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  1. Seriously, just do the unlimited pre-sail package. I LOVED the unlimited. I was also on the 11/1 Regal sailing, and we weren't supposed to have unlimited, but we did because it's still a Medallion preview cruise (and I believe it still is). I used my free minute package and forget to turn off the internet and thank heavens I also had the Elite free package. All I did was go to the Internet Cafe, and talk to the Internet guy. All fixed. One of my friends sailed on the CB and used the Elite package and only got a limited number of minutes. He bought the unlimited offered. Once you have unlimited, there's no going back, IMHO. Maureen
  2. Last year, on the Regal repo from NY to Ft. Lauderdale, there was a priest on board who offered Mass a couple of times. They also had someone hold Shabbat services on that cruise. In all of my years on Princess, that was the first time for me to have a service on Sunday. HAL has one almost daily. Maureen
  3. I haven’t had a drink in almost 45 years but about 40 years ago I discovered one called Klausthaller, from Germany. It was awesome. However I gave up even the non-alcoholic beer. Was this the brand on Princess? Can’t believe I remembered the name.
  4. I misspoke about the days. I was rushing to answer and forgot to think. Sorry.
  5. Perhaps calling the Princess home office and letting them contact the ship would be a good place to start. I recall that Princess includes a number for emergency contact with the ship but I’m not sure where. Could be in all the info with your personalizer or your boarding pass. I’ll check it out tomorrow.
  6. I plug my toothbrush into the socket in the main cabin if it needs it. My electric toothbrush only needs to be plugged in every 2 or 3 weeks to be charged. If yours has to be plugged in to work I’d suggest picking up a battery operated one for the cruise. I don’t think the plug in the bathroom was made for anything but a shaver. Maureen
  7. They really didn’t omit the cents, they replaced the unneeded .00 with nothing. Much neater and much easier to type. That’s my humble opinion. Maureen
  8. I don’t know and didn’t notice. You mean that instead of charging 10.99 for something it’s now 11.00?
  9. My experience has been that the elevators are disabled for muster. Most go at least 15 minutes early and I believe passenger services can give you some help if you go when you first board.
  10. I suggest you call at&t and ask them. They know what your plan covers. Things are changing on Princess. I don’t know what ship you’re on but many, if not all, of the ships now have medallion and WiFi for Platinum and Elite is free and fast, at least for now. They have very reasonable plans for those who aren’t eligible for free. No more counting minutes or logging on and off every time you want to check mail. They also have a phone plan you can buy. Again, find out from at&t and when you board, talk to someone in the internet area.
  11. I’ve decided not to waste my money to buy it now. I’m Elite so if it costs me, which I highly doubt, it will be a lot less than the old way of minutes and lousy or no connections. Maureen
  12. So I have been told by many who have sailed. I’ll know for sure on 11/1 when I board. Maureen.
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