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  1. Hello Dawn, I was very excited to see your brief post about a Segway tour in Cartagena! We took a Segway tour in San Diego years ago, loved, loved, loved Segway! How long was your ship in port? Which tour did you do? Our ship is in port from 7am to 1pm. We are thinking about the 8am, 70 min tour and to get us back by 11am. But are concerned we only have limited time to spend in port. Did you use the pre-arranged pick up service or your own taxi? Any additional hints or tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Sweetp.
  2. You cannot go wrong with Smart Casual...on HAL is what you are comfortable...just not jeans or shorts for dining in both venues. There will be peeps in gala wear who are perfectly comfy and happy, and there will be the smart casual diners perfectly comfy and happy too! Master dining room is great, and the Pinnacle is more up scale...again, Smart Casual will work for both. You will still receive same service, same food wearing gala or smart casual. :D Enjoy the fabulous service on HAL! /sweet
  3. My wife and I are transitioning from FLL thru Panama onto Vancouver (20 days). Wondering if there will be other LGBT cruisers on same. /sweetp
  4. We empty our own fridges...placing contents into the storage compartment in the round stool. We just inform the steward what we have done. And we put it back on last night. /sweetp
  5. We LOVE the AFT....it is our personal preference. Watching the wake is like watching a campfire. We have seen so much from our AFT cabins...we will only book AFT, other than the Neptune Penthouse of course.:p We are booked to do Panama re-positioning next april...and have booked 5th deck AFT this time. We had 8th floor 10 years ago, loved it. Only one issue, gentlemen above was banging his cane on the deck...he stopped immediately when our cruise mate popped upstairs. We wanted 5th this time around to be a bit closer to the action thru the locks. Sweetp.
  6. We did receive a quote from Dora. It is slightly more than HAL...but off course less people which we would much prefer. Oh what to do, what to do...nice to have this dilemma for sure! sweetp
  7. Thank you Goldenbonny for your reply. Really, our short stay in port (arrive 7am- depart 1pm) enough time to grab a cab, walk the old city, do the inquisition and grab another cab and be back by 11:30am? I had heard the traffic can be nutz there...and there is only one road in/out to the port/city. Can you speak to that factually? ...and safe to walk the old city for two women on their own? As you can tell, we prefer not to do a ship excursion in Cartagena. :p /sweetp
  8. Thank you Dee2673 for info on Explore 4 package. It sounds interesting...will watch to see if HAL offers same for our cruise. /sweetp
  9. Thank you Cruiserbruce...splitting hairs indeed...we shall stay with 5192 thru the Panama! :D
  10. Hey CC'rs. Looking for advice on choice for our 20 day Panama repo cruise next spring....which has the roomier and better for viewing the locks (up close and personal view) on Niew Amsterdam, 5192 or 4189? 4189 looks deeper. We are already booked in 5192...like a roomier balcony and also like to be up and personal to view the locks while transiting thru. Advice to switch or stay with 5192? Sweetp.
  11. We picked up our cruise with the anniversary sale...but what is Explore 4? /gail.
  12. So exciting for the pending opening of the expanded Panama Canal! We will be going thru next April...we did the same repositioning cruise 10 years ago. We saw the early stage of expansion back then... We will be on the AFT, 5th deck on the Nieuw Amsterdam. One of the most amazing sights and sounds that day back in 2007. I think we could do this same cruise over and over again. Looking forward to watch the event on the TV...would be nice in person! Thanks OP for this thread! SweetP
  13. Thank you for the review of Dora tour. May I ask how many hours was the tour? and how many hours were the ship in port? I am flip/flopping to use Dora or do a ship's excursion. We are only in port from 7am to 1pm. Not a lot of time. We'd much prefer a private tour, but not sure if we schedule for 8am and return us back by 11:30 am is reasonable or risky. Your thoughts would be appreciated. :) Sweetp.
  14. This is great info. Does the unlimited laundry service exclude dry cleaning? or include? /sweetp
  15. rslandarch, thank you for sharing your experiences. We have found similar situations but that was about 5 years ago. We are happy to pay if we are asked to. If they don't pick up on our carry on when we return to the ship, we won't speak up. After taste testing at home, we'll likely order lots of bon voyage, plus carry on additional bag of special wine in an easy carry bag. We'll gladly pay corkage. Purchasing the bon voyage balances out the costs...and we hope the Canadian dollar gets stronger by next april. Our next trip will be 20 days...and a girl has to have her wine selection! Sweetp.
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