of others.
  11. As a good icebreaker for your Meet & Greet, I like to make nametags for everyone who signs up on the roll call. Here is a sample from a prior cruise on the Gem showing the Front and Back of the name tag: As people sign in, pull their name tags and put them in a "hat". Once you are ready to start, walk around the room and let everyone select a random tag from the hat. You get to mingle by walking around the room trying to find the person whose tag you have. EDIT: In the actual name tag, the word "Sample" is replaced with their actual first name, and "ScreenName" is replaced with their Cruise Critic name (or if they are with a Cruise Critic member the CC name of that member).
  12. As an aside, is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Cruise Critic members seem to change Latitude levels in between back-to-back cruises an awful lot? I'm honestly surprised that this isn't an FAQ or pinned topic given how often it seems to happen.
  13. Something to keep in mind with these slides. Given that they are supposed to be slides from the upper pool deck to the waterfront, don't assume that these are water slides. They very well could be "dry" slides exactly like those found on the RCCL ships.
  14. While I appreciate what you are trying to do, I think it is your premise that is at fault here. You seem to me making a price comparison while looking at vastly different things. Alaska is a premium itinerary as it is limited to only a few months a year (months that also happen to be peak vacation season), and you are attempting to compare that with the Western Caribbean in early December...which is when cruise pricing is at its lowest. I'd say this is apples to oranges, but it really isn't even close to that. IMHO, not a valid comparison.
  15. Just follow the thread...and the discussion. (See, for example, post 1898) one slide port, two slides starboard.
  16. The pictures actually face the same direction (forward)...one shows the starboard side, while the other shows port.
  17. The OP said no such thing. The ship leaving Port Canaveral on Monday IS painted with the new livery...it just does not match the ship in the photo Carnival has on their website.
  18. So I gotta ask... Carnival posted this pic on their website to show off the Carnival Magic's new livery Not sure what this is a pic of, but it is NOT the Magic. Here is the Magic leaving Port Canaveral yesterday: Can't help but notice --Different basketball court --Carnival logo on the side of the ship is in a different place --Magic has 9 lifeboats on a side, but the website pic shows 15 Why the fake picture and just what ship is this that has 15 lifeboats on a side? (Even the Mardi Gras doesn't have that many).
  19. Not sure what you are referencing, but this is not the Free @ Sea wifi offer. From the Free @ Sea terms and conditions: I have NEVER been charged an activation fee for either the Free @ Sea wifi OR for the internet minutes you get from being Platinum or above.
  20. Not really. To be honest, the OP decided to cancel his booking and get his money back on the CruiseFirst. Once the OP realized that there is no refund on a CruiseFirst, instead of just accepting the consequences of the decision to cancel, the OP decided to "blame" NCL by accusing them of bait-and-switch. NCL does advertise the Drink Package The gratuity is mentioned TWICE and the first mention is not in "fine print". When you buy a drink package, you are charged for: a) the cost of the drink package, and b) the cost of the gratuity. NCL advertises the drink package for free, the don't advertise the gratuities for free. They cover the cost of one, you cover the cost of the other. Always remember, when someone complains about "fine print" they really mean "It was there, but I didn't bother to read it. (If I claim "fine print", then it isn't my fault, right?)"
  21. The search feature is the best way to find posts/threads that you are interested in. While we aren't supposed to point out spelling errors, FWIW you are saying "Jewell" when it is actually "Jewel"...make sure you use the correct one in the search. Another way to find posts is at the top of the page. There is a feature "Find Posts About" and then you select the ship from a dropdown. As to the teenager question, it depends on the teenager and what they like and what they don't like. Without knowing what interests a particular teen, it is difficult to say whether or not they will be bored.
  22. No need to Google anything. The article being discussed is linked by the OP and is available for all to read. That very article is date-timestamped by Newsweek indicating that the article has not been changed, so please don't try the "it was there, but now its gone" excuse. Just own the fact that you made stuff up that just wasn't there. The very definition of misinformation.
  23. Yes, I am serious. Are you? The topic being discussed on this thread is the one article referenced by the OP. You made claims about that article, claims that you can't back up. You tried to add drama when none was present. First it was "no problems", then it was "tiny rooms and deadly 100+ degree heatwaves", and now its "have you read all the articles". Sheesh, quit flailing and stick to the topic. If you read some other article not linked by the OP that discuss this particular situation, then link to them at the time you make your claims. Or just stop with the disinformation.
  24. It should also be pointed out that this couple wasn't quarantined in this room for 19 days. The article clearly states that they were quarantined twice, once for 10 days and again LATER for 7 days...in DIFFERENT hotels. The article also states that they spend a total of 19 days in hotels, but only 17 under quarantine.
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