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  1. cruzinismyname

    Price increases

    It just did a couple of months ago I think
  2. We did the same itinerary, same ship, and same room once
  3. cruzinismyname

    Cannot find answer to.........

    thanks everyone!!
  4. cruzinismyname

    Cannot find answer to.........

    .......which nights are the elegant ones on the Sunshine 8 day Southern. Nov 23 depart Port Canaveral Sea day Sea day Aruba 1-11 Curacao 8-4 Sea day Grand Turk 8-4 Sea day Debark Thanks!!
  5. If anyone can share the 3 day Inspiration fun times it would be appreciated! TIA!
  6. cruzinismyname

    cozumel port

    Thank you lisajm and soccersharon! Much appreciated!!
  7. cruzinismyname

    cozumel port

    Is there only 1 port in Cozumel? Need the name. Going on the Breeze next week. Need to know for private excursion. Thanks!
  8. cruzinismyname

    Admission to Blue Hole Going Up Nov. 15, 2015?

    Yes we were notified too. Maybe they will improve that road up there....ha!
  9. cruzinismyname

    Falmouth dock or tendered?

    Can anyone tell me if the Carnival Breeze will be docked or tendered in Falmouth? TIA :)
  10. cruzinismyname

    Marvyn Paradise Tours?

    We did exactly the same thing a year ago. Marvyn was our driver and he is so knowledgable of his country with lots of info. We go back next January and plan to use him again taking friends and family this time. No need to worry, you are in good hands with his company. The Blue Hole is amazing!
  11. cruzinismyname

    FINALLY... Booked on the Breeze!! Basketball Question

    We were on the Breeze a year ago and when it comes to basketball I'm 53 and try to act like a 20 year old on the court. lol One day they had an organized tourney and made teams of 5 from however many signed up. It wasn't much but enough to get my bball junkie out of me. Look for it on your fun times. Have fun!
  12. cruzinismyname

    NFC Championship game (GO PACK GO!)

    Go hawks!!!!!!!
  13. cruzinismyname

    Private Tour Marvin Gayle?

    We also used Marvyns paradise Tours in January and without a doubt recommend him. We requested Marvyn as a our driver for the 4 of us and took us to the Blue Hole, a tour around the area, lunch at Scotchies and some time at a beach. He was very informative, funny and cared about our well being. Answered my emails very quickly. You will not be disappointed!
  14. cruzinismyname

    10289 BREEZE Cabin pics, info

    Just like what we hoped for! We booked 10288 on the other side 15 months ago for the 6 day cruise and paid $863 total! It is going to be so cool to just walk right out our door to the pool and eats! We leave a week from Sunday! woohoo!!! Thanks for the vid! :D