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  1. It's $79 on the two Empress sailings I'm on in October... but the price says for the next two hours only.
  2. I wish I'd caught that sale! I've never seen it that low on any cruise line. I had just booked a b2b on Empress and it would have made the vacay that much more perfect. So I guess I'll just bring a couple bottles of wine on board each cruise. C'est la vie.
  3. 3 night on Empress on two October cruises I'm on is listed at $79 for the next 2 hours
  4. If you are in different cabins on the two cruises, let your cabin attendant know and he can help arrange a luggage cart to move your items to the new cabin on the swap-out day. Most cruise lines help with that process so you may not have to take clothes off hangars and put in suitcases, etc. You won't get to use the new cabin until it gets cleaned, but they usually let you put your stuff in the closet until the cabin is ready.
  5. One of the best excursions in PV is the Marigalante pirate ship cruise with breakfast, bbq lunch, open bar, pirate show, beach time, snorkel time for those who want it, etc. My sons loved it when I took them years ago. It's popular with all ages for different reasons.
  6. I've traveled solo often since my husband died in 2009. We lived in the Caribbean at that time and traveled constantly; so with all the other changes in life finding myself suddenly single, I didn't want to give up travel, too. Solo cruises work well, both for the safety factor and because you have so many chances to have companionship for various things if you wish it or do your own thing when that's what feels right. Sometimes I travel with a friend or a family member, but with my work schedule I tend to get sudden opportunities to take some time off. I booked a 10-night trip today for 18 days from now, for example. That makes it hard to find a travel companion. Staying home alone or traveling alone?... hmmm... I'll take the traveling alone every time! I dine solo some nights, but also enjoy joining a group for dinner to talk about our day in port or plans for the next day. Often, there are quite a few solo travelers on board looking for that same loose connection. I usually find a few people to group up for trivia or just for drinking wine and watching the ocean roll by. The Roll Call and Meet & Greet are a good way to start. For a Mediterranean cruise, the Roll Call was instrumental in arranging great tours with some fun people.
  7. NCL's "free" packages aren't anywhere near free considering what you have to pay additionally to qualify... and then pay more in tips on top of that.
  8. On your Roll Call question... click here: https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/?cruise_line_id=24 That takes you to a list of upcoming sailings on Norwegian. Find the one for your ship name and date of departure. That roll call is for your specific cruise and you can connect with people who will be onboard with you prior to departure. On Western Caribbean cruises, it's common for there to be a lot of SCUBA divers onboard hoping to dive in Caymans, Cozumel, Roatan, Belize, etc. They can assist your research and maybe together you can find a great deal on a dive excursion. If you don't find your specific ship/sailing date in the main list at this link, click where it says "if you don't find your roll call Click Here" and you can see more.
  9. You can check PADI's website for dive operators at various locations. Sometimes you can find specials that way or links to reviews from past customers. Emailing a dive shop to outline your diving experience level and what you are looking for can sometimes improve the product they sell you. I've been an instructor for 20 years and I let dive shops know I'm looking for more extreme diving and not a cattle boat on a damaged reef. 90% of the time I get great rates and personalized dives in the best areas.
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