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  1. Thanks for posting your experience. I have never heard of them being able to use your picture from a previous cruise. How do you know that's what they did? They typically use the one from your Passport when they scan it.


    Confirming that in our case, when they scanned our passports it downloaded those pics, and these were used during the entire cruise. I'm sure they have different options depending on what is /isn't in their database, but it was our first time on CCL since they went to the new system.


    Also, if you disembark with a minor child at the ports, make sure a parent is adjacent to the child. The system pops up the parents' pics when the child is scanned off the ship , and they look for a parent to be present. Wasn't really a big deal in our case, as I just had an aunt in between myself and my child, but it may be something larger or extended families may want to keep in mind.

  2. Just got off of this ship.

    Decks 5, 6, 7, 9 (8 is the bridge) all have quiet ship-front areas for great ocean sailing days and sailaways. Most/all of these decks have several chaise lounges set up in the daytime, as well. Deck 9 has additional space & views due to being directly over the bridge, as you have the additional floor space & vantage points of the bridge wings.


    Some decks 10 & above also offer differing types of forward views- but not all as quiet as the lower decks.

  3. You are given a form (mid-cruise, in your mailbox) to request a disembark time, and the latest you can request is the 10am block, which means they may assign you to either 10am or 1030am disembark. We were given the 1030am disembark (last slot) a couple of weeks ago on the Coral... They do request that you vacate your cabin by 830, but we enjoyed Lido breakfast and then comfortably lounging at our assigned disembark lounge between 830 & 1030

  4. A drive to the Keys is a great drive ! Even if you don't travel all the way to Key west ! You could drive to Key Largo ! And enjoy the keys without the extended drive !



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    ... except that you won't get the benefit of seeing the true Overseas Highway that far north... if you don't go to Key West, you may at least want to drive through to at least Marathon in order to get the full majesty of the bridges over the ocean.

  5. It seems to me that most of the folks who get a good discount either consistently book mini-suites or higher or have booked a large number of cruises with their TA over the years. Try getting a discounted rate on an IF category cabin and it likely won't happen.


    My past discounts have hovered around 10% for even normal balcony and oceanviews, although there is truth to what you are saying because $ perks essentially come out of TA commissions or loyalty credits, and they are higher for the better bookings- but have luckily never failed to score 10%-ish even on oceanview and balconies. No experience below that level, though, but I guess the moral of the story is to always ask!

  6. As far as TA's....I've read here that many get better fares by booking through them. So...in an effort to garner the best deal, I made some calls - get quotes, ask questions, etc.... They all quoted the exact same rate as I'd gotten booking directly with Princess....with no more perks.

    Then I went to our AAA agent (who we always purchase our travel insurance with...and who I THINK is really irritated with us that we never book our cruises with her) and she couldn't offer me anything that I hadn't already gotten from Princess either. I would LOVE to utilize her for cruises, but she can't get anything I can't get on my own and it adds the extra hoops of going through a 3rd party.


    Then you are not talking to a good TA.

    We always get around 10% off of the Princess price.

    We don't always get OBC but do get the discount.

    Not sure what the 3rd party thing/delay/hoops are.

    When we book we book and there is no delay/hoops.


    Yes- seconding the above answer. You should be getting some sort of value around 10% from a good TA. Can't speak as to AAA and their lack of additional $ benefits, but if you happen to belong to the club store that sells those great $1.50 hot dogs, then they will also give you great credits, etc, approaching or exceeding those of a normal good TA. If you have the premium membership your benefits ratchet up, by the way, and timing/promotions can be a positive factor... but even their "regular" $ perks are good. My last booking was through a 40+ year old family-owned TA we've been working with for 20+ years, and we received a straight 10% discount (but not on the 3rd persons in our cabins, because they were already on sale for $149 for a 10 day cruise!)

  7. Thanks to all who responded. I did Google it and found one from CCL but have no idea if it's the same.


    I have made the one at the following link many, many times, and it is just like the one on the ship. Just use good chocolate. Princess uses Guittard brand. Stay away from Hershey's, etc. In a pinch, I have used "Baker's" brand available at most supermarkets and have had great results with it, when I didn't have the time to seek better... but try to.




    Guittard sales locations (look for "Baking Bars" on the site):




    The above recipe is the classic French recipe for the "Black Beast", the mother of all flourless chocolate tortes/cakes, in this case sourced from Williams-Sonoma.

  8. I see the late seating on the Coral is 8:00. I want the late seating. I love having happy hour, nap time & late dinners :p 8:00 is perfect. Ive read on these boards that you get an assigned time. Hopefully, it will not be earlier then 7:45. If it is, may I ask for a change? I also read that some of the shows on the Panama cruises are only given one time at 9:00. Will we miss the 9:00 shows??


    Just disembarked Coral this morning- late dinner at 7:45PM, late shows at 9:45PM, with one exception where the late dinner show was scheduled before dinner (and announced this way) because there were two different show events scheduled that evening, and they wanted everyone to be able to attend both if they wanted to... so, early and late dinner shows were staggered, and the other show was timed such that everyone could make it.


    With this said, there were two events I remember that only happened at 8pm, Voice of the Ocean and a murder mystery thing, that meant you would have to dine alternatively (Lido buffet, or alternative upcharge restaurant, etc) to make those.


    You can see the Patters from a recent Coral trip here for more info:


  9. I figured the airport issues would be pretty much back to normal from yesterday's horrible violence.

    What I wasn't thinking about was the weather for the people flying from the frozen north.

    So obviously I was in La La Land.



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    As a local resident who disembarked Coral this morning, can confirm that there was nothing "back to normal" about FLL airport for much of today, with many stranded still trying to get in or out since yesterday. Right before we disembarked at 11am (35 mins past scheduled call time), the captain made a ship-wide announcement to the crew that departure was delayed until 9PM. Our limo service driver had been going crazy driving FLL-intended people to/from MIA and WPB airport alternative flights since yesterday, also had just returned from diverting someone to WPB, and was going to be busy booked doing this for most of the day. He mentioned seeing many stranded w/luggage in hotel lobbies and throughout the port/airport area.


    Hoping that all/most people coming in were able to do so in time for the delayed departure.

  10. Where will these be avalaible? MUTS, bars, room?


    If you look at the Patters I posted last month, you can at least get an idea of the NFL TV schedule for an October Coral 10-day cruise, and where they were broadcast.



    I know the Princess Answer Book (avail on Personalizer & Website) states BCS bowl games & select NFL games. We viewed the Port Everglades sailaway last weekend, and from shore could see the Patriots game on the MUTS.

  11. thank you Keith for the info, i've been looking at my booking and can't find where/how to mark it NO UPGRADE. Can i do it myself, or do i have to contact my PCP to do it ? thanks, Mike in CT


    Rotary Mike, please let us know, after you call, if they indeed let you "freeze" (via No Upgrade) this guarantee booking once the cabin has been assigned? Never did a guarantee here, and it's been a few years since I did it elsewhere, but at the time on that cruiseline as a guarantee booking it was "unfreezable", and I had to roll the dice that it wouldn't change again...

  12. I did hear however, that one passenger complained that after spending an hour away from his cabin for breakfast, he expected his room to be fully serviced by the time he came back.

    Pretty ridiculous, if you ask me. Especially if you don't put up the refresh my room sign.


    Thanks for the report! Yeah, no one around here expects one-hour service, around lunchtime or even mid-afternoon is more than fine, really, it's just nice to have the refresh in time for post-port visit, post-sea day pool, pre-dinner retooling!


    And we don't see the sign as a demand for service, but as an aid to our steward, as he then knows we're "ready" for him, and he can go in unabashed vs checking our room 50 times to see if the coast is clear. Just a little way to try and make things easier for them to provide great service, so I do indeed chuckle on the 1-hour person you encountered!


    If anything, when sometimes returning to the room unexpectedly, after breakfast, only to find an apologetic steward working there, I'm like, "No problem, just came back to get something forgotten! Hey, I invited you here with a "coast is clear" message! Don't apologize!"


    Looking forward to your review! Take care.

  13. Yeah, it is a bummer if one books the actual maiden voyage, and then the ship is ready early, leading the line to schedule a preview cruise to obtain the additional revenue days...but it happens almost every time a ship is delivered early.


    However, you still receive the maiden perks, such as celebrations, souvenir books and other swag goodies, which differ by cruise line and ship. But your bed has been slept in, and the preview cruiser got the first sleep- or maybe not... sometimes the ships also have an unpublished 1-nighter for media/press/travel agents regardless of the existence of a preview cruise for revenue or not.

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