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  1. Does anyone know if Tortuga Pineapple Rum or other flavored rums ( banana, mango) can be purchased at the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory at the Royal Dockyard? Is it available on Bermuda cruise ships or any other store in Bermuda you can think of? We bought some at a little gift shop in Jamaica, but only a small bottle and it is gone... Thanks in advance!:)
  2. andymattymom can i also have fritz phone number? flying into ft laud in oct need ride for 3 of us to holidayinn port of miami ispooks@aol.com thanks!
  3. Hi We are flying in late Saturday night to Orlando, before a Freedom of the Seas cruise. We are staying at Embassy Suites at Orlando airport and need a shuttle or taxi for 5 people plus luggage to Pt. Canaveral the next morning and from Pt. Canaveral to a Disney hotel after the cruise. Any suggestions on reliable companies is appreciated. Thanks in advance!:)
  4. After reading reviews for hours, I have decided on Mr. Sanchos all-inclusive package... thanks to everyone!
  5. Family with 22 & 17 y.o. - confused about where to spend the day. Playa Mia or Chankanaab, or Paradise, or another beach. Nobody wants to swim with any animals, just want to spend a nice day, nice beach & pool, and food & drinks. Any recommendations are appreciated...:)
  6. we are going on Aug 9th cruise with 2 families - we have a 16 and 21 y.o and our friends have a 17 & 20 y.o. should be some teens onboard, but my kids like the smaller teen clubs, as well...
  7. how were the nightly shows?
  8. We are sailing on Valor in August - anyone have info on entertainment, shows, etc... Food and MDR shows by staff? Music by the pool? Never done Carnival before with the family - lots of questions... Thanks in advance!:)
  9. We are going in August - would love fun times and shows, as well... ispooks@aol.com thanks! did u try steakhouse?
  10. ispooks

    Barbados Segway

    hi just wondering if anyone did Barbados Segway - either booking direct thru company or thru cruise line... did u like it? thanks in advance! Karen:)
  11. We are trying to decide if we want to book the Captain's Suite on Carnival Valor - cant get dimensions or photos easily - we will be 5 people. Is it 1 or 2 bedroom? How does pullman bed work for 5th person? Is it worth the extra $? Any help or photos is appreciated... Thanks in advance!:)
  12. To be honest, I wasn't disgruntled until NCL refunded the passengers on the Spirit 2/7 of their total cruise fare the very next week after we received a mere $100 per cabin, regardless of category. Big difference in treatment. That's my gripe...unfair treatment for the very same issue within one week of each other. That's just wrong. this is exactly what my letter was about... unfair treatment. i take offense to the people replying to this thread assuming what my letter was about - i asked a simple question about a time frame - it is not open for discussion to assume what i wrote my letter about and i certainly do not want to start another insurance/hurricane thread - this is not about why the cruise was shortened. thanks to the people who tried to answer my question.
  13. I wrote a letter to both Kevin Sheehan and the public relations department of NCL regarding our shortened Gem cruise... how long should it be until I get a response? thanks in advance:)
  14. I also just returned from the shortened Gem cruise... while we had a great time on vacation, the $100 OBC does not come close to the cost of our room for the night, either... I was not happy at all when I read that the passengers on this newly shortened Spirit cruise will receive 2 nights compensation... They need to treat both situations the same - this would seriously impact my decision to sail with NCL again - and I have sailed with them numerous times. They cannot treat these 2 situations differently, as they are caused by the same reason!
  15. Great Review! We are sailing 8/28 and staying a few doors away from where you did... Any input on teen club? my son is almost 14 and loves most teen clubs - have not done NCL as teen yet... thanks in advance!
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