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  1. Well, as it stands now, we have to play (or drive?) by ear although we continue further researching. We are in Saint John on Sept 10th, how about you?
  2. Good to hear. I have no room for pairs of boots in my luggage. We stopped taking one each of luggage long time ago to save a few bucks.
  3. Thank you for the great video. I am very surprised by the empty road! What did you wear on the bed at St Martins? I am still not sure our timing works out or not at St. Martins, but we will try. Since it did not look too crowded, you did not have problems parking? kmerlin14 above mentioned where I can go to park.
  4. Thank you for the link. It certainly looks spectacular. If the low tide at St Martins does not work out for us, this maybe a very nice drive part way.
  5. Thank you for the detailed info and tips. I will be the navigator. Do you have any idea/guess when is the best timing to see the cave with the above tide schedule?l
  6. We (2) are considering renting a car and visit the caves in St. Martins then Reversing Falls (Rapids) or vise versa. The tide schedule for Sept 10 is as follows and we will be there 7:30 am -6:30 pm. 1. Since it takes 40+ mins each way, is it correct to understand we will not be able to visit the bed of river and caves that day? Also if the lowest tide is 1.9 m, can you actually walk around the river bed/caves at the lowest tide? I prefer not to take two pairs of long rain boots if possible. 2. What will be the best route to maximize the tide schedule on Sept 10. 3. Is there enough parking space near the caves area in St Martins and Reversing Falls viewing area in Saint John? Any advice or tips are appreciated. 9/10/19 (Tuesday) Saint John Time Height ADT (m) (ft) 3:59 1.5 4.9 10:12 7 23 16:23 1.7 5.6 22:33 7.4 24.3 9/10/19 (Tuesday) St Martins Time Height ADT (m) (ft) 3:59 1.9 6.2 10:18 8.3 27.2 16:23 2.2 7.2 22:39 8.6 28.2
  7. Hi 138east, Thank you so much for this find. Although when I got there, it had already disappeared, so I kept checking. It appeared again last night and after checking a few photos (because I wanted to make sure it was on PATH), I found it to be the Westin Jersey City Newport. Sure enough after US$127.54 ($97 plus tax and $5 insurance-not sure about it) later, we are booked into Westin Jersey City Newport on PATH. Apparently no free WifI and free breakfast, but with over $100 saving, I can buy a lot of breakfast and wifi. Thank you again. Any recommendation for a modest priced restaurant (dinner)?
  8. Hi 123east, When I read the sticky post above re PATH with the illustration, I now understand what you meant. Thank you. I must have missed $97 Hotwire , but that is an another place I should check occasionally. Haven't look at Hotwire/Priceline for a several years now. I will keep eye on Courtyard Marriott Newport as well. Thank you again.
  9. HI 138east Thank you for the responses. For Sept 5, we booked yesterday a refundable res at Candlewood Suites Jersey City Harborside @US199 plus taxes before I saw your response. This should be near Newport. Being from Toronto, this will be approx C$300 but it seems everything is much higher than last year and wanted not to miss a reasonable one. Hotwire choice sounds too good to be true but will definitely check. I will also look into Doubletree Hilton Penn Station, especially if we don't book earlier morning flights, i.e. not enough time to go to New York. For Feb., I will definitely follow your advice and book a refundable res now. It seems that Feb prices are much cheaper at the moment. Please kindly clarify re weekend construction. This applies to the weekend only so not applicable to Sept trip? Also If I book a hotel with the access to Newport, Grove or Newark Pen Station, will we have to change to Ferry at Exchange Place to Manhattan? Thank you again for your responses.
  10. Hi 138east, Our first time visit to New Jersey last October, by your recommendation, we stayed at the Resident Inn Jersey City thru the Last Minutes and it was great. The location was so convenient to go to "downtown" New York and the Statue of Liberty. We PATHed, lyfted (used it the first time 2) and had a great time. Thank you for the great suggestion. Now for 138east and others, Q1. We are going again on Sept 5th for one night but Resident Inn Jersey City does not show up in the Last Minutes site and $279 at an other site. Do you have any other suggestion? We paid US$200 incl. taxes last year for 2 of us and prefer to keep it under that price. The convenience (closed to PATH) and safety are other preferences. Is Doubletree by Hilton Newark Penn Station on PATH? Q2. We are also thinking to go on Anthem on Feb 23, 2020 with our son's family (2 adults and 2 kids, 6 and 4). Will you have a different recommendation for family with kids? Thank you in advance.
  11. Our stop at Bonaire was cancelled last minutes and we had to cancel Woodwind (we have done them once before). Now I am looking for an another snorkelling tour from boat as my spouse wants to take a tour rather than shore snorkelling that we have done few times at Aruba, Curacao and St. Thomas in the past. We are not drinkers and I don't care for lunch etc. but best snorkelling experience as well as a washroom facility will be nice. Any recommendation/suggestion are appreciated. We are leaving in a few days and finding far more time to find anything with this new format.
  12. Thank you Mandream and Lovcrusn. Somehow I guessed the answer =:( But good to know for future bookings that you cannot get the top category such C1.
  13. Thank you for the link. Also the first Celebrity cruiser and I have a couple of questions on the benefits. "One category upgrade applicable through Aqua Class*** (based on availability at time of booking" Currently booked C2. Can I go up to Aqua Class? Not familiar with the category. "Captain's Club Coffee House and Captain's Club Cocktail Lounge" Where is the CC Coffee House and do they serve specialty coffee (hoping as I do not drink alcohol)?
  14. Thank you for the responses. The speciality coffee is the only Diamond benefit I can enjoy as I cannot drink Alcohol. I have to wait till my next RCCL cruise.
  15. First Celebrity cruise. Could you please provide more detail about Elite breakfast and drinks? For example, do they still provide the freshly squeeze orange juice? RCCL has the Diamond lounge and if it is not broken, D members can make a cup of speciality coffee any time of the day from the special coffee machine. You can also request a free cup of speciality coffee at MDR and buffet during breakfast period. If we want a hot breakfast and a cup of free speciality coffee where do Elites go? Can we "take out" a cup of speciality coffee from the Elite breakfast ?
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