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  1. We also received a small "free" upgrade on 2/23 Anthem cruise. Booked an obstructed balcony GTY. Six weeks later a regular balcony (not sure the Cat No.) on Deck 14 was assigned. For the first time (as I learned here at CC), we requested , through the TA, to change the assigned cabin to a cabin near my son's family on deck 9. We are now assigned a regular cabin on Deck 9 close to them .
  2. My guess for the main reason the Diamond Princess was able to dock at Yokohama is the percentage of Japanese passengers on her . What Japan is going to do with so many fellow country persons. Yokohama is also base port. Only handful of Japanese are on Westerdam. I was wondering the comment as well. Only special labs in Japan can perform the PCR tests and apparently the test takes several hours. So it is a very time consuming exercise as they also test on all 600+ Japanese nationals repatriated by special chartered airplanes from Wuhan. They are all quarantined. Make sense to prioritize the testing. I was interested in taking a similar but shorter cruise on the Diamond Princess in Spring so I am following the news closely. As of Friday. After a brief interview with all passengers/crews with filled questionnaire, originally 120 (with fever, coughing, etc) + 153 (closed contact with the corona virus diagnosed HK passenger) = total 273 passengers/crews received PCR tests. With three batches of above test results: 10 +10 +41 = 61 were positive (22% of tested). Additional 6 passengers/crew(s) who needed medical attention (unrelated) or spouse/closed contact with the above 61 positive passengers/crew(s) were tested: 3 were positive. Total tested: 279 Total positive: 64 28 Japanese, 13 American, 7 each Canadian and Australian……. 1 serious condition who had unrelated medical condition Currently additional passengers/crews who had closed contact with the above positive passengers/crews are been tested. The HK passenger was briefly in Shenzhen, China before he came to Tokyo and coughing the day before embarking the Diamond Princess. He also took a cruise bus tour with around 40 people in a Japanese port. What I found interesting is so far only 1 crew member was positive out of 64. Although I do not know the ratio of passengers/crews tested, is this because crews were trained to have better health practice such as wash hands, etc.? Re crew quarantine This is my guess: Only essential crews are working. no room attendance so very limited laundry staff, no wait staff except room service, no bartenders, no store clerks, so most of crews may be quarantined? Apparently the biggest issue on the ship right now is running out of prescriptions. I hope everyone gets what needed soon. I take some extras on travel but never thought of taking extra two weeks.
  3. You were right. When I went to the Next Cruise office the first thing on 17th on board AdOS, the price was up. Will keep checking now as no change from previous week on BF price.
  4. Just back from AdOS. They are not stock with the regular milk at the Windjammers but you can always get it from a server. I got it at the main dining room as well, lunch and breakfast. (never tried at Main Dining dinner). They are very slightly pink(?) in the glass. I have requested it on the other ships. It takes a little longer sometimes so order it as soon as when you sit at the table. You may not be able to keep it in the fridge as the fridge is not cool or cold enough.
  5. I clicked senior and Ontario, then somehow I got higher than when I only clicked senior. So I will try both from now on. I am leaving tomorrow morning for a Sunday cruise, I know $1590 is much better than 6 days AdOS's, hopefully it will be still there. Yes, officially I am now TOcruisers. When I created the handle name, I was just north of Toronto and used TO for the exact reason you mentioned.
  6. Thank you for your responses. At least I thought I was getting $25 more Balcony discount than Diamond discount (whichever math RCCL uses). Thank you also about the resident discount. I stopped using it because when I used it with senior discount in the past, somehow I was getting higher total. I am hoping to get a NEXT cruise certificate on board next week on AdOS to get an additional OBC. Coralc, thank you too.
  7. Please help me figured this out. Finally got the Diamond Plus status. I needed to book a couple of family cruises so I waited until I became the Diamond Plus. (Additional $25 is better than nothing). No change in the balcony discount. CAD$266 before Diamond Plus and CAD$266 after Diamond Plus. I was expecting at least $25 more. For example, 7 days Anthem Feb 23, 2020 for two (CAD) Senior discount without Bal discount GTY Bal CAD$1,893 ($2358 -136 (flash sale)-66 (DEAL code)-667 (BOGO60 Disc) plus $404 tax Senior discount with C&A Bal discount GTY Bal CAD$1,802 ($2,358 -66 (DEAL code) – 628 (BOGO60 Disc) - $266 (Balc Disc) plus $404 tax I cleared the cashe etc. but no difference. I think I should receive US$250-25 (less than 6 mos), but it seems I only get a net of CAD$91 as a balcony discount. Is this right?
  8. Just back from Canada/New England cruise. I also wanted to do it all or the worst Hopewell Rocks but the tide did not co-operate. Check the tide schedule someone posted and see if possible. We rented a car and went to the Reversing Falls first, spent some time. Then we went to St. Martins, but the tide was not low enough so we had something to eat at a restaurant and waited. Then I went into the Caves. We then went back to Reversing Falls to see the difference. Easy drive and parking. If the tide schedule works out, I will do Hopewell Rocks through the cruise tour. Or come back by land tour to do it all as it takes time to enjoy the changes happening. We rented a car from Enterprises at 10 Crown as Avid and Budget near the port had nothing available. Enterprises picked us up and dropped us at the port. If I have seen the post below before our cruise, I may have considered doing what they did so that we can do the Hopewell Rocks, St Martins and St. Andrews and Peggy's Cove all at once. Oh well, the next time.
  9. Just back from the Canada/New England cruise and rented a car from Enterprise at 10 Crown. I called them first and was told to just call when we disembark at the port. We were told to wait at the parking lot across from the port and got picked up quickly. It was very easy. They also drop us off at the port when we returned the car. The other location was, we were told, trucks only. We tried Avis and Budget but both were fully booked. So book early.
  10. Well, as it stands now, we have to play (or drive?) by ear although we continue further researching. We are in Saint John on Sept 10th, how about you?
  11. Good to hear. I have no room for pairs of boots in my luggage. We stopped taking one each of luggage long time ago to save a few bucks.
  12. Thank you for the great video. I am very surprised by the empty road! What did you wear on the bed at St Martins? I am still not sure our timing works out or not at St. Martins, but we will try. Since it did not look too crowded, you did not have problems parking? kmerlin14 above mentioned where I can go to park.
  13. Thank you for the link. It certainly looks spectacular. If the low tide at St Martins does not work out for us, this maybe a very nice drive part way.
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