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  1. Check out Luggage Forward prices from US as well. I used them to ship a bag to Dover, and it was about half the price you mentioned. Do some homework on ratings. There are several threads on this forum from a year or so ago.
  2. Perhaps I wasn’t clear in my earlier post, but we received a refund For a fully paid cruise on day 90, June 8. I noticed it hasn’t been entered on the spreadsheet. Thank you for the effort involved in this project. It has been helpful.
  3. Success at 90 days!!! It showed up on credit card in 3 separate payments. Not sure if there was a cc delay.
  4. Thanks for starting this sharing of information. Sail date. August 30 2020. Fully paid. Cancellation on March 10 through TA who said to expect Sapphire VISA Credit Card refund in 10 to 15 days! Still waiting! Since we made the deposit in May 2017, we gave Crystal an interest free loan over 3 years ago. We have dearly loved our previous Crystal experiences, but we are progressively becoming disenchanted.
  5. The first champagne toast, a special one we improvised on embarkation day years ago sitting by the Dining Room window in Miami Memorable sail aways, always special with Louis. Favorites include a St Petersburg sail away during a leisurely balcony dinner served by Jaison. We sailed past islands, one with gold onion domed churches. What a Wonderful World.
  6. Roy, I’ve been following your journey since the first day. While I’m sorry you weren’t able to achieve your goal (ironic that a second virus derailed this trip), I’m genuinely happy to know you arrived safely in Maryland. Thank you for your diligence in providing an excellent, detailed account of what turned out to be an adventure none of us could have foreseen. My best to you as you rest and no doubt dream of future travel.
  7. Julia, it’s been a number of years since we were on the Symphony in Bordeaux, but we docked at the area you mentioned. We looked out at Place de la Bourse from our cabin. It was a gorgeous sight. We love Bordeaux and subsequently spent a week in the city. Should you dock there, you won’t need a shuttle. Bordeaux is a very walkable city.
  8. Roy, I appreciate your thorough explanation about how you plan your trips. I jotted down a couple of the sites you mentioned. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your adventures. I hope you achieve your longtime goal this year.
  9. Ryndam Congratulations on your upgrade. It will make your trip home far more enjoyable. It’s great you enjoyed your time in Singapore. Thanks for sharing this unusual adventure.
  10. Onesoutherngirl, I’m so sorry. I’m certain that other members of this board send their sympathy and best wishes for a smooth passage back to the States for your loved ones aboard the Symphony. I feel sure that if you had asked someone on this board to help your FIL communicate with you, there would have been several onboard volunteers Yes, Rob has been a reliable, reasonable source of information. We all owe him our gratitude. Best wishes to all the guests and wonderful Symphony crew as you dock in Singapore.
  11. I agree with previous posts that have praised your daily contributions to this forum. Your measured information about the virus development and its impact on your itinerary have been interesting. In addition, I’m enjoying your accounts on onboard life. Enjoy the remainder of your cruise. It sounds wonderful.
  12. Mr Stickman Thanks for the entertaining and informative posts plus all the great photographs. Having several people on this cruise share each day onboard and in port has been great fun. It’s apparent that your Merry Band of friends has a great time. I’m looking forward to the story of your lobster dinner.
  13. I am also appreciative of your dedication to posting the accounts of your days and your observations. It is a pleasure to read each of them. Thank you.
  14. Wow to all the photos on this thread. They are stunning.
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