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  1. What should we not miss?? Food and dining? Pools? Shows? Doing 4 day coastal from LA, San Diego, Ensenada, at Sea, and back. Been to all those places, but specifically would like to know about Princess! When can you board? Do you have to go by time listed (lanes)? Any specific dishes to try? Give us details!!!
  2. My DH and I both had the surgery. I don't think we would even consider a specialty one unless we got a buy one get one free offer on board, because we are cruising with family. Legitimate question!
  3. I am so glad your wife is doing better! My thoughts and prayers are with you both. My DH and I always get travel insurance and have used it once due to an unexpected death. We pay for it every time, but it really was worth it compared to what we would have lost. In the one instance, it made up for all the past cruises that we did buy it.
  4. Royal is very good about working with passengers with disabilities! Very understanding and polite and caring! It is our fellow cruisers you need to watch out for: I cannot tell you the number of times people have literally run me down and knocked me over, ended up on my lap, tried to step over me, tried to cut in front me trying to "race" ahead, jostled me roughly, and then look at me like I am the problem as I try to maneuver my wheelchair to be out of the way of the general crowd. Thank goodness my DH and DS watch out for me as they have learned as well. They are my advocates (politely) as it can be get really old being run over. Several times, I have had people grab my cane thinking it was their own (now put brightly colored ribbons on the cane along with panda stickers and my name in sparkly stickers; that has cut down on the cane grabs! Airports are the worst! Just keep a smile on your face and be patient and respectful. I am sure there are people with disabilities that cause issues as well. I am only referencing my personal experiences as a disabled person. I have not knowingly been mean to fellow passengers. I am sure I have had a brain fart and cut someone off but I try to be conscious and apologize when I do it. Usually it adults (not children or teens) that are such in a hurry to get some where---please do your research and plan accordingly. Most excursions give you a wonderful definition of what is accessible and what is not. Leave plenty of time to arrive at your destination because you might be waiting a some time for an elevator or for the crowd to die down so one can maneuver. I cannot stress that enough!!!!! Plan Plan Plan! Enjoy!
  5. It is not Broadway but Evil Dead! My DH and I are both MSU alumni.
  6. My DH and I love GOS---never had any issues with the food: If I don't have to do the shopping, prep, and clean-up, that is a huge thing for me!!!
  7. SAVORY BITES---just ask your waiter the first night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Sorry, we do not care for the Solarium food at the Park Buffet nor the fight to get a table. Just our own dining preferences! ENJOY your cruise! It is what you make it!!!!!
  9. I love it! However, not seen it on board yet. You must know how to cook it and always get "name brand".
  10. You can board anytime, but get to the cruise terminal early so you can get checked in and have lunch in the Windjammer (Usually opens around 11ish) before it gets too crowded. Use the hand sanitizer provided. Take a carry-on bag with swimsuits so you can get in the pool and hot tubs. Your cabin will be available at 1:00 pm. Luggage may arrive all at once or in spurts. Carry any meds in your carry-on. The crews are fabulous! Ask for "savory bites" in the Main Dining Room in the bread offering...wonderful but not always available unless you ask for it. Do one breakfast and at least one lunch in the Main Dining Room: delicious! You will get to sit with different people! All alcohol has a 18% gratuity added. Alcohol, soda, etc, and specialty dining restaurants have costs. If they ask for your "SeaPass" card, it usually is not included in the standard cruise fare. The SeaPass is your room key and required for leaving and boarding the ship. They will hole punch it at customer service desk on board if you want to use a lanyard. You will have your photo taken and it is linked to your SeaPass. Don't miss the Love and Marriage game show and the "Quest". What happens at the "Quest" stays at the "Quest"....participate if you can!!! Free seasickness pills available at customer service and the medical deck: works better than anything RX or over the counter according to my family. Go to the meet and mingle! Network and talk to cruisers and the crew. The most information I received was actually from other cruisers, CC, and the waiters! Have a great time! These are only some basics I learned on CC before I went on my first cruise. It is probably standard business for most cruise lines.
  11. 14 days till GOS Oct 17! We got our cabin assignments!!!! HURRAY!!!
  12. As a auto-immune disease sufferer, I appreciate when people use hand sanitizers and wash hands! Everyone little bit helps! So thank you all!
  13. I love the crews on RC and Celebrity! My favorite time is really when we first board and they say "Welcome Home" and when we leave they say "Don't stay too long away from home!" Just love them! They are always friendly and gracious!
  14. I personally think the Key is a waste of money and just another way to get cruisers to spend money. JMHO. My DH and I cruise on the bare basics and are just fine. Yes, I am cheap and proud of it! LOL
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